Doggy Print Flowers

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Here is a quick and easy project for the “Dog Mom” or dog lover in your life or even yourself to honor your furry best friend! This would make a fun gift to make with the kids or grandkids. All you need is a wood blank, some paint and a cooperative pup.

Project by Woodcraft Director of Marketing Liz Matheny.

STEP 1 – Find a wood blank, canvas or something to put your artwork on. Liz used an oval basswood plaque with natural bark edges, available at Woodcraft.  It also comes in a rectangle shape with bark on the long sides. Select a paint color for your flowers. Liz used Appalachian Sunset Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint.

Now for the tricky part. This may require an extra hand. Put some paint out on a paper plate, then dab your pup’s paws in (one at a time, duh). If your pet has long hair, try to hold it back and just dip the paw itself in the paint. Gently put the paw somewhere on the upper half-ish of the blank, which should be nearby not across the room, rocking slightly back and forth to get a good print. Wipe off that paw and do the other three. At this point, you probably want to take a break and do a little cleanup.

STEP 2 - Now that the “flowers” are in place, the rest is just dressing it up. Add centers to your flowers, and add some stems, leaves and any other fun elements you like. For the green, Liz used a couple of shades of colored pencils. The flower centers were painted with Caution: Dogs at Work and Star City Sunshine Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. She used a black Sharpie to add in a few details, and she even turned the knot into a bumblebee!

STEP 3 – Write your dog’s name, the date and a special note to Mom on the back. If your new art will be placed outside, like on a patio or screened porch, be sure to topcoat it with a clear finish. Add a hanger on the back, and it’s ready for gift giving.

Now that’s a doggone nifty idea! 

Find wood blanks, paint and other supplies at your local Woodcraft store or online.

We hope you'll be inspired!

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