100-CNC Tables-Overview

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CNC Tables
CNC Files
The files here should get you set up to make the round side tables featured in Issue 100.
There is one CRV file for each table:
Small 19 x 23 Blank Center Orig 3-8 bit Aspire V8.crv
Medium 19 x 29 Blank Center Orig 3-8 bit Aspire V8.crv
Tall 20 x 36 Blank Center Orig 3-8 bit Aspire V8.crv
As you can probably see from the file name, the size of blank, the location of the origin, and the bit size are all given. These files should work with Aspire version 8 or later as well as V-Carve
After downloading the file(s), open it in VCarve or Aspire and save the individual tool paths to suit your particular router. Study the drawings to see where to locate your hold downs safely.
There is also a file for the table top
Table Top 16 x 18 Blank Center Orig 3-8 bit Aspire V*.crv
If you don’t have access to Aspire or VCarve, import the DXF files into whatever program you use to generate the tool paths for your machine. The files may come in oversize. If so make the horizontal size for the legs 13-1/4 inches and allow the vertical size to change proportionally.  There is not a dxf file for the top as it is simply a 15-1/4” circle. You may also need to join all the segments so the outline is treated as a single entity. Position the drawings then assign toolpaths and bit sizes as necessary.
Small Table Lower Legs.dxf
Small Table Upper Legs.dxf
Medium Table Lower Legs.dxf
Medium Table Upper Legs.dxf
Tall Table Lower Legs.dxf
Tall Table Upper Legs.dxf 

No CNC? No Problem, here are pdf files of the legs.

Small Table Lower Legs
Small Table Upper Legs
Medium Table Lower Legs
Medium Table Upper Legs
Tall Table Lower Legs
Tall Table Upper Legs


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