Extreme Garage Shop Makeover Part 5 – Shop Starters

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Garage Makeover

In our ongoing saga on garage shop makeovers, we take a look once again at the October/November Issue #43 of Woodcraft Magazine.

These 3 building blocks are referred to in this issue as “Shop Starters” in which to jump-start your shop. In this case, Woodcraft Magazine Senior Editor Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk built four Stacking Stools, two Torsion Boxes, and a Base Cabinet to be used by themselves or in combination to get work off the floor, provide a work surface and give some neeeded storage. In a small shop environment, the best part about these three designs is that they will all store compactly, allowing for full use of your garage space or other shop machines.

Garage Makeover

This Stacking Stool can be used as a work surface, assembly table, a seating stool, a sawhorse or stands for torsion boxes if two are made. With this design the stools are stackable and easily stored. These plywood Stacking Stool’s can be built step by step with this magazine and the assistance of the Cut List on page 37 of Issue #43.

The referenced Hardwood Torsion Boxes are also in this issue with the Cut List and Convenience-Plus Buying Guide. When a work area is limited for space, this torsion box is a reliably strong, yet movable flat work surface that is simple to create. Build it to your own specifications and shop space requirements.

The third piece of the puzzle in this building block is the Base Cabinet. This multi-purpose cabinet can also be a support surface, but the main feature here is adjustability. Shelves slide in and out for various tool sizes, and the base has leg levelers in order to adjust the height even with the stacking stools.

Listen as Joe and I go over these three designs at his shop in Alabama,

One more episode to come from the Extreme Garage-Shop Makeover on how to get those clamps off your work surfaces and woodshop floor.

Look for it soon, right here at the Woodcraft Woodworking Adventures Blog….Frank

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