Air-Tech 2000 - Specifications

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Model 750[b1]

Cabinet: 20 Gauge Pre-Painted Steel 

Size: 12"x24"x34"

Weight: 62 lbs

Motor/Blower: 1/4 H.P. - 1050 CFM Maximum Air - 750 CFM Filtered Air - Variable Speed Range 200 to 750 - CFM 3.9 Amps., 115V - 300 Watts - Cost To Operate 2.5 Cents Per Hour

Model 8-12

Cabinet: 20 Gauge Pre-Painted Steel 

Size: 20"x24"x44"

Weight: 86 lbs

Motor/Blower: 1/3 H.P. - 1570 CFM Maximum Air - 800/1250 CFM Filtered Air - Low Speed: 3.4 Amps., 115V - 360 Watts - High Speed: 6.2 Amps., 115V - 630 Watts - Cost To Operate 5.5 Cents Per Hour

Model 1016

Cabinet: 20 Gauge Pre-Painted Steel 

Size: 20"x24"x44"

Weight: 92 lbs

Motor/Blower: 1/3 H.P. - 2117 CFM Maximum Air - 1000/1600 CFM Filtered Air - Low Speed: 5.2 Amp., 115V - 520 Watts - High Speed: 7.4 Amp., 115V - 780 Watts - Cost To Operate: 7.0 Cents Per Hour

What They Are & What They Do

There is a significant difference between dust collection and air filtration. A dust collector is designed to collect dust from a tool at its source as the dust is produced. Regardless of how well a dust collector works, large quantities of microscopic dust still manage to become airborne and float about your shop for days. The JDS Air-Tech 2000 models cleanse the air by filtering out dust, bacteria, fungi and pollen. The 750 cleans the air in a 30' x 30' x 8' shop six times each hour, and costs about 2.5 cents per hour to operate. The filtration system removes 99% of particles as small as five microns and 80% of particles as small as one micron in size. Cost of operation rises with the larger units, to 5.5 and 7 cents per hour, but air turnover is much faster, easily clearing the air in larger shops.

Care & Feeding Of The Air-Techs

The pre-filter and the secondary bag filter both slide in and out with ease, with no tools needed. The pre-filter on the model 750 is now a washable electrostatic version. This electrostatic pre-filter does not need to be replaced, just occasionally washed out with a hose and water. The larger units have replaceable filters. The secondary bag filter and the optional charcoal filter are easily accessible through a panel door on the side of the units, and don't need to be changed as often as the pre-filter. The final diffusing filter needs no replacement, only an occasional cleaning.

Ceiling Installation

Simply remove the four black screws from the top of the unit and screw the four eye bolts into these threaded holes. Install the ceiling hooks into the ceiling. Then hang the unit from the hooks with chain rated to support the weight of the unit. It is important to make sure that the Air-Tech is level both side to side and front to back.

Dust Collection

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