Eclectic Furniture Mix Unified with Paint

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Even mismatched furniture pieces can be used together when you have a cohesive color scheme to tie them together. That’s exactly what we did when Sugar Maple Boutique owners Nikki Logston and Michelle Willoughby asked me to help them get ready for a second store opening in Vienna, West Virginia.

One year ago they opened their first ladies’ clothing and accessories store in Marietta, Ohio, and I shared how we used an old wooden door and some cabinets to create a unique and beautiful retail counter

This time, the look is a little more glam. Here’s what we were working with: two antique store finds, two tables bought when another business closed, and one newly built retail counter. The mission: make them all work together.

Project #1: The Counter

As with the previous store, Nikki’s husband Kevan built the counter—this would set the tone for the other pieces. He constructed the frame using two base cabinets, poplar plywood and a butcher block top. Additional details were added to dress it up, like decorative wood trim, medallions and faux raised panels, which he created with wall panel molding. Nikki found set of ornamental bookends on sale at Cracker Barrel that became corbels under the extended countertop.   

Base cabinets, poplar plywood and a butcher block top were used to create the retail counter. 
Decorate wood trim, medallions and faux raised panel dressed up the front and sides of the counter. 

The first step was to paint the entire thing (sans countertop) with General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint. (Shown here, with one coat.)

The countertop was next and it was painted with General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint, followed by three coats of GF High Performance Satin Topcoat, allowing adequate drying time between coats.

The bottom part of the counter was painted with GF Snow White Milk Paint. 

GF Whites

The Lamp Black countertops really popped against the Snow White. 

GF Blacks

Moving on – time to add the glam factor. General Finishes Pearl Effects are a fun way to add shimmery pearlescence to your painted projects. For this piece, I used Champagne Pearl and the silvery Argentine Pearl. The pearls are water-based, just like the milk paint, so that makes for easy cleanup. I did a light dusting of Argentine across the decorative trim pieces, the corbels and around the faux raised panels. I went over that with the Champagne to hit the high spots and also dragged some of the pearl down the front and sides to give the whole thing a touch of glimmer. In a few places, I went back over it with Snow White Milk Paint so it all blended nicely. 

Let’s pause right here to discuss two things: those lighting fixtures (gasp!) and the gorgeous backdrop Kevan made. The countertop is lit up by two crystal rectangular chandeliers that are real show-stoppers. The custom wall behind the counter is set off with a shiplap design in three colors of weathered wood. He capped off the sides with the dark trim. 

Clear sparkly knobs were added onto the drawers and doors of the counter to complete the look.

Project #2: Computer Desk

The girls needed an area behind the counter for their computer and printer, so Nikki found the buffet-style piece at an antique store. It was also painted with Snow White and Lamp Black for the top, as well as the Champagne and Argentine Pearl Effects. All of these projects were going on simultaneously, I might add.    

Projects #3, #4 & #5: Display Tables

Nikki and Michelle were able to procure a couple of display tables when a nearby Elder-Beerman department store was closed and liquidated. These rectangular tables—actually a dining table and bench—were originally cream-colored and light wood tops. They were both painted with Snow White Milk Paint and with Lamp Black tops like the counter. The white legs got the Champagne shimmer treatment. These two tables now hold clothes and shoes in the retail area.

Before - cream-colored and light wood tops
Lamp Black top and Snow White legs to match the other pieces

A smaller off-white table was one of the antique store finds, and it followed the same look as the larger table and bench. This little beauty is used for some of the jewelry in the boutique. 

Nikki found four large picture frames to upcycle into jewelry display areas. Kevan cut thin wood to fit into each frame. Then, they were all painted black and “shimmered” with Champagne Pearl.

Project #6: Wall Hanging

Sugar Maple Boutique has a cool tree of life wall hanging in the first store that is the centerpiece of their backdrop. So when Store #2 came along, the girls were luckily able to find the exact same one again at Hobby Lobby. As with Store #1, they asked me to make the wooden circle frame match the rest of the store’s décor. Here is the transformation (below) – before, after painting with General Finishes Seagull Gray Milk Paint, and finally, after adding GF Pitch Black Glaze and GF Champagne Pearl Effects. A light behind the sign gives it a pretty glow of color to make it stand out even more. Now it ties in perfectly with the look of the new location.

- Before - 
Base coat of GF Seagull Gray

GF Grays

After Pitch Blaze Glaze and Champagne Pearl 

GF Glazes

Other Special Touches

In the dressing room, Kevan built a partition to split the room into two individual changing areas. Nikki and Michelle painted both sides of the divider with a gray base. I came in and added some dimension with light dry brushing of General Finishes Pitch Black Gel Stain and Champagne Pearl Effects. We also blinged up the three large mirrors in that room to coordinate.

Later Kevan installed carpet on the floor. Chandeliers and pretty curtains were hung, and each space has a cute little velvety chair for the convenience of shoppers.

New divider was constructed
Base coat of gray, then dimension added with GF Pitch Black Glaze and Champagne Pearl

After - a lovely dressing room for shoppers

As with Store #1, Blonde Mountain Designs came in and added their special touches, including a large “hello beautiful” across the overhang leading into the dressing rooms.

Nikki rescued a large candleholder from the trash pile and gave it new life as a necklace holder. She added a dowel rod through the middle, capped the ends with wooden balls, and secured a large wooden finial on top. After she painted it black like the frames, I came in and added a touch of champagne shimmer. 

The showroom area features this fan-freaking-tastic crystal chandelier and an enormous mirror flanked by two stylish chairs. The big mirror got “shimmered” with Champagne Pearl. Doesn’t this make a sweet little resting spot or place to try on amazing shoes?

"Hello beautiful"!
Nikki upcycled this trash find into an awesome necklace holder

Look at that mirror, would you?

Thanks again, gals, for allowing me to be part of your marvelous journey. I am so proud of you and your success! xoxo

For affordable ladies’ fashions in all sizes (XS to 3XL), jewelry, shoes and accessories, local shoppers can find Sugar Maple’s new boutique at 1505 Grand Central Ave, Suite 1, Vienna, West Virginia. Follow them on Facebook for the latest styles and special events. Their other location is 248 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio and can be found on Facebook here.

I loved the challenge of taking mismatched pieces and creating a cohesive look that flows together. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint and imagination! 

We hope youll be inspired!

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