The Twelve Gifts of Christmas Brought To You By Woodcraft!

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WoodRiver® Carbide Replaceable Tip Turning Tools – one of the 12 Gifts of Christmas from Woodcraft!

If your gift list includes woodworkers and folks who enjoy home improvement and DIY projects, let Woodcraft help you with 12 super gift ideas. To learn more about these products, click on the product links or visit

#1 TURNING OBJECTS FROM WOODWoodRiver® 3-Piece Carbide Replaceable Tip Turning Tool Set

This handsome trio of Beech handled turning tools – Round Tip, Square Tip and Diamond Tip – eliminates sharpening time. Each tool’s replaceable carbide insert rotates easily to expose a new sharp cutting edge when the one in use becomes dull. Rubber grips add comfort for long work sessions.

#2 WoodRiver 8-Drawer Tilt-Out Bin

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#3 Sjobergs Smart Workstation Pro

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#2 STORE SMALL STUFF – WoodRiver® 8-Drawer Tilt-Out Bin

Keep small items corralled and easy to find. Drawers are the perfect size for hardware, biscuits, dowels and Domino tenons in the woodshop, as well as materials for crafts, home repairs, and wherever small stuff needs a home. Comes with screws and anchors for wall mounting and tabs to identify contents.

#3 PORTABLE WORK SURFACE – Sjöbergs Smart Workstation Pro

Just clamp or bolt the Pro to any convenient surface, and start working. The knot free Beech workstation includes four bench dogs with side springs. Dimensions: length 20-7/8" (working top 15-3/4"); width 14-3/8"; top thickness 1-5/8"; vise capacity 4-1/3" with a total weight of 22 lbs.

#4 ISOtunes LINK Bluetooth Earmuffs

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#5 MICROJIG GRR-Ripper Double Pack GR-420

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#4 SAFE & CONNECTED – ISOtunes LINK Bluetooth Earmuffs

Protect your ears and listen to music or take a phone call with these neat earmuffs that connect to your device, via Bluetooth. The LINK comes with a 14-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery and offers the option to run an additional 28 hours using three AAA batteries (sold separately).

#5 WORKPIECE MANAGERS – MICROJIG® GRR-Ripper® Double Pack Pro GR-420

Two advanced GR200 3D pushblocks give you total control of any length workpiece. Work twice as smart with this revolutionary, universal pushing jig for all table saw, router table and jointer users. Handle Bridge Kit eliminates the need for handle adjustments, while providing better control by spreading downward pressure across the width of the GRR-Ripper body.

#6 Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

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#7 Woodcraft Liner Lock Pocketknife with Wooden Handle

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#6 SHARP IS SAFER – Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp teamed with knife maker Ken Onion to create this tool that will sharpen pocketknives, hunting knives, serrated knives, kitchen knives and any other shape or type of blade you own. It utilizes a fully adjustable (15° to 30°) precision sharpening guide, is variable-speed (1200 SFM to 2800 SFM) and has wide, flexible, premium abrasive belts.

#7 BE PREPARED – Woodcraft® Liner Lock Pocketknife with Wooden Handle

Be ready for whatever cutting challenges you encounter with this handsome pocketknife. The 2" high-quality 3Cr13 stainless steel blade is sharpened to a keen edge and attached to a coralwood handle, laser engraved with the Woodcraft logo. Overall length closed is 5", open 3".

#8 Pinnacle 12" Combination Square

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#9 Festool Rotex RO 90 Multi-Purpose Sander

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#8 MIGHTY MEASURING COMBO – Pinnacle® 12" Combination Square

This versatile tool features a stainless steel blade that is graduated in 8ths and 16ths on one side and 16ths and 32nds on the other and accurate to within +/- .003″ between any two graduations and +.006/-.004″ from 0 to any graduation. Square head is accurate to +/- .005″ and comes with a level vial and scribe tool. Set includes blade, square head and center finder.

#9 SURFACE MASTER – Festool Rotex RO 90 Multi-Purpose Sander

Transform rough surfaces with startling power, strip stubborn paints and other coatings, create sensationally smooth finishes, reach into corners and tight crevices and more with this sander that easily switches from using a circular pad to a triangular delta-shaped pad in seconds (no tools required).

#10 Woodcraft Magazine Subscription

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#11 Ramelson Carving Tool Beginners Full Size 6-piece Set

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#10 YEAR-ROUND GIFT – Woodcraft Magazine

Six premium issues a year deliver projects that range in size from small keepsake boxes to large furniture, as well as skill-building techniques, the latest tools and tool innovations, specialized storage, dust collection, shop setup, features about wood, and much more. Seasoned woodworkers write the articles, providing hands-on experience and mentoring for woodworkers of all levels and interests.

#11 CARVE A KEEPSAKE – Ramelson Carving Tool Beginner’s Full Size 6-piece Set

Set includes six tools – 3/8" chisel, 3/8" skew, 3/8" bent chisel, 9/64" straight gouge, 5/16" bent gouge and 9/64" bent V-parting tool – all made of factory ground high quality carbon tool steel.

Comfortable 6-1/4" to 6-1/2" lengths make tools easy to control for detail carving.

#12 Woodcraft Gift Card

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#12 Woodcraft Gift Card 

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#12 “THE EVERYONE GIFT”Woodcraft Gift Card/Regular or Email

Make gift selection easy – buy Woodcraft Gift Cards available on and at Woodcraft retail stores. Gift Cards can be used online, at stores, and for catalog orders by phone at 1-800-225-1153.

Choose a $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, or $500 gift. For additional dollar amounts, ask a store associate or call Woodcraft customer service (800-225-1153). When you purchase a gift card, it will be shipped free of charge with your choice of a complimentary gift card holder.

A Woodcraft Email Gift Card is the perfect last minute gift! Visit to order one – or more! Select your amount and provide the name and email address of the recipient. Once your order is placed, the Gift Card will be emailed, with the amount and a note from you. It can be used at any Woodcraft store, online or over the phone as soon as it is received!

Eat. Sleep. Woodworking. - wood sticker

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Woodworker - wood sticker

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BONUS – FUN MESSAGES – Woodcraft Wood Stickers

Show your love for woodworking with one of these awesome stickers. Made of cherry and maple veneer, the stickers are FSC certified sustainably grown and harvested. Messages include: Eat. Sleep. Woodworking. (shown); Plane & Saw Blade –  Cherry (shown) and Maple; Woodworking Queen, Native American Woodworker, and My Kind Of Joint.

SHOP WOODCRAFT – Three Options!

That’s just a peek at the 20,000+ products Woodcraft offers. Shop at one of our 75 retail stores across the US and Hawaii, look through our catalog, or browse online at, and start checking names off your gift list!


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