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Woodworking Videos

    The ENLOCK system creates fast, simple rock solid joinery for a multitude of woodworking projects. View Video
    The Excalibur 21" variable speed scroll saw's unique design provides a stable platform when cutting straight or on an angle. View Video
    This video demonstrates turning with a skewchigouge; a turning tool that can be used as a skew, a chisel or a gouge. View Video
    Quality, performance and precision, everything you expect from Whiteside router bits, in a rabbeting bit set! You'll easily take on the challenges of drawer fronts, tenons, box lids, and rabbets with these versatile tools. View Video
    Designed with the woodworker in mind, the PM2000 Drill Press offers many convenient features not found on other, so-called woodworking drill presses. View Video
    This video demonstrates the advantages of using INCRA Miter Gauges. View Video
    Hanging or moving pictures and mirrors is not a task anyone relishes. It takes a small box to hold all the tools you need for the job. Straight edge, laser lever, measuring tape, pencil, stud finder and a screw driver or seems like a lot of tools. Hangman® changes all that! View Video
    With the Pinnacle Premium Positioner Fence System on your router table even the novice woodworker can produce joinery which surpasses that made on even the most expensive dovetail jigs - for a fraction of the cost! View Video
    Made of soft 8 oz. cotton twill for comfort and durability. Featuring "more pockets than a herd of kangaroos" so your tools and gear are always close at hand. . View Video
    Get quick, accurate measurements of existing angles like mitered trim work, crown molding, roof slopes, and wall corners. The Wixey Digital Protractor measures the true angle of inside and outside wall corners for tight fitting crown molding, base, or chair rail miter joints. View Video
    Whether you are a professional production turner or a hobbyist with limited shop time, these cryogenically treated tools stay sharp two to three times longer than standard M-2 High Speed Steel tools so you are turning more and sharpening less! View Video
    This video shows the ease and quality of MIXOL Universal Tints. View Video
    Carve, cut, shape and sand with one tool! Now carvers who are working on a smaller scale can enjoy the rapid, yet controlled, stock removal that large scale carvers have enjoyed for years with Lancelot wood carving discs. View Video
    This waterborne acrylic finish boasts easy cleanup, minimal odor and uses self-crosslinking technology to yield optimal chemical resistance. View Video
    The most complete edition of the finest wet stone sharpening system available: The T-7. View Video
    Danny Lipford talks about the Fein Multimaster, a must-have for every homeowner. View Video
    This video demonstrates the Work Sharp 3000. View Video
    If you've ever felt like you needed three hands when changing blades or if you forget to relieve the tension on your blade when you're done cutting, then you need the Quick Release! View Video
    This video demos the Carter guide kits for most saws on the market new or old. It is shown on a Powermatic 14". These kits upgrade old, worn or ineffective guides to state of the art sealed roller bearing guides, allowing more accurate sawing, with less guide friction. This style guide can be retrofit to almost any 14" or larger saw ever made. View Video
    Incra’s Model 1000 was designed for the woodworker who requires extreme accuracy, but rarely cuts more than a few different angles. View Video
    Veteran woodworker Charles Neil demonstrates the correct way to sharpen your chisels. View Video
    Model 9-77-25 is as quiet as an upright with an unsurpassed amount of power. This 14.5 gallon wet/dry vacuum produces an impressive 126 CFM of airflow and 99 inches of static water lift. View Video
    This table system has a variety of uses including being designed specifically to fit in the recessed area of a Festool Multi-Function Table (MFT), replacing the Perforated MDF Plate. View Video
    For anyone who has to make more than a single turned object, duplicators are almost essential to a good job—most tables, for example, look more professionally done when all the legs match. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates SNAPPY Quick Change Hinge Bits View Video
    Feature a single cutting edge for fast stock removal and chatter-free drilling. This uniquely designed cutting edge shears through wood fibers rather than tearing away at them like traditional countersinks. View Video
    Picture frames, hexagon, circular and just about any other shape, can be securely held with this clamp. View Video
