A Classic Display Case For Books and Collectibles

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For Books and Collectibles

Designer/Builder/Writer: Craig Bentzley

This handsome display case inherits its good looks from Philadelphia furniture built during the Chippendale period (roughly 1760-1785). Classic architectural elements such as flutes, finials, and pediments, and balanced proportions played a huge role in the furniture of that time. I strived for the same elements when I designed this piece. Along with practical purposes, furniture was also a way to display wealth and status during the 18th century. Cabinetmakers gave customers a list of options from which to choose, similar to buying a car nowadays. You have options in building this piece as well. Think the pitched pediment is an impediment? Feel free to leave it off (see photo, page 2). Find the fretwork too fussy? Don’t fret. Or go with cherry instead of walnut. Select biscuits or other joinery over dovetails if it saves time. The point is that furniture should suit your needs and tastes, so build it the way you want to.

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