Beds for Little Heads

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Beds for Little Heads

Karl Schroyer, Donna & Brett Schroyer

Beds for Little Heads is a non-profit organization, helping families in Mercer County Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, including Ohio.  Their mission is a commitment to meeting the needs of children everywhere who essentially require a place to lay their heads. Brett Schroyer, owner/operator of  Greenfield Woodworks said, “We believe that we can make a difference in their life by giving them a bed of their own. Making life better one child at a time can build and sustain a healthy environment and enrich their lives, giving them a sense of love, teaching them that we can do all things through Christ who is our strength.”

If people could see how thankful these children are just to receive a bed, it would change their lives…Brett Schroyer
Beds for Little Heads

When I recently read a posting by Brett on Facebook regarding this effort, I thought this might be a holiday effort and project story endeavor for this time of year.  But as it turns out, this need is much more than that. This is a year round necessity, not only in Brett’s PA/Ohio area, but in other states as well.  Besides Beds for Little Heads, the only other organization that is doing something about this indigence is Sleepyhead Beds in Kansas City.  Both are non-profit companies and the individuals inside these organizations not only put their hearts and souls into the building, giving and delivery efforts, but also put their own hard earned money from their full time jobs into this extra curricular offering.

Providing beds to children is just the tip of the iceberg. Brett with his wife, Donna, brother Karl and other volunteers, build beds inside Brett’s woodshop.  They also take in beds from donations and any other donations offered to the cause.  Once a little elbow grease is applied to repair and clean them, they are given away to a needy child.  Additionally, Brett and crew make sure these beds are delivered fully equipped with new pillows, sheets and blankets often out of their own pockets and homemade quilts are provided by local church women.  Even when monetary donations are few, these volunteers dig deep to provide gas money for delivery trucks and other expenses in building of the beds.  Brett told me, “Just when I think we are not going to make it financially possible to keep doing this, something happens or someone comes along and donates what we may need.  If you could see how thankful these kids are just to receive a bed, it would change your life because it’s changed mine.  We receive calls all the time or someone guides us to another person or family in need.”

In our interview, Brett explained, “This is a huge problem in many communities nationwide which constantly arise from children and adults not having a bed to sleep in.  People that are affected may be down on their luck usually with banks foreclosing on houses, padlocking of their homes and taking all personal belongings and property from them.  The need also arises from domestic violence situations and battered women’s organizations.  Many people are left with nothing, sometimes through no fault of their own.”  Brett received information that a certain family of young children were falling asleep constantly at school.  When asked why, the teachers explained, “They were sleeping without a bed…on linoleum floors!”

Making a donation, volunteering to build, deliver or help in any way is simple.  Contact Brett or Karl at (724) 979-4868 or email They are located at, 1967 Mercer W Middlesex Road, Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137.

Beds for Little Heads

Here at Brett’s shop, local kids and families help out by painting the bed frames.  A local furniture store volunteered their truck for the special deliveries.

Woodworking friends take a little break on one of the beds after assisting Brett in the woodshop, left is Jim Kaputsta, right is Ron McCartney. You can check out Jim’s woodworking Shaker box making at,

Above (right) Karl and Brett use their cordless power tools to sand, finish and assemble the BFLH’s.

Special thanks go out to the supporters on this successful team:

Debbie and John Schiestle (, for two weeks in a row donated all proceeds to BFLH’s. Brett stated, “People there were so touched by our program that they started to bid on bedding and beds, then donated them back.”

The Nick Strimbu Trucking, Inc. company donated a semi trailer for storage,

Judy Shaffer of Shaffer Countryside Quilting gave a discount at her store for bringing in a bed pillow. BFLH’s received over 50 pillows.

 Bundle Babies Ministry of Sharon, PA, (no website) made and donated handmade quilts and pillow cases,

These are just a few of the people who have taken time and donated their talents to the BFLH’s cause. It doesn’t stop there for Brett. He is developing an easier, more cost effective method of bed design to help for quicker, yet stronger builds.

Additional information can be found on the Sharon Herald Newspaper article linkthe Ellwood City Ledger and BFLH’s Facebook page.

Put your woodworking to a good cause with BFLH’s or to a benefit of your choice, you’ll be heartily rewarded.
Woodcraft Helps You Make Wood Work, but YOUR woodworking can help others live’s work too!

Thanks Brett, Donna, Karl and team for all you do to help others in need.
auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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