A Trio of Benchtop Carts

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Give your tools a mobile home.

Overall dimensions: 
Large cart, 48"w × 24"d × 32"h
Standard cart, 24"w × 24"d × 20"h
Short cart, 24"w × 24"d × 32"h

One of the secrets to a fully functional benchtop shop is to have an array of mobile carts that suit the tools you own. You should be able to move them out from the wall for service and roll them back when not in use. They should offer built-in storage and let the woodworker conveniently perform a variety of machining tasks at a safe and acceptable height. The three related carts shown here are a perfect fit for a benchtop router table, bandsaw, drill press, planer, and jointer as the photos above illustrate. While the 2 × 2' carts (the short and standard size designs) feature handy drawers for storing bits and accessories, the larger 2 × 4' cart comes with shelf space for housing larger items. Here, I’ll show how to build the standard-height 2 × 2' cart. Apply the same approach to construct the other two carts using the figures and dimensions in the Cut List.

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