3-in-1 Shooting Board

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A basic bench appliance that yields precision performance

Designed by Craig Bentzley, built by Chad McClung

Several of my recent projects called for a shooting board—a jig that facilitates sneaking up on perfect-fitting joinery by shaving the end grain of a workpiece with a hand plane. I had used a few over the years in other shops but never got around to making one of my own. I’d always find a workaround, even setting up makeshift shooters at my bench. Finally fed up with shortcuts, I decided to build a board that was stout and able to accommodate the kind of work I do. But where to start? I did what any good woodworker does and asked other woodworkers. My research led to a chat with master craftsman Craig Bentzley, on whose invaluable expertise I’ve come to rely. His go-to jig is easy to make, versatile, accurate, and will last a long time – just what I was looking for. With Bentzley’s blessing, I got building.

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