Bookcase with Flair

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Curved parts, veneered panels, and adjustable shelves add up to stylish storage.

Overall dimensions: 37"w × 60"h × 16"d

As part of my Dora furniture collection, this bookcase features certain design elements that you can see throughout the line. The first, and probably most important, is that all of the pieces have a curve to their sides as evidenced by the tapered corner posts. Still other gentle curves appear in selected rails. These give the piece drama and artistic flair. The second common element is the use of a heavy 13⁄8"-thick top with a large coved profile. The solid wood side panels displaying bird’s-eye maple veneered surfaces and coved edges serve as the final element. They provide a contrast in color and figure. The panels appear to “float” within their frames. Working together, these elements create a unique style without compromising the project’s utility as an attractive place to display books, art, and other worthy items.

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