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Woodcraft of Woodcraft of Nashville


Woodcraft of Nashville

209 South Royal Oaks Blvd
Watson Glen Plaza
Franklin, TN 37064
Call Us: (615) 599-9638
Fax Us: 615-599-8524
  • Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM
  • Monday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM - 9 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Sheila Collins
I have been a woodworker since I was a toddler playing in our family farm shop. Self-taught, I carved stylized quail around age nine using a wall mounted jig saw, a draw knife, rasp and sandpaper. In the third grade, I made replicas of Colonial tools without help and by twelve; I was using the table saw by myself building a desk organizer with drawers that my nephew’s children now use. Wood turning and box making are my favorites due to the infinite choices in materials and designs that make each one different. I also build custom furniture, most often starting with a picture and basic dimensions then designing my own plan.
Judy Jones
Coming from a long line of carpenters, carvers, and cabinetmakers, JJ got into woodworking early. "I 'helped' in my Dad's shop almost from the time I could walk and talk. I was allowed to use the scraps to build my own projects." Limited working space means most of JJ's projects these days are small scale; jewelry boxes, music boxes, and bandsawn boxes are particular favorites. "At the moment the only furniture projects I can manage are miniatures in doll house scale." Most recently JJ has been learning to carve and turn wood at the lathe.
Aaron Sapp
Aaron has loved woodworking since he was able to hold a hammer and built a miniature table and chairs. He has built furniture, golf ball cases, framing, and various other things. He is experienced with the Festool Tools and turning pens on the lathe. He has a Degree in Business, which will come in handy since he is an owner/manager of the store.
David Sapp
12 years ago… Wow has it been that long? Yes!! In 2003 David was part of the Management Team that brought the Woodcraft Store to Nashville. During that 12 years we have focused on bringing a full service woodworking store to the Nashville Market! David has settled in to teach many of the classes where his favorites have been Woodturning! David is active with all of the local Woodworking clubs, and enjoy’s being Grandpa David to 7 grandchildren!
Kevin McGuire
I started in woodworking 30 years ago installing wood flooring. Following floor installations I spent 5 years doing finish carpentry with a remodeling company. Along the way I started making various wooden crafts for gifts.
Stan Shoemake
Stan is an electrical engineer from Mississippi State. He is retired from Bellsouth as a Manager for 31 years. Stan got involved in woodworking in the early '80's, as he and his wife combined talents and went to craft shows to exhibit some of their work. Stan enjoys various forms of woodworking from furniture building to woodturning to construction work. Stan puts his talent to good use as he is active in the church mission where he does a lot of construction work. Stan's other hobbies include photography and computers.
Bob Peters
Wayne Mobley
Wayne is married to Corrinne and has 2 sons, Mathew 22 and Andrew 18. Wayne is also a full-time Fire Inspector for the city of Franklin for the past 16 years. He has 26 years of Fire Service both volunteer and payed.
Wayne's fascination with woodworking began in his high school years stripping and refinishing furniture. He continued through college. Later he ran a Cabinet Shop in Fairview before opening his own shop that he ran on his days off from the Fire Dept. He was voted the #1 Cabinet Shop in Williamson County 2 years running. His interest at this time is Shaker Reproduction Furniture and Windsor Chairs.
Tim Williams
Tim is a retired Chemical Engineer graduating from Tennessee Tech. After a 30 year career with DuPont, Tim has filled his time following his passion for woodworking. A hobby he developed by watching his Grandfather woodwork to keep the Franklin farm intact, his Father creating items needed in their house, and his Uncle as he manufactured furniture and taught shop at Franklin High School. This gave Tim many opportunities to learn not only the practical side of woodworking but also the science of the craft. Many projects have come through his shop including, gun cabinets, curio shelving, numerous turning projects from high post beds, to candlesticks, to fern stands. The pieces that he has enjoyed the most are the Grandfather Clocks and the wall clocks. The love for this craft is shared among his family since Tim's wife is an Interior Designer and his 4 children keep the list growing. Working at Woodcraft he has found that the wide variety of customers that visit the store offers a perfect forum to learn new ideas and share expeiences with the patrons.
Frank Ramsey
Frank was a band director for 31 years in Louisiana. In anticipation of retirement, he began making furniture for friends and family. He has taken classes at Lonnie Bird’s School of Woodworking where the focus is on 18th century reproductions. Frank has also attended several classes at Mark Adams’s School where he learned about finishing, turning and joinery. He has participated in Rob Cosman ‘s Hand Cut Dovetail classes at WoodCraft. Cosman is a well-known hand tool coach. Not only has Frank had additional training at Festool, he owns and uses many of the Festool tools and loves to talk about them.
James Johnson
I have been a woodworker for the better part of 30 years. I began woodworking helping my father make wooden toys in his shop. Now days, I turn a lot for friends and family. I also make music boxes, knives, and repair antiques.
Gary Bixler
Steve Priest
Steve spent 25 years as a Quality Control Supervisor for a local company. He has always been around woodworking. Even as a boy, Steve's Father was an ironworker by trade, but Steve remembers how his father did a lot of woodworking, furniture building and Carving.
Steve also possesses "The Carving Gene". Like his father, Steve enjoys Carving and has been carving for 20 years. Steve has done Caricatures, Realistic Animals and Birds, Human Busts, Walking Canes and lots of Santa's. Steve enjoys sharing his Carving Talent with others here at the Nashville Woodcraft Store, where he teaches Carving Classes.
Tom Constance
Tom Constance has been working at the Woodcraft store in Franklin since 2014. He is also the owner/craftsman of Humble Walk Woodcraft. His eclectic career path includes owning and managing retail bookstores, being president of a small publishing company, and teaching English at two universities in China.
He has been an avid woodworker since taking wood shop in high school. He began full time woodworking following his return from 3 years of living and working in China. “Woodwork has always been my passion – the chance to visualize and create ‘usable art.’ I love everything about wood. I love the smell of the raw lumber, watching the project as it takes shape, and the satisfaction of seeing the finished product being loved, admired, and used.”
Tom has enjoyed his time at Woodcraft. It has given him a chance to share his passion for woodwork with others. It has also been an incredible learning opportunity – taking classes, and learning from other employees and customers.
Adam Worley
Adam began woodworking like many others, with a hammer and a nail. He started building houses right out of high school but quickly turned to using a chainsaw full time, doing tree work for a local electric company. It wasn’t until attending East Tennessee State University where he found the art of Lutherie and he truly fell in love with the craft of fine woodworking. He has worked under some very well respected Luthiers and vintage guitar repairmen before pursuing the craft on his own. Although having a love and respect for all types of woodworking, he has chosen to focus on the sonic properties of the wood itself. He has learned that wood is much more than aesthetic beauty and any combination of domestic and exotic woods can be pleasantly surprising. Now managing the Nashville Woodcraft he still finds time to build his own Worley Guitars at his shop in Nashville, Tennessee.
Bill Barrett
For Christmas during the fourth year of life, my Father made me a workbench and my Mother made me a shop apron with pockets for all the tools they and others gave me for Christmas. The pockets had an embroidered picture of the tool.

