Expert Answers: Resawing blade recommendation

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This article is from Issue 79 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Resawing blade recommendation

Q. Because I don’t own a bandsaw, I rely on my contractor’s table saw for resawing. I’m not happy with the results of my current blade. Any recommendations?

A. Resawing on my contractor’s saw always gave me trouble until I tried two blades from Forrest. Their Woodworker II 20-tooth, thin-kerf ripping blade is the best ripping blade I’ve ever used. Deep gullets, combined with an ATB/raker tooth configuration, provide excellent cut quality with surprisingly low feed pressure. If you have a lot of ripping to do, this blade is a great choice.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose blade that can also make clean rips through thick hardwood, I recommend Forrest’s Ultra Thin Kerf, 40-tooth Woodworker II. The thin-kerf blade can help get the most from an underpowered table saw. It also squeezes a little more out of your stock, as its kerf is only .080" thick (just over 5/64"), not much wider than a typical bandsaw blade kerf. 

—Tim Snyder, chief editor


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