To Organize Your Kitchen, Divide and Conquer

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The typical kitchen has drawers in a variety of sizes, and it’s a good bet that most are cluttered. This modular organizer lets you make several components at once, and size them to perfectly fit any drawer you have.

The basic problem with commercially available drawer organizers is that what needs to be organized is different for every drawer, and the drawers that the organizer must fit can be just about any size. The only real solution to the problem is custom-making each organizer for the drawer at hand, and to divide it as needed. Not only is that time consuming, but a drawer’s use rarely remains the same over time – new flatware or gadgets are acquired; kids grow up and learn to cook; food tastes change. Before long, that custom organizer you made is obsolete.

I’ve built dozens of drawer organizers over the years for clients, and these challenges were in mind when my wife and I remodeled our kitchen. I finally hit on a system that’s pretty easy to make, yet remains flexible enough to rearrange as needed. The organizer shown here was built for a flatware drawer, but could be used in any drawer to keep everything neat and at hand. You might even consider making one for your toolbox.

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