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Build a better set of speakers than you’d want to pay for in a store

Who says that you can’t build a set of loudspeakers that can sound better than those you can buy? You’ll discover that most commercial loudspeaker manufacturers take steps to lower the cost of manufacturing and shipping their products. Two places where corners are cut are cabinet quality and in the electronic assemblies inside. These impact sound quality. Working in your own shop you can make stout cabinets that won’t resonate when the piano hits middle C. Inside, a well-designed crossover will blend low through high tones smoothly.

While you may be comfortable tackling the cabinets, you might feel uneasy about the electrical tasks. But don’t worry. With kits like the Overnight Sensations from Meniscus Audio (see Buyer’s Guide, p. 64), the difficult electrical design work is already done. All you have to do is assemble the parts per instructions. The kit featured here contains everything you need except for the wood.

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