Adding A Mobile Base

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Adding a Mobile Base

Mobility is an essential in small shops, where several tools in succession must be used in the same space. It may also be very handy in larger shops, allowing a greater degree of utility for various tools, especially those used on a less than daily basis. Mobile bases come in a wide range of sizes, but adjustable units simplify selections. 

You can even add a mobile base extension when your saw has a wide fence and attached table and legs. Selecting such a base means picking for one that fits your particular table saw, plus the side extensions. This mobile base is specifically designed to fit a wide range of saws and tables. The optional extension adds adjustments at the center support bar from the saw to the table legs, and at the leg base and the saw base, too, which makes the mobile base useful for even more tools. The adjustable mobile base pictured supports more than 600 pounds, and can be adjusted from 19" x 20 -1/2" to 29 -1/2" x 29 -1/2" to fit most popular machines. The four casters are 3" industrial grade heavy duty. Two casters have ball bearing swivels and two are stationary. Steel in the base is up to 1/4" thick for great strength, and the base is durable enough for long term, frequent machinery movement.

The extension kit easily bolts on to the above base to provide support for an extension table or similar device. Makes the whole machine and extension able to move as one unit. Adjustable for length (up to 44") as well as front to back. Versatility is high, and durability is superb.

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