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Perfect for the delicate coating on Teflon cookware, these wooden spatulas add a warm touch to the kitchen that any cook will appreciate.

When my wife noticed that her favorite wooden cooking spatula was fraying near the edge, she asked if I could repair it. Upon inspection, it was clear that with a little sanding it would be as good as new. 

But as I sanded out the worn edge, I wondered what it was about this tool that made it her favorite. I held it as if stirring an imaginary dish on my workbench and noticed that it curved downward and to the right. I realized that these curves made stirring more comfortable by minimizing the raising of the elbow and bending of the wrist required when using straight spatulas. What’s more, a wooden spatula poses no danger of melting like plastic ones, or burning fingers on overheated metal. Besides, the wood just feels good in your hands.

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