Adjustable 3-in-1 Assembly Table

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Drop leaves and a built-in jack provide loads of options.

Designer: Ben Svec
Builder: BIll Sands

If your workbench and table saw too often serve as the place you glue up frames, boxes, and other small to medium projects, why not free them up with a dedicated assembly surface? This mobile table, made from two ¾"-thick sheets of MDF and maple trim, provides assembly surfaces in three sizes, with the largest measuring 36 × 51" when both drop leaves are raised. A scissor jack cleverly mounted inside (see Figure 3 on page 23), along with four star knobs, lets you lock in the desired working height from 24" to 36". This adjustable feature also allows the project to function as a precision outfeed table or benchtop power tool stand. When not in use, drop the leaves and roll the table against the wall or below a table saw wing. Note: See the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide on page 26 for the products used in this story. You’ll certainly want the jack on hand during construction.

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