98-Display Shelf with Epoxy Inlay CNC Set Up

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Display Shelf with Epoxy Inlay

CNC Files

The files here should get you set up to rout the display shelf shown on in Issue 98.

There are two CRV files that should open in either V-Carve, or Aspire:

Back-Shelf All Tool Paths 10 x 25 blank Center Orig Aspire V8

Sides All Tool Paths 6 x15 blank Center Orig Aspire V8

The Back-Shelf file contains the drawing and tool paths to cut out the back and the shelf pieces as well as the tool paths for three potential inlays. These inlays include the birds shown in the magazine, a dragonfly (shown on page 55 of Issue 97) and a trinity knot. After downloading the file, open it in VCarve or Aspire and save the individual tool paths to suit your particular router.

The Sides file contains the drawing and the tool paths for cutting the side pieces.

If you don’t have access to Aspire or VCarve, import the DXF files into whatever program you use to generate the tool paths for your machine. They should download and import at the appropriate size. Position the drawings then assign toolpaths and bit sizes as discussed in the article.

Back-Shelf with Birds.dxf


Trinity Knot.dxf



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    The CNC files will not work with anything other than Aspire. They are not in the correct format for VCarve. VCarve users will have to import the DXF files. Bummer.
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    Sorry for the trouble. We're still trying to figure out how to make these files as accessible as possible. I'll be posting some VCarve files ASAP. Ken Burton Woodcraft Magazine
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    The files above should now work with the more recent versions of Aspire and V-Carve. Ken Burton Woodcraft Magazine

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