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Woodcraft of Woodcraft of Dayton


Woodcraft of Dayton

Cross Pointe Centre
175 E. Alex-Bell Rd.
Dayton, OH 45459
Call Us: (937) 438-1282
Fax Us: (937) 438-0119
  • Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM
  • Monday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM - 9 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Dick Reese
Dick joined the Woodcraft/Dayton team in 2010. He's been an active woodworker for 50 years. His current focus is on building 18th century furniture. He's a member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers and Past President of the Western Ohio Woodworking Club. His expertise includes finishing, joinery with hand tools, inlay & veneering--but he can probably help you with most woodworking questions!
Steve Geisler
Bob Kipp
Bob is a retired Air Traffic Control Specialist and has had a lifelong interest in many aspects of woodworking. Some of his interests include furniture making, home remodeling and finish carpentry. Bob's basement workshop is also shared with model railroading and model building.
Steve Knowis
Steve is a retired USAF musician. He got interested in wood turning and really enjoys turning almost every day now! Though most efforts have been concentrated on turning, he has enjoyed learning about many other aspects of woodworking while on the sales staff at Woodcraft/Dayton.
Steve Pester
Steve joined Woodcraft in March of 2000 after retiring from Public Service. His expertise is in turning and finishing. His experiences at Woodcraft have allowed him to learn about all aspects of woodworking, from dust collection to dovetailing, to finishing. Some of his work is displayed around the store. He is constantly trying new things with his lathe.

Steve is responsible for the wonderful courses that Woodcraft presents at our store. He also participates as an instructor and classroom administrator.
Carl Eger
Carl is an avid woodworker. Retired from HP, he spends his free time building various projects.
Lee Dunnington
Lee is a retired employee of GM/Delco. These days he spends his time between Woodcraft and his hobby of building handcrafted dollhouse furniture out of hardwoods and exotic woods. He also makes room boxes, toys, garden furniture, and accessories for doll houses. Lee's claim to fame is that he will take dollhouses one step further and wire it for miniature electrical lights and electronics. Lee's work has shown up in a number of magazines featuring miniatures and dollhouses.
For even more fun, Lee and his wife make trips to miniature shows and sells the things he makes. He also teaches workshops in miniature furniture.
Don McKoy
Don spends his days teaching at a local high school in the Dayton area. In his spare time, he'a an avid woodworker. Don's specialty is working with the Festool line of portable power tools, and he's a master at spray finishing. From time to time, he conducts store demos, too.
Jim Landers
Jim enjoys woodworking at a number of levels. He could be remodeling a house one minute, making wooden curtain and quilt hangers, or building a piece of furniture for his wife. He enjoys his leisure time around his garage with his tools! He is also an avid music lover.

Jim's primary job at our store is inventory control. He's often in a state of auditing the store to make sure all the items are there--as the system says. From time to time, he also demos different items around the store. He seems to never get tired of power tools or working with his hands!
Gary Terborg
Gary is our engineer on staff. He holds bachelor's degrees in Fine Arts and Mechanical Engineering. This gives Gary a sound technical and aesthetic approach to his woodworking.
Gary has been working with wood for 46 years. Many of the things he knows, he learned from Grandfathers on both sides of his family. His father played a large role as well. He enjoys cabinet making, turning, furniture design and fabrication, pen making, and scrolling. He teaches pen making, scrolling, 'Basic Woodworking', and routing classes.

Gary is a member of the Western Ohio Woodworkers Association and has worked at our Woodcraft store since it opened.
Joe Zwiesler
Joe is our full-time class instructor who's been with us since the winter of 2007. He comes to us with a degree in Industrial Education from Western Kentucky University and over 30 years of woodworking experience. His woodworking interests lie in wood turning, scroll sawing, and he enjoys teaching adults and young adults(women and men) the art of woodworking. Joe gears his classes for fun, safe woodworking experiences designed to teach the beginner the fundamentals. He also refreshes the memory of those with the experience who've been away from the hobby for awhile.
John Wyman
John is our resident stain expert and very knowledgeable of glues and their holding power. He holds a Doctorate in Toxicology, which means that John has a great understanding of chemistry and how it works for and against you in the workshop.
John's woodworking skills include cabinet making, finishing, and he's an avid Shaker box enthusiast.
Allen & Mary Ann Ryan
Allen is an avid woodworker. His favorite things to do are crafting handcut dovetails and building all sorts of projects out of exotic woods. He's also built the Kayak that is on display in the store. In addition to teaching handcut dovetail classes, Allen does many of the in-store demos on Saturdays. Allen's wife, Mary Ann, is the resident non-woodworker here. She spends much of her store time in the back office. She enjoys working the sales floor and socializing with customers, but she's quick to admit that she's not a woodworker. . .