Classy Boxes Make for Easy Magazine Management

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Since Woodcraft Magazine wraps up its first year of publication with this issue, we thought you might enjoy this project – a handsome box to keep all your issues together in your shop library. Doug Stowe’s simple design lends itself well to making several boxes at once so you can be prepared as your magazine collection grows.

Look Ma – No nails! No screws! You’ve no doubt heard the claims that a properly glued joint is stronger than the wood itself. Well, it’s true – but only if a woodworker really knows what “properly glued” truly means. Gluing endgrain to endgrain, or long grain to cross grain are definite “nono’s” even in this day of vastly superior glue and its amazing holding power. 

These magazine boxes, made of a combination of solid woods and dimensionally stable Baltic birch plywood, present an excellent opportunity to put polyurethane glue through its paces, creating a strong glued joint with no additional support from mechanical fasteners. The long grain of the walnut front and the long grain of the basswood bottom and back mate perfectly with the stable qualities of the 1/4" ply. (I chose basswood for the bottom because it finishes very similar to the Baltic birch used for the sides, giving a match of color and texture without requiring stain.) 

One strong word of caution, however, when working with polyurethane glues: They expand as they cure and need to be used sparingly, or you will have a mess on your hands as the gooey stuff oozes out of tight-fitting joints.

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