Woodcraft Adds Second Black Dog Salvage Topcoat to Its Finishing Line

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Photo: Woodcraft Product Manager Kent Harpool applies the new Black Dog Salvage Show Dog Furniture Paint Topcoat to a painted step stool.

A new “dog” has joined the topcoat products sold at Woodcraft Supply.

Woodcraft has added Black Dog Salvage Show Dog Furniture Paint Topcoat to its line of finishing products that already includes Black Dog Salvage Guard Dog Topcoat Paint Protector, which was introduced in 2016 along with Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint.

“Show Dog was developed for projects that require a paint or stain color to remain unchanged by the application of a topcoat,” Woodcraft Product Manager Kent Harpool said. “To achieve that goal, the urethane content in the Guard Dog Topcoat formulation was reduced and the clearest acrylic available added to produce Show Dog. That means a white painted surface will still be white after an application.”

Guard Dog and Show Dog were both developed to provide a stable, solid, cleanable covering to protect Black Dog Salvage Paint, but they can also protect any project surface, whether it be wood, plastic, ceramic, glass or metal.

“Despite its different formulation, Show Dog is tough enough to protect interior furniture surfaces against the abuses of everyday use so furniture always looks its best,” Harpool said. “For projects where exact color is not a requirement or stronger protection is needed, Guard Dog may be the best choice – especially for woodworking projects and high-use surfaces like floors and countertops.”

Like Guard Dog, Show Dog builds quickly, making it an ideal choice for beginners and professionals alike, and both products have low VOC and odor and are self-leveling to achieve a finish without brush marks.

Other Black Dog Products

Photo: Harpool uses a Black Dog Salvage Round Brush #10 to apply the new Black Dog Salvage Show Dog Furniture Paint Topcoat to a tray painted with Black Dog Salvage Patinio Greenio Furniture Paint

The design of the Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint Round Brushes is based on a round sash brush with some important differences, the first being the long solid birch handle, which acts as a counterbalance to the brushing action to reduce forearm and wrist fatigue when painting. Secondly, the bristle portion is comprised of both natural and synthetic bristles that are hand trimmed in a dome shape. The natural bristles and dome shape convey paint to the surface, while the synthetic bristles help the brush maintain its shape during repeated use.

Brushes come in three sizes: #8, #10 and #14.

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is a water-based, easy-to-use interior paint that is uniquely designed to adhere to most surfaces, dries fast to a smooth matte finish, and can be used on finished or unfinished furniture, woodwork, metal and glass. No priming is required, only a thorough cleaning, except in cases of chipped or scratched areas that should be sanded before painting.

The paint is available in 14 premixed colors and a true black and a true white, which allow easy mixing to create tints and shades of existing colors or mix colors to create a brand-new color. Recipes for several new colors are available in a free PDF on woodcraft.com.

Whether you are contemplating a major build – cabinets, a built-in bookcase or furniture – or a refinishing or repurposing project, Woodcraft has all the products you need. Visit your local Woodcraft store, go online at woodcraft.com or call (800) 535-4482 to see how Woodcraft can help you work wood successfully!

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