    Here's something unique - an economical chisel set that's well designed, well made and perfectly suited to everyday use in any cabinet shop. View Video
    High quality carbon steel cutters feature 4 or 5 (depending on size) cutting spurs to quickly remove stock. View Video
    Innovative tapes with features not found anywhere else have made these easy-to-read tape measures the favorite of cabinetmakers and carpenters alike. View Video
    Leaving only the tiniest of entry holes, the Grex's industrial strength 23 gauge headless pinner is ideally suited for finishing work and detailed woodworking and is perfect for light wood assembly, molding and decorative trim, dowel and joint pinning, mirror and picture frame assembly. View Video
    Whether you're routing a simple dado, putting the finishing touch on a countertop, or building an entire set of raised panel doors from scratch, the Kreg Precision Router Table – through a series of innovative new features – helps woodworkers of all levels finish projects faster, easier, and with greater precision than ever before. View Video
    The latest in innovative pocket hole jigs. Leave it to Kreg to take the best and make it better! The K3 is the most feature-packed pocket hole tool on the market, from the leader in pocket hole technology. View Video
    The newest evolution of the classic Nova Chuck is finally available - the SuperNova2! Its nickel plated body is made from high grade K1045 steel machined to allow closer tolerances. Its patented gearing system delivers incredible gripping power and is over a third faster than the original SuperNova. View Video
    You can have the option of a remote control with Jet's most popular dust collector! The ultimate in efficiency, this allows you to operate the dust collector from anywhere in the shop. A built-in timer will also let you automatically shut the unit off after 1 to 99 minutes of use. View Video
    The Delta Unisaw as you never saw it before. Coming soon from Woodcraft. Pre-orders available through Type in Delta Unisaw for more info. First shipments anticipated in April. View Video
    An instructional video about the new Delta Unisaw. View Video
    An instructional video about the new Delta Unisaw. Continued from Part 1. View Video
    An instructional video about the new Delta Unisaw. Continued from Part 2. View Video
    Tormek Water Cooled Sharpening System demonstrated by Jeff Farris, and available from Woodcraft stores, by catalog or on-line. View Video
    George Vondriska provides tips on how to use a laser sight on your drill press. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the Carter Mag Fence. This fence holds in place with magnetic strength! View Video
    Charles Neil shares some of his knowledge about finishing spray guns using the economical WoodRiver brand. View Video
    Charles Neil describes the usefulness of story sticks for accurate measurements when duplicating cuts and procedures using the quality Pinnacle Story Stick to demonstrate the advantages of this template-tool. View Video
    Pinnacle White Arkansas Combo Stones and Spyderco Bench Stones are used in this Charles Neil demonstration and discussion of some excellent sharpening techniques and tips! View Video
    Charles Neil's introduction to the WoodRiver plane collection of fine quality hand planes for the discriminating woodworker at a great value. Available only at Woodcraft. View Video
    Charles Neil begins a series on the fine quality WoodRiver planes with this look at the #6. Check out the whole series! View Video
    Charles Neil with the #5 WoodRiver Plane, part of a series on the fine quality WoodRiver planes. The #5 is great when you mean business with wood removal. Check this out. View Video
    Charles Neil with more in the series on WoodRiver Planes. The #4 Plane. View Video
    Versatile and essential woodworking shop hand tool! Charles Neil demonstrates the WoodRiver™ block plane. A top quality hand tool you expect from Woodcraft! View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates this slipstrop that is made with carvers in mind for final polishing on your carving tools. View Video
    Charles Neil looks at a Pinnacle angle gauge, a handy tool for measuring and checking the angle of tool bevels. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrated the LaserKerf II for locating precision cuts with a radial arm saw. A great tool for cutting in the right place the first time. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the Milescraft Hinge Mortise Kit for making short order out of the task of mortising door hinges. A jig you will appreciate! View Video
