Curved-Top Box

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Simple elegance from a bent plywood panel

Overall dimensions: 15"w × 9"d × 61⁄4"h

When I design a project I often try to include a curve or two to add a touch of elegance. The curved top for this box is made with two pieces of 1⁄8"-thick plywood sandwiched between two pieces of veneer and then bent in a simple shop-made form. The form is easy to build and is reusable for making multiples of this project. Although you could use two single continuous sheets of any type of veneer, I like to add another dimension to the design by creating a four-way matched pattern (see “Laying Up a Four-Way Match,” page 58).

The box itself is constructed using basic miter joints reinforced with contrasting splines (Figure 1). Like many boxes, it’s made by gluing up the walls with the top and bottom panels captured in their grooves, then sawing the lid free after assembly. I also added a decorative handle and a removable tray with curved sides that complement the shape of the box top.

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