25 Router Stocking Stuffers

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This article is from issue 110 of Woodcraft Magazine

Make your most capable tool even more versatile

Be sure to include your router on your gift-giving list this year. It does a lot of hard work for you, so reward it with…well, more work. But with these accessories, you can make it work smarter, not harder.

I’ll admit that you’ll need a pretty big stocking in order to stuff some of these fine products. But your router or routers have been good all year and deserve special attention.

Imagine Woodworking Ultimate Router Base System
This complete router base system provides control, safety, and accuracy for curved joinery, inlay, and many other exacting routing operations.

$179.99 | #175290

Whiteside Inlay Set
This solid brass bushing set makes creating inlays a snap. Rout the recess first, then remove the quick-change bushing and rout the inlay. Includes the necessary bits.

$65.99 | #09I16

Jasper Butterfly Inlay Template

That iconic shape used to tame checks, create accents, and cover-up knots is easy to make with this tough acrylic template.

$39.50 | #146903

WoodRiver Router Corners

Sometimes it’s good to cut corners. And these jigs make it easy and repeatable to rout 12 different radii on your projects.

$59.99 | #163686

WoodRiver Jig Making template

It’s a jig for making jigs. Use this template for routing slots and keyholes for 1⁄4" T-bolts and handles in two styles. All your fixtures will look and work great.

$19.99 | #181450

Double-Faced Tape
Let’s face it, a lot of woodworking requires double-faced tape, and routing operations are no exception. The 1" size is good for a wide variety of uses.

$25.99 | #15D28

WoodRiver Rechargeable Desiccant Bag
This rust-busting bag absorbs moisture from the air to protect your bits and other router accessories. When the window turns pink, pop it in the microwave for recharging.

$9.99 | #181501

WoodRiver Nonslip Pads

A nonslip pad keeps your work where you want it while you rout, without the use of clamps or vises. Plus, it’s easy to clean. Your router will love it.

$17.49 | #123633

Trend Router Pod

When you’re done routing, sit the king of the shop on its throne to power down while you move to the next task. Simple, safe, effective.

$12.99 | #171903

Oneida Dust Hood

The dustiest tool in the shop has met its match. This universal base for handheld routing catches dust at the source while you work. Molded from clear, polycarbonate plastic.

$37.99 | #163363

Mighty Bright Sewing Light
A hacker’s way of shining a little light on the subject. This LED light designed to work on sewing machines sticks just as nicely to your router and shines light where you need it. 

$13.59 | allstitch.com

This dry lubricating film bonds to metal, creating a slick surface that keeps your bits cutting cleaner for longer, and inhibits corrosion. 

$24.99 | #175038

Boeshield Bit Cleaner

But when the build-up of resin, gum, and pitch on cutting edges makes your router bits seem duller than they actually are, spritz this simple solution to restore their clean-cutting profiles.

$14.99 | #128479

Grip Wire Brushes 

Help keep your bits clean with these wire brushes. Their contoured grip and ergonomic design help you clear the grime from hard-to-reach corners.

$5.99 | #167199

Freud Adjustable Tongue-and-Groove Bit Set

Pair your router with a table to use these edge formers. The bit set produces perfectly fitting tongue & groove joints for myriad projects in myriad sizes and styles. 

$94.99 | #825745

Whiteside Flush Trim Spiral Combination
This is a pricey bit, no doubt, but its impeccably machined spiral cutters will deliver smooth templated-routed surfaces that require very little sanding.

$229.99 | #154274

Whiteside Spoilboard Surfacing Bit 
Designed to surface spoilboards on CNC machines, this monster bit with its four carbide cutters is also great for flattening live edge boards too wide for your planer.

$94.99 | #868312

Freud Keyhole bit 
This clever cutter is designed to cut slots to completely conceal fasteners in the back of picture frames, plaques, and shelves. 

$47.97 | #828851

Freud Rabbet Bit Set

One bit to rout them all. All the rabbets, that is. With three interchangeable bearings for routing various widths, this set will earn its spot in your bit collection.

$47.97 | #828851

Kreg Router Setup Bars 

These bars make setting bit depth simple, fast, and accurate. Plus, they’re made from soft aluminum to prevent knicking your bits’ cutting edge.

$79.99, #150664

Wixey Digital Height Gauge
A crafty gadget that exactly gauges bit height with digital precision. Its clear, crisp display can show fractions and decimals, and setups are repeatable. What’s not to like?

$67.99 | #148380

WoodRiver Router Bushings 
Beautiful brass bushings to increase the capability of your router. This set provides various sizes to handle all the work you do.

$58.99 | #144625

CMT Router Collet Extension 
Give your router reach. Sometimes your work requires a little more depth than your router can accommodate. This handy extension adds up to 2 1⁄2"

$60.70 | #827414

Whiteside Steel Collet Reducer, 3⁄8"
Don’t limit yourself or your router. This reducer grants you more bit options beyond the standard 1⁄4" and 1⁄2" shanks.

$20.99 | #405798

Woodworking with the Router

Many woodworkers consider this complete tome to be the router bible. The book bursts with valuable information; the essential techniques and jigs held within will improve your routing.

$24.95 | #150694


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