DMT Grit Size Chart

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DMT Grit Size Chart

Extreme repair of a very damaged edge.
SILVER (XX) Diamond

  •          Extra-Extra Coarse
  •       120 mesh, 120 micron

Fix and restore a damaged edge.
BLACK (X) Diamond

  •          Extra Coarse
  •          220 mesh, 60 micron

Quickly sharpen a neglected edge.
BLUE (C) Diamond

  •          Coarse
  •          352 mesh, 45 micron

Put a keen edge on a maintained tool.
RED (F) Diamond

  •          Fine
  •          600 mesh, 25 micron

Sharpen to a razor edge.
GREEN (E) Diamond

  •          Extra Fine
  •          1200 mesh, 9 micron

Start a polished and refined edge
WHITE (CER) Ceramic

  •          2200 mesh, 7 micron

Extra fine polish to an extreme edge.
TAN (EE) Diamond

  •          Extra-Extra Fine
  •          8000 mesh, 3 micron
DMT Grit Size Chart


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