Expert Answers: Installing an Air Filtration System

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This article is from Issue 93 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Bob Poling Technical support expert at Woodcraft

Q. I recently purchased an air filtration system from Woodcraft. Where should I locate the unit in my shop? And what’s the best way to install it?

Dave Southard
San Jose, North Berwick, ME

A. You’re smart to take dust control seriously. Sawdust is a health hazard, with ill effects ranging from mild respiratory irritation to lung cancer. Studies show that it can take up to 20 minutes for an air cleaner to remove small particulates from workshop air, so always wear a mask when making sawdust and for a while after. And it’s critical to capture sawdust at the source with a dust collector or shop vacuum. These three safety strategies will provide the best protection.

Air filtration systems are designed to hang from the ceiling, and they work best when positioned to create a circular air flow around the room. Generally, it's most efficient to locate a unit close to the longest wall, with the intake approximately 1⁄3 the distance from the shorter wall. Mount the unit at least 7 feet above the floor, hanging it on stout chain from four heavy-duty hooks screwed into ceiling framing. Make sure the machine hangs level to mimimize vibration.

Once installed, attach a long ribbon to the outflow side. It should wave in the air while the machine is running. When your DIY indicator begins to droop, it’s time to clean the filter.


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