Black Walnut and Copper Vase

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Black walnut and copper vase

Wood & metal blossom together

Flower arrangements, whether dried or fresh, will add a bright spot to any room. But all too often the vase is overlooked. This copper and walnut vase-on-stand designed by senior editor Ken Burton is equal to whatever floral display it may present. And while any turned, carved, or otherwise constructed wooden vase can work for dried flowers, this beauty is watertight. The center vessel that holds the flowers is made from copper plumbing fittings available at any hardware store. It nestles between two shapely sides, and displays a colorful patina that is created by salting the metal and then fuming it with ammonia. The result contrasts beautifully with the dark tones of the black walnut. I learned some cool woodworking techniques building this piece, and had a lot of fun at it. I think you will too.

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