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Woodcraft of Woodcraft of Richmond


Woodcraft of Richmond

9862 West Broad Street
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Call Us: 804-355-3945
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Welcome to the premier woodworking store in the
 Greater Richmond area!

We are the ONLY store dedicated to the woodworking hobbyist and contractor in the area with over 7,500 products to choose from. Our two classrooms are fully equipped for teaching a wide variety of woodworking classes as well as hosting club meetings and vendor training sessions. Take a look at some of the many areas of the store:


Where would a Woodcraft store be without wood? We generally have over 3,000 board feet of domestic and exotic hardwoods - all kiln dried; hundreds of turning blocks and billets, cherry/walnut/oak/birch dowels, flitch and rolled veneers, Baltic and Finnish birch plywood panels, selected exotic slabs and much more. Need a strange wood identified? Bring in a sample.


Finishing can make or break a project and we know it! We have wide selection of finishing products to choose from including stains, dyes, shellacs, lacquers, Polys, solvents, milk paint, Tung/Walnut/Danish oils, waxes and more. Also included are colored felt, flocking and general finishing supplies. Bring in a sample board and we can test colors for you. Want to know more? Take one of our finishing classes.

Finishing Products have Significantly Expanded:

We have significantly expanded our finishing products by adding the Mohawk brand. This will increase color availability and introduce greater repair flexibility. Some of the unique additions include:

Blendal Sticks: Used to add or alter color when repairing or toughing up wood. You can easily blend the colors to accomplish a perfect match. We have all 36 colors.

Fil-Stick Putty Sticks: Without heat or special tools, fill in nicks and scratches or open corner joints. These can be protected with finishes. We have all 62 colors.

Ultra Fine Grainer Markers: A special pen providing the ability to replace grain over repair spots.

Tone Finish Toners: Finely ground, non-fading pigment touch-up sprays. We have all 39 colors.



(Left) Need a router bit? We carry Freud, Whiteside and the Woodcraft brand. A full line of profiles are readily available and if we don’t have it, we can get it quickly.

(Right) A full line of carving chisels, palm and straight gouges, whittling knives, scorps, draw knives and all the safety equipment are available. Woodcraft is the only company in the USA carrying the Swiss handmade Pfeil brand!



(Left) We are the largest Festool dealer in the area! With demonstration tools!

(Right) Need a power tool? Jointers, planers,  lathes, table/scroll/band saws, drill presses, mortisers, routers and tables, sanders, etc – we have them all!

And there is more: power tool accessories, jig fixtures, all the hand tools, woodboring (need Kreg screws, forstner bits, drills etc?), sanding, measuring devices, clamps (numerous types and sizes). Come on in and check us out.

Sharpening service: Need something sharpened? What about table saw blades, jointer/planer knives, router bits, plane irons, turning tools, forstner bits, carving knives, etc? If it needs sharpening, we can do it!

Want to learn more about woodworking? Take a class! We have two classrooms dedicated to teaching woodworkers. Most classes are limited to six students allowing ample time for one-on-one attention. Unless otherwise stated, classes are inclusive of materials. Line your shops and impress your friends with the Completion Certificates awarded after each class.

TEACHERS/DEMONSTRATORS WANTED: If you have a desire to share your woodworking knowledge and experience with others and would like to join the teaching staff at Richmond Woodcraft, please contact us.



Club Meetings

We are proud to host four great clubs as they meet at the store each month to share ideas, techniques, live demonstrations, guest speakers and completed projects. All are open to the public and they invite you to visit them any time. Be a guest at one of their monthly meetings and check them out!

Richmond Pen Turners – Every second Thursday (odd months only) @ 7pm

Richmond Woodturners – Every third Thursday @ 6:30pm

River City Scrollers – Every fourth Thursday @ 7pm

James River Carvers – Every first Thursday @ 7pm AND every Thursday @ 1pm


If you are in a woodworking club meeting in the Greater Richmond area, let us know and we will post your club information.


Have you signed up for the monthly newsletter? This announces sales, activities, promotions, demonstrations, important events, classes and more for the month. Give us a call (804-355-3945) or send us an email ( requesting to be signed up. It doesn’t cost anything!


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Support your favorite woodworker's next project with a gift card - any amount desired - applies to classes, too. And when in the store, look at the house of cards we are constructing from redeemed gift cards.


Remember – you are always welcome at the Richmond Woodcraft store!! We have great conversation, wonderful displays including a wide variety of antique tools and the coffee is always hot. See you soon!  


Ed and Kelli Sontag - owners, and the entire Woodcraft staff.