4 Measurements from a Caliper

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All calipers – digital/electronic caliper, dial caliper and Vernier caliper – can take the same measurements: inside, outside, depth and step.

Inside Measurement:

The small jaws on the top of the caliper are used for inside measurements.  Slide the caliper closed, place the inside-measuring jaws into the space to be measured, and slide the jaws apart as far as they will go.

Outside Measurement:

Slide the jaws open, place the caliper over the object to be measured, and slide the jaws until they contact the workpiece. 

Depth Measurement:

When you open the caliper, the depth blade will extend out the bottom or far end.  This blade is used to measure depth.  Press the main bar of the caliper against the top of the hole, and then open the caliper until the depth blade hits bottom.

Step Measurement:

Open the caliper. Place the sliding jaw on the upper step of the workpiece, and then open the caliper until the fixed jaw contacts the lower step.

Help hints:  

make sure you are measuring straight on (perpendicular to the project), and make sure there is no debris on the caliper jaws.


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  • JS from SEATTLE
    The step measurement picture above is incorrect and would result in an over measurement. You would have the end of head of the sliding jaw touch the inner step surface, not the edge of the ID jaws.

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