Coming Attractions in the Woodworking world.

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Here is an exclusive look at some new products from the floor of the Woodcraft Vendor Trade show. Typically closed to the public, the trade show offers companies the chance to interact with store owners and collaborate on the development of new & better products. Here are just a few new products coming later this year. Stay tuned for more news. 


TOOLSMART from General links measuring tools to your smart phone. This cool app enables your phone to capture and store info from a laser measuring device, a digital angle finder, multimeter and video inspection camera. Hey, why shouldn’t all digital devices be able to talk to each other?


Arkansas stones reinvented. Chicago-based RH Preyda is returning to the best American source for natural sharpening stones –the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. They’re repackaging different abrasive grades of natural stones for woodworkers who want an American edge.


Witness wood that smells really good. The River Drive company gets its specialty wood from whiskey barrels that have been retired. When woodworkers get their hands on this pedigreed material, they’re making everything from cutting boards to flooring and guitar bodies.


Armor Tools gets a table. After working hard to develop a family of fast-action clamps and hold-downs, Armor is making a beefy benchtop designed to use all their gear. Nice addition to an innovative selection of tools.


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