Extreme Garage Shop Makeover – Part 2

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Garage Makeover

In Part 2 of this Extreme Garage Shop Makeover blog and inside issue #43 of the Woodcraft Magazine, is a Hand-Tool Wall Cabinet like the one hanging in the Rough Cut-Woodworking with Tommy Mac workshop. Senior Editor Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk, took a trip to Tommy’s workshop in Boston to go over some ideas on building this handy organized display unit to build this article.

Even a professional woodworker like Tommy Mac starts at the beginning in a new building environment, turning an empty space in to a full-fledged woodshop. Just like in your workshop, you may not realize how handy a cabinet like this can be until you find the need for more storage space and need to make it quickly.

Garage Makeover

Build a wall’s worth of storage in a weekend using this issue’s step-by-step instructions, with detailed illustrations, cut lists, tips and tricks, all starting on page 42. You too can make your very own “Tommy Mac” tool cabinet.

If you have a smaller wall space to fill, and a little ingenuity, you can make a smaller rendition of this cabinet, just like the one Eli Cleveland uses on Rough Cut. In either case, using prefinished plywood will save you time , and is well worth the added expense.

Hanging this cabinet is another issue, so the good folks at the magazine included an on-line extra for additional ideas on how to accomplish this. Get the magazine and see how!

Joe and I had a little fun and a few takes with this video as we explain the cabinet…

So try your hand at making this cabinet, add your own ideas and sizes to fit your needs.

We’ll see you at the next Extreme Garage Shop Makeover – Part 3…


Let’s make some sawdust…Frank


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