Better Faceplate Mounting

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This article is from Issue 89 of Woodcraft Magazine.

When I started turning years ago, I learned to glue a piece of standard paper (about .004" thick) between my bowl blank and the mounting block for easy separation of the finished piece. Unfortunately, I found that the technique worked a little too well, often releasing the bowl before I was ready to dismount it. I soon realized that the solution was to cut the paper discs about 1-1/4" smaller in diameter than the mounting block. This leaves a solid band of glued wood-to-wood contact at the perimeter of the block to keep the bowl solidly attached during turning. When I’m ready to remove it, I use a parting tool to cut into the seam down to the paper. At that point, a bump with the heel of a hand will pop the bowl free.

—Ken Burton, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania


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