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Woodcraft of Toledo

5311 Airport Highway
Toledo, OH 43615
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Tom Belcher
Tom says he’s a “confessed wood hoarder” and he had to build a separate building to store his “treasures”. His interest started in his youth and grew stronger when he took classes at Penta. Over the years his hobby has grown into a business, West River WoodWorks, a customer woodworking shop in Grand Rapids, OH. To further his knowledge, Tom is also enrolled in the Mark Adams School of Woodworking. He also says that he has learned much from the Woodcraft Team and from our customers!
Jim Bilkovsky
The “Bag O’Nails” workshop was started the day Jim was born since his father was a wood craftsman in his own right. Under his father’s watchful eye, Jim studied and learned his craft that became a lifetime hobby. Over the recent years Jim has made furniture both indoor and outdoor; boats; signs; store displays; custom spice racks; unique items like acorn birdhouses and wooden locks. His current passion and talents are in turning wooden pens. Jim is part of the Woodcraft – Toledo team.
Kent Cartwright
Kent discovered his interest in carving while serving as a Scoutmaster and seeing other adult Scouters carving hiking sticks for themselves or as gifts for the young Scouts in their Troops. He joined a local carving club in 1995 and finished his first carving soon after. “I always enjoyed geometry in school,” he reports. So when he saw his first chip carving, “he was hooked.” Chip carving gets most of his attention although he does carve caricatures and occasionally some cottonwood bark. Kent has taken instruction in chip carving from Wayne Barton and also teaches chip carving for area carving clubs.
Les Elsie
Our team claims that Les has sawdust in his veins! He has been interested in furniture making for over 45 years, specializing in American period furniture. He’s completed hundreds of projects, including furnishing nearly his entire house with his artistry. Les’ use of both hand and machine tools makes his expertise unique to our team. Additionally, he is a founding member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers.
Bob Folk
Bob claims that he enjoys caricature carving because he is a character! Since retiring from Daimler Chrysler, Bob has been a substitute teacher and is part of the Woodcraft – Toledo team. After starting with Santa carvings, Bob has found that his forte is with caricature carvings and is working toward becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of America, a select group of nationally recognized carvers. Bob will conducts beginning and caricature carving classes.
Carl Huth
Carl Huth has been an avid woodworker all his life. As the son of a contractor he has worked with wood in many forms, but really enjoys building tables and cabinets. In 1999 he wanted to build a bent wood chair and asked his son, who had just taken a Shaker Box making class, to show him how to bend wood. Though there were a few mistakes in the initial effort, that first set of boxes turned out well. But he wanted the next set of boxes to be perfect. Nine years and about 600 boxes later he says he is still trying to make that one perfect box. We think he has already achieved quite a few “perfects!” By the way, he says that he still has not made that bent wood chair. Each year his wife asks if he will soon start the chair and he tells her “yes.”
Lucette Jones
Lucette’s fascination with wood carving came at the early age of 10 years, beginning with a gift of a book on nature crafts. She had found an old tree branch and an old knife and used the book to create artwork. Throughout her youth she continued to request woodworking tools for birthdays and holidays. Having an artist mother and a journeyman furniture maker father helped her hone her skills. Lucette was the first female in her high school permitted to take Wood Shop. That experience allowed her to explore other woodworking skills and equipment with the lathe becoming one of her favorite tools. She calls it a unique way of carving! Over the course of her career she has continued to carve and turn. She’s also picked up experience in picture framing and merchandising, working in a number of galleries in several states. She currently is working with a New Zealand company to bring unique Christmas and personal gifts to their market.
Mike Kreischer
Mike's wife was glad that Mike was handsome when they met and married because she wasn't too sure about his handyman skills! Thirty years of woodworking experience later, Mike has refurbished much of his home, created heirloom clocks as wedding gifts for his three children, tables, shelves, a secretary, drop leaf table, book cases and much more. His wine boxes have been a big hit with our customers and we are now offering classes on their construction. His current project is a bunk bed with a slide – a child’s dream bed!
Carl Kuhnle
Carl, who is part of the Woodcraft – Toledo team, has been making his own Shaker and Mission style furniture designs and has done some commission work. His router and the Tormek sharpening system are his favorite tools and he enjoys making his own jigs! Carl enjoys sharing his knowledge with other woodworkers; his classes are focused on furniture design and using jigs and basic power tools.
Dennis Laney
Dennis has exchanged a professional career for his love of joinery. His joinery apprenticeship began as a child in his grandfather’s workshop. Dennis is owner and “chief joiner and sweeper” of D.B. Laney Fine Finish Carpentry and Joinery, a company specializing in the repair, restoration and replication of architectural details, staircases, crown molding, trim work and cabinetry. His focus is in the Victorian, Gothic and Classical Revival styles - “essentially anything that can be nailed, screwed, glued or joined in some fashion. Dennis is part of the Woodcraft – Toledo team.
Roger Martin
Roger is a member of three carving clubs and has recently been the Vice President of the Black Swamp Woodcarvers club in Toledo. He is an award winning carver who has received training from Robert Stadtlander, Nora Hall, Janet Denton Cordell, Debbie Edwards and John Burke. Roger started carving to earn a Boy Scout merit badge; it’s become a lifetime passion. In the past five years he has developed an interest in sculptural and relief carving, maintaining a strong interest in carving of animals and faces. He has taught classes in basic woodcarving techniques, relief carving, wood spirits and floral relief.
Lynn Southward
Lynn Southward considers himself a cabinet maker who evolved into an artist. His love of wood began in his high school’s wood shop class where he learned the fundamentals of cabinetry. Lynn has spent 40 years as a professional cabinet maker, eventually starting his own business – Southward Custom Wood Products that included kitchen and bath cabinetry and all styles of furniture. His current shop, located in Blissfield, includes space for a showroom and gift shop. It is here that Lynn started to experiment with turning. In recent years Lynn has been transitioned from cabinet maker to turning artist. The most challenging form of turning, segmented turning, is something that Lynn thoroughly enjoys – combining native Michigan and exotic woods. His most recent turnings have been hollow vessels that use burls with artistic grains and voids. Lynn is an active member of the Michigan-Ohio Woodturners, American Association of Woodturniers, and World of Woodturners. He has trained with Lyle Jamieson, Malcolm Tibbets, Cliff Lounsbury, and Greg Jensen. A number of his turned artworks are on display in Michigan galleries.
Rick Toda
Rick became interested in woodworking in his 7th grade shop class where he made a kitchen knife rack as a gift for his mother (she still uses it). Rick spent many years in the armed forces (Army and Air Force), where he taught many classes, and is currently working for the City of Toledo. Rick is a self-taught woodworker, an advocate of the Norm Abrams programs, and says he will try anything once. Maybe twice, if he likes it. Rick says he is an honorary graduate of the “Jim Bilkovsky School of Pen Turning.” You have seen Rick’s turned miniatures and pens in our store for several years along with a recent roll top jewelry box he made.