    Charles Neil shows how to quickly and easily make clean door latch mortises using the Milescraft kit. View Video
    Charles Neil demos the Beall Spindle Tap for quick and easy mounting of your wood piece on the lathe. Check this out! View Video
    Pick up just about any object you can lift with a smooth non-porous surface with this handle on demand. Charles Neil demonstrates this great helper when you need a handle and just don't have anything to hold onto! View Video
    This is a solution you will welcome! Charles Neil shows the Fastcap ProHold Wrist Band... you're going to need one! View Video
    Charles Neil on square drive HighPoint Screws. View Video
    Festool T12 + 3 & T15 + 3 Cordless Drill Driver Sets View Video
    New! Festool T+3 Cordless Drills View Video
    Festool's EHL65 Planer View Video
    Arbortech Power Chisel View Video
    Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver View Video
    Arbortech Mini Grinder Woodworking Kit View Video
    Why Choose A Kreg Jig? View Video
    WOODCRAFT Leather Bench Strops View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates this handy marking utensil that is useful for a multitude of different woodworking applications. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the Wixey remote digital readout for routers. Now this makes height adjustments a breeze and easy to install too! #149571 at, catalog or stores. View Video
    No more rusty tool surprises! Charles Neil discusses Zerust, now available to home woodshops and workshops to prevent rust from decaying your tools. View Video
    These huge (18" x 24") sheets of graphite paper not only make transferring patterns easier because of their size, they almost eliminate the mess you get when using carbon paper sheets to do the transfers. View Video
    Setting angles was never this elegant or accurate. This machined stainless steel protractor features an 11-1/2" long bar with 2-7/8" diameter dial with markings in minutes and degrees and a magnifying screen to increase ease of use and accuracy. The easy rotating dial fits on bar quickly and goes right to work and the locking and micro adjusting knobs are knurled for ease of use. This is ideal for machine and jig set-up where accuracy is essential. Comes with a foam lined, molded plastic case. View Video
    It's now easy to achieve perfect pre-set stops or set your saw for any angle in between with the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the AccuScribe Pro #147402 View Video
    Charles Neil shows the uses of scrapers and burnishers and provides some tips for getting the most of these fine hand tools. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates using your router and bits to make household decorative additions such as crown moldings, chair rails, etc., that can save from buying prefab! View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the JET combination planer-jointer in part 1, dealing primarily with the jointer operation. Part 2 shows the planer portion of the new combo unit. View Video
    Learn hand tool sharpening (specifically hand plane blades) from a master woodworking instructor, Rob Cosman. View Video
    In this short video professional woodworker Alex Snodgrass demonstrates the new Carter Magfence, magnetic fence accessory. This fence can be used on any piece of equipment that has a ferrous metal table (Steel, Iron, etc) from band saws, to drill presses, to router tables and more. Basically any place you need material guidance that has a ferrous metal table, you can use the Magfence. There are no mounts to install or remove, so the unit can move from piece to piece as quickly as you can carry and place it. View Video
    In this video professional woodworker Alex Snodgrass demonstrates the Carter AccuRight™ Ratchet Rod™ Bandsaw Tennsion upgrade device for 14 bandsaws. The Ratchet Rod™ kit replaces the original threaded rod and nut of the bandsaw with an ACME-threaded rod and nut, for easy rotation, and includes a contoured ratcheting knob for quick and comfortable rotation. Inside the knob is a ratchet mechanism with a tiny flip lever that reverses the drive direction just like a socket wrench. View Video
    Scott Phillips talks with Joerg, Product Manager for DeWalt about the track saw. View Video
    Scott Phillips interviews Steve Bernstein of Wood Technology with a flat panel television lift (up to 50 inch screens), and the Versa Lift for smaller applications. View Video
    Remove wood quickly with this powerful tool! View Video
    Long-lasting, aggressive burrs for power carving. View Video
    New Sanding tool. View Video
    Interchangeable blades make this scraper set a versatile "must-have" tool for serious woodworkers! View Video