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Woodcraft of Woodcraft of Cincinnati


Woodcraft of Cincinnati

11711 Princeton Pike
Suite 271
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Call Us: 513-407-8371
Fax Us: 513-407-8606
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Bob Biggs
Early in Bob’s career, he gained experience and learned how to use various woodworking tools while working as a model maker at a local process engineering company. Soon after getting married, some 42 years ago and entering home ownership, mastering home remodeling went to the top of the priority list. But it wasn’t until several years prior to retirement that his interest in doing fine woodworking took off. Bob is a retired construction manager/planner of 30+ years with a background in industrial piping design. Since his retirement over 5 years ago, he now has more time to pursue his love of woodworking along with setting up a woodworking shop in his home. Bob is a talented and detail oriented woodworker. His current list of projects includes building approximately 20 custom kitchen cabinets and other pieces of furniture for his home. The kitchen cabinets have been put on hold several times while he built some custom furniture for his grandchildren. But the kitchen will eventually be completed. His next challenge is too master wood turning.
Anthony Leone
Anthony joined the Woodcraft family in August of 2010. He brings with him 30+ years of woodworking experience. He is an avid turner, and an accomplished furniture and cabinet maker. In addition to seeing some of his work in our store, you can also see some of Anthony’s work on the ABC show Extreme Makeover Home Edition where he is a guest carpenter. Anthony got his start in woodworking at a young age helping in his father’s shop. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, fishing, and is an avid hunter.
Tim Sexton
Tim started woodworking back as early as 1965, when he took his first wood-shop class in high school making a chair and turning his first bowl. To this day, he still has that first bowl. His dad was a finished carpenter along with all of his uncles. He remembers laying hard wood floors with his dad and uncle back as far as 1962 when his dad was building homes. After starting to work at Woodcraft he became fascinated by Pen turning. His motto is "there are so many to make just not enough time to make them" . Closed-end pens will be his next adventure as well as making puzzle boxes in his spare time. What spare time?
Gary Berling
Gary has been woodworking since taking a wood shop class in junior high school. Soon after graduating from college, he made all of the furniture in his first apartment. He started at Woodcraft teaching "intarsia," the art of making wall mosaics out of wood that resemble puzzles with many different types of wood. With a background in instructional design, he designed and taught the Woodworking 101 class, plus many other classes at the store.
John Godfrey
John found an interest in woodworking at a young age, and has become an accomplished woodworker over the past 30 years. He has his own woodworking shop at his home where he enjoys taking on many projects, with a special interest in outdoor furniture. Almost every piece John creates he gives away to his children and grandchildren. John has been retired for the past five years and this has given him more time to explore his love of woodworking. John is a retired Millwright of 30+ years. He is a talented, knowledgeable and detail-oriented woodworker. John's upcoming projects include new cabinets for his shop, and a few pieces of furniture for his home. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, studying the Civil War, playing and listening to country/bluegrass music, and spending time with his family.