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An elevated platform for Phydeaux

Why must our faithful companions be relegated to eating on the floor? This project will give them a stylish boost while helping to alleviate some potential health issues along the way. My material of choice is Baltic birch plywood. The uniform plys look good enough when sanded and finished that no edge banding is necessary. I topped the table surface with plastic laminate for durability and easy clean up. 
Please note that this table is not species specific and works well for cats, too. Just don’t tell your kitty that the paw print on the legs is modeled after a dog’s foot. It may cause issues. It is, however, important to size this table to your pet; measure the height of your pup at the withers (top of the shoulder) and subtract about 6" to 8". This will give you the height of the table from the floor. Cats don’t nearly vary so much in height, but the same general rules apply. The table in the photos is for a small dog, but there are cutting files for two larger sizes online should you need them.

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