The tools were:
Hammer, Screwdriver, Pliers, Folding Rule, Square, Drill (Egg Beater Style) and Bits, Vise, and a Saw.

I have enjoyed working with wood ever since then.
Dave Dickinson
When I retired, we moved to Hot Springs, AR. A friend asked me to visit a very active woodworking group who met at the nearby junior college. He was also an avid turner, and thus I was hooked. I find my woodturning to be challenging and enjoyable.
Greg Coblentz
I first started watching Norm Abram (New Yankee Workshop) in the mid 80's and became fascinated with woodworking. It didn't take me long to decide that woodworking was what I wanted to do as a career. In 1989 I went to work for a cabinet builder and soon started my own cabinet business 1993. To this day I have a great love for wood and how you can turn it into something beautiful. It also gives me great satisfaction to know that some of the things I build today will be here long after I'm gone.
Debra Crane
Debra Crane is a retired software developer who has been woodworking off and on for the past 20 years. In the early years her projects included simple pieces of furniture, storage solutions and carpentry projects. But when she bought her first scroll saw in 2001, she knew she had found her real delight: making gifts that are beautiful and functional. She especially likes projects that cultivate her skills in scrolling, carving, pyrography and intarsia. She also enjoys introducing others to the artistic side of woodworking.
In 2003 Debra began studying intarsia at Roberts Studio in Seymour, TN, with Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher. Later that same year, she began working at the Woodcraft store in Franklin, TN, as a retail associate. As the store grew, Debra was asked to conduct in-store scroll saw demonstrations. In 2004, she began teaching hands-on classes for both beginners and intermediate scrollers. In 2006, she expanded her classes to include instructional seminars and multi-day hands-on intarsia classes using methods and techniques employed at Roberts Studio.
To see some of her work visit
Also Debra has just recently received training and is now a FESTOOL Specialist.