Build a Blade Safe

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A wall-hung armory for your table saw blade collection

Woodworkers have a way of collecting table saw blades. It starts innocently enough with an all-purpose blade or two, and before you know it, you’ve added a dedicated ripping blade, a crosscut model, a dado set, and specialty blades for cutting everything from plywood to composite materials and even metal.

These tools are tough, but not indestructible. Their carbide teeth are brittle and subject to damage from other blades when haphazardly stored. You don’t want them lying about on a benchtop waiting to clash with other metal tools, and you certainly don’t want to knock one onto the floor, as even a slight bend from a fall can compromise clean cutting. That’s not to mention the damage a blade in the wild can inflict on inattentive fingers scrounging around in clutter searching for something else.

For less than the cost of one premium blade, you can build this stout hanging cabinet to store and safeguard your collection. Made of birch plywood and solid poplar, it holds 10 blades plus a dado set and a few other table saw accessories. Sliding shelves that facilitate blade identification and retrieval feature a scalloped cutout for blade access, along with two finger holes along the front edge and a locator dowel near the center. Notches in the sides allow sliding, but also serve as outward stops. Rare-earth magnets secure the door and a subtle cove serves as its pull. This blade safe is a great way to protect your investment, and it’ll sure look nice on your shop wall.

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