Drill Press Accessories

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Make your hole workstation less boring

There’s no getting around the importance of holes in woodworking, and the drill press is the go-to machine for boring them. Properly tuned, a drill press will put holes of the right size in the right place at a right—or just about any other—angle. But if it’s to deserve its place on the shop floor or bench, it must do more than just make holes. With the right accoutrements, you can turn your drill press into a multipurpose machine capable of supplementing or even supplanting a few other tools in your shop. I’ve put together a stable of accessories sure to take any drill press from a one-trick pony to a workshop workhorse capable of sanding, shaping, scouring, and more. And check the Buyers Guide (p. 62) for a quick list of these products, including sources, product numbers, and prices.

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