Black Dog Salvage Offers Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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BDS Mothers Day Gifts

Take a new direction in Mother’s Day gifting this year, and check out two projects from Black Dog Salvage, a Woodcraft partner that specializes in the reclamation, repurposing and resale of architectural, commercial, and industrial elements and fixtures. The Roanoke, Virginia-based company has its own DIY-TV show – Salvage Dawgs– and also creates custom pieces from salvaged items.

“You can either make a gift for Mother – or you can provide Mother with the tools and materials to show off her creativity and craft her own gift. In either case using salvaged or reclaimed materials can make the project more interesting and offer the opportunity to incorporate her interests,” Mike Whiteside, co-owner of Black Dog Salvage said. “Our projects – a mirror using reclaimed trim and a three-chair bench – are easy to adapt to available materials and a Mother’s interests.”

BDS Mothers Day Gifts

Create a Cha-Cha Bench with Old Kitchen Chairs

The Cha-Cha Bench requires two or three chairs that are ideally the same height with backs that do not overlap. This may be a good project for the odd chairs that have been handed down through the generations but are no longer part of a set. The seat offers many possibilities from handsome wood grain board to a plywood covered seat.

Follow these easy steps to make one for Mom!

1. Find 2 or 3 chairs – ideally with the same seat height and with backs that don’t overlap.

2. Select board(s) for the seat. Average seat depth is 18″. Use boards that are longer than the width of the three seats.

3. Remove angle brackets from chairs, if any, to reinstall later.

4. Make sure surface is level.

5. Place board(s) on top of existing seats.

6. If desired, notch out backs of board to wrap around backs of chairs. (Tools needed: JigsawForstner BitCoping Saw)

7. For an upholstered seat, plywood is an inexpensive option for the seat.

8. Shim seat to make level, if needed.

9. Screw from the top to the bottom to attach, drilling recessed holes to accommodate wood screws.

10. Plug holes with proper sized plugs.

11. Shape edges of seat to desired profile. This can just be rounding corners, or have some fun! (Tools needed: Band SawJigsaw)

12. Sand seat by hand or with a palm sander.

13. Use a router with a round-over profile bit to create a comfort edge.

14. Cut legs, if needed. Average finished chair height is 18-20″.

15. Finish with stain or paint of your choice.

Frame a Mirror with Reclaimed Trim

Trim provides the creative element in the Reclaimed Trim Mirror project shown here being admired by Molly, Black Dog Salvage “team member.” Smaller tools are required for this creation.

Make this quick and easy project by following the 10 steps below, or watch Mike build one in this video link.

BDS Mothers Day Gifts

1. Assemble pieces of any scrapwood you would like to use – wood with color or texture works well.

2.  Select a mirror.

3. Use plywood for the backer, cutting it 6″ longer in length and width than your mirror.

4. Center mirror and adhere to plywood with adhesive. Leave approx. 3″ trough between the mirror and the frame.

5. Create two frames – one to trim the mirror and one around the edge of the plywood. Using simple butt joints and 2x4x8 material or barn wood pieces, attach the frames with the small edge against the plywood, securing from the back side with adhesive or screws. Sand.

6. Cut scrap wood into pieces with Festool Chop Saw and sand, if needed.

7. Place wood pieces around edges in any desired pattern.

8. Tack wood pieces with brad nailer or adhesive.

9. Clear coat with General Finishes Satin Polyurethane.

10. Add mirror hanger to back.

Find other upcycling and salvaging project ideas at or Mother’s Pinterest page if she has one.

For more information about Black Dog Salvage, visit To learn more about Woodcraft, please contact the store nearest you, visit or call (800) 535-4482.

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