Columbus Woodcraft Hosts Furniture Paint Training Session

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Black Dog Salvage Makes Its Mark on Columbus – PART I 

Susan “Swooz” Hudson from Black Dog Salvage knows her stuff – and by stuff, we mean all things furniture paint. A former art teacher, Swooz is the painting techniques expert for the architectural salvage company, which is featured on the DIY television show, Salvage Dawgs

Woodcraft store owners and managers from six stores in Ohio and Pennsylvania attended a training workshop on September 8 to tap into Swooz’s knowledge on Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. Since she worked closely with Woodcraft in developing the paint line and has tested it and used it extensively, Swooz put on her “teacher” hat for the day to encourage the stores to “have some fun and learn more about the paint.”

Columbus Training

The Columbus, Ohio, Woodcraft store hosted the event in its large classroom, with Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Pittsburgh stores erpresented, as well as the Southeast regional field consultant Pat Burton and his wife and Northeast regional field consultant Scott Dixon.

“Our training separates us,” said Vince Grlovich, Woodcraft’s VP of marketing and sales, as the day began. “We want to give our owners and employees the tools for success so we are glad the stores within driving distance could be here to learn how to use and market this new line of paint.”

Swooz kept the group engaged throughout the day, sharing tips and techniques for using the paint and creating different distressed and layered looks, allowing everyone to try it themselves in a hands-on setting.  Her tutorial on the color wheel, color theory and color harmonies proved useful to her mostly “traditional woodworker” students.

Swoooz shared tips and techniques for using Black Dog paint.
Students also learned about the color wheel and color harmony.
BDS Training

With the elimination of art and shop classes in most schools nationwide, Swooz feels strongly that “creative thinking and problem solving are severely lacking in today’s educational system.” But popular shows like Salvage Dawgs and Flea Market Flip are proving that the effort to restore and reuse items destined for a landfill has continued to grow, which encourages people to think of new ways to use old items. Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is an extension of that creative movement and adheres to nearly “everything under the sun,” as Swooz said, an important consideration when working with antique and salvaged items with old finishes, paints or varnishes.

As part of Woodcraft’s commitment to education, Swooz presented a sample class syllabus that stores can use for adding furniture paint classes to their line-up. Each store hosts a variety of woodworking-related classes each month, as well as free demos. “Better product understanding and knowledge provides for better customer service,” Swooz said.

The day’s session ended with a new appreciation for working with paint and the desire to take that information back to each respective store. Vince praised Swooz’s upbeat, informative attitude by saying, “The enthusiasm, expertise and passion you bring to this project are always obvious. I think that’s one of the main reasons it is so great to have real hands-on training, to transfer that passion to inspire people.”

One attendee said, “I will be using what I learned for Woodcraft demos and classes in addition to my woodcarving classes.” Another remarked, “The best part is I had FUN, and I learned about the paint.”

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks obviously never met a Woodcraft employee.

Thank you, Swooz, and Woodcraft for a great day of fun and learning!

Read Part II of Black Dog Salvage Makes Its Mark on Columbus here: Woodcraft Brings Color to Home & Garden Show.

To see what classes your local Woodcraft store offers, check out the woodworking class schedules available online. And stop by to see Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint in person!

We hope you’ll be inspired!

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