Compact Lathe Stand

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Get the most from your mini lathe with a sturdy, mobile workstation that’s easy to build

Every lathe deserves a nice stand—a sturdy workstation that won’t wobble or vibrate while you work. This mini lathe stand does a good job of meeting these requirements—and it’s portable. The materials required should leave you with some extra cash to spend on turning tools or nice turning blanks. My stand is sized to provide a compact but ample platform for a mini lathe. I made room in the cabinet for a couple of concrete blocks to give the unit extra mass—very helpful when turning bowls and other large blanks. You can easily accessorize your stand by adding tool holders on the sides, and by creating holders and partitions in the drawer. Before building your own stand, confirm that your lathe will be at a comfortable working height when mounted on the stand. Most turners prefer to have a lathe’s axis at elbow height. To achieve that, you may need to increase or decrease the length of your cabinet sides and center divider.

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