Easy-Breezy Porch Swing

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Duplicate parts and patterns make this project super simple to build.

Designer/Builder: Gary Carter

During the past two centuries the country has witnessed porches come and go, and return again, for reasons of nostalgia and the pure love of sitting outdoors. And while benches, rockers, and wicker chairs help you relax in the open air, nothing offers more comfort than a porch swing. Indeed, it’s as American as apple pie.

Our traditional design, made from weather-resistant cypress, features a contoured seat and wide armrests for maximum relaxation. We extended the seat support rails beyond the armrests to keep the chains out of “arms” way. The porch swing hardware in the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide provides springs that offer a cushiony ride as you glide to and fro.

Don’t have a porch? Build the simple A-frame swing support on page 35 and locate the ensemble anywhere in your yard.

Builder’s note: Our off-the-rack cypress measured .83"- (a hair over 13/16") thick. Rather than needlessly feed wood to our planer, we used the stock as is. The extra thickness gave the seat and back assembly a little more heft, even though it did throw off a few of the measurements. If you decide to build this project from a harder wood, such as white oak or mahogany, you can use ¾"-thick stock.

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