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Woodcraft of Toledo

5311 Airport Highway
Toledo, OH 43615
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John Nystrom
John was taken to the basement by his father when he was about 7 years old and given “the board” – not as punishment, but to develop his own workshop area in the basement. Throughout his professional career, his workshops have been his stress reliever where he has created furniture, cabinets, tables, stands, and refurbishing. John decided to expand his hobby into an ownership of a woodworking “candy store” where all woodworkers can develop their skills.
Carroll Nystrom
Carroll is the novice of the bunch! She has constructed her own picture frames and refinished furniture; however she will be seen in most of the classes as they are scheduled – trying to learn from the experts on our team.
Rick Bailin
Rick is a professional psychologist who retired from the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We like to think that he has taken on a higher challenge of woodworking! Out of necessity and interest, Rick learned about general contracting and began to build custom homes to relax from his professional workday. That experience naturally led to cabinetry and furniture making. His first grandchild, of course, led him into toy making and - on the side - a great interest in scroll sawing and intarsia. With 40 years of experience, Rick enjoys sharing his knowledge with woodworkers of all levels.
Tom Belcher
Tom says he’s a “confessed wood hoarder” and he had to build a separate building to store his “treasures.” His interest started in his youth and grew stronger when he took classes at Penta. Over the years his hobby has grown into a business, West River WoodWorks, a customer woodworking shop in Grand Rapids, OH. To further his knowledge, Tom is also enrolled in the Mark Adams School of Woodworking. He also says that he has learned much from the Woodcraft Team and from our customers!
Jim Bilkovsky
Jim's 'Bag O’Nails' workshop was started the day Jim was born since his father was a wood craftsman in his own right. Under his father’s watchful eye, Jim studied and learned his craft that became a lifetime hobby. Over the recent years Jim has made furniture, both indoor and outdoor, boats, signs, store displays, custom spice racks, unique items like acorn birdhouses, and wooden locks. His current passion and talents are in turning wooden pens.
Jerry Bingham
Jerry is a retired journeyman mold maker and machinist who has a lot of experience with detailed, precision work. Jerry traces his interest in woodworking back to when a Shopsmith demonstration 1983. Making a breadbox for home got him securely hooked on woodworking. Subsequent projects have included cabinets for his shop, toys for grandchildren, furniture and furnishings for his wife – including a recent ice box reproduction that his wife loves!

Jerry recently has become more interested in turning small projects and just started turning bowls. He’s also a strong supporter of Festool tools and is looking forward to attending “Festool School” to be a Festool expert like Mike! Jerry looks forward to helping customers with all their woodworking needs and learning more about finishing techniques.
Les Elsie
Our team claims that Les has sawdust in his veins! He has been interested in furniture making for over 45 years, specializing in American period furniture. He’s completed hundreds of projects, including furnishing nearly his entire house with his artistry. Les’ use of both hand and machine tools makes his expertise unique to our team. Additionally, he is a founding member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers and is reputed to have attended a Federal luncheon in honor of Queen Ann and hosted by William & Mary Chippendale.
John Heslop
As a child John started woodworking with his father, helping to build projects for their home. Junior high then gave him more skills and instilled a life-long love of working with wood. John has built numerous furniture pieces, done small projects, created and installed a fireplace mantel, and is building a model train. He’s also tried his hand at carving and loves to try any new project or technique. A new skill he’s working on is turning and creating jigs and fixtures to sequence the engineering of new projects.

So, was he a cabinet maker before retiring recently? Nope! John’s background is in IT (Information Technology) where he worked with databases, managing systems, teaching programming, and more. It seems that his wife thinks that cars belong in garages despite his woodworking passion having taken root in that space!
John Hoellrich
As a professional architect, woodworking was a natural outlet for John. He has designed and created an unusual highchair, playhouse and appliances, unique doors, and a doll house. His volunteer work has provided him with experiences in preschool furniture, repair of old buildings, log framing, and developing a workshop for a Boy Scout camp. John claims he is a “power tool junkie” and is one of our experts on Fein.
Lucette Jones
Lucette’s fascination with wood carving came at the early age of 10 years, beginning with a gift of a book on nature crafts. She had found an old tree branch and an old knife and used the book to create artwork. Throughout her youth she continued to request woodworking tools for birthdays and holidays. Having an artist mother and a journeyman furniture maker father helped her hone her skills.

Lucette was the first female in her high school permitted to take Wood Shop. That experience allowed her to explore other woodworking skills and equipment with the lathe becoming one of her favorite tools. She calls it a unique way of carving!

Over the course of her career she has continued to carve and turn. She’s also picked up experience in picture framing and merchandising, working in a number of galleries in several states. She currently is working with a New Zealand company to bring unique Christmas and personal gifts to their market.
Mike Kreischer
Mike is our part-time Manager and Festool expert.

Mike's wife was glad that Mike was handsome when they met and married because she wasn't too sure about his handyman skills. Thirty years of woodworking experience later, Mike has refurbished much of his home, created heirloom clocks as wedding gifts for his three children, tables, shelves, cabinets, a secretary, drop leaf table, book cases and much more. His wine boxes have been a big hit with our customers and we offer classes on their construction. He’s an accomplished scroll sawer and turner as well. Most recently he has been using his experience with the Boy Scouting program and is one of our instructors for the Woodworking merit badge. Mike is our resident Festool expert!
Carl Kuhnle
Carl has been making his own furniture designs with influence of the Shaker and Mission styles and has done commission work. His favorite tools are his router table, Tormek sharpening system, and thickness sander for panel work. He enjoys designing and building jigs to speed up production and for safety issues. Carl has been sharing his woodworking knowledge and skills for years and enjoys teaching some classes of furniture design; the designing, building, and use of jigs and basic power tools; hand and power sharpening; and enjoys doing some of our independent study classes.
Larry LaBeau
Larry apparently enjoys retiring so much that he retired as a professional pilot and then retired twice from General Motors as a Quality Engineer – and has now joined the Toledo Woodcraft team (don’t let him retire from here)! Larry has been an avid and active woodworker for over 30 years with many of his skills and attention to detail coming from his quality engineering background as well as his father, a machinist, who focused on detail daily. With three grandchildren, Larry is busy making numerous projects for his children and grandchildren, including everything from a cradle and rocking plane (yes, plane – not horse) to toys. When not being creative for his children and grandchildren, Larry’s passion is to make one-of-a-kind furniture and projects for himself and his wife of 41 years.
Dennis Laney
Dennis began his joinery apprenticeship as a child in his grandfather’s workshop. Dennis claims that his daytime job is owner, chief joiner, and sweeper of D.B. Laney Fine Finish Carpentry and Joinery, a company specializing in the repair, restoration, and replication of architectural details, staircases, crown molding, trim work and cabinetry. His focus is in the Victorian, Gothic and Classical Revival styles – “essentially anything that can be nailed, screwed, glued or joined in some fashion. Though his professional background was in the automotive industry, he has found that his grandfather’s love of wood and hand tools is where his heart is.
Jean McDonald
Jean has an eclectic professional background: middle school school teacher, owner and manager of two small businesses, management in wholesale and customer service industries, historical programs coordinator, and more. And the common thread that has run through such a diverse background is carving! Jean is a member of several carving and woodworking guilds and becomes very excited when you talk to her about antique woodworking tools or different kinds of woods or carving projects. Jean teaches classes both for Woodcraft and for the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg.