Full-Service Potting Bench

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Potting bench

Get the jump on spring with this mini garden center.

Overall dimensions: 51"w × 235⁄8"d × 59"h

You don’t need a green thumb to appreciate that a potting bench is as much of a necessity to a gardener as a workbench is to a woodworker. For starters, a potting bench provides a comfortable work surface, enabling gardeners to tend seedlings and repot plants without having to work on their hands and knees. A good bench also keeps supplies, such as potting soil, pots, garden tools, and fertilizers, in one convenient location, so that gardeners can make the most of their green time. The design shown here does all that in spades, combining form with function. In addition to its elegantly-arched aprons, it features a segmented work surface with three removable panels. Two of the panels are slotted, making cleanup a simple matter of brushing leftover soil into the bins below. Construction is downright easy: basic butt and miter joints, a few rabbets and dadoes, followed by assembly with screws. (Check out the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide, page 41, for the list of materials.) You can build the bench in one or two weekends and make gardening easier for many seasons to come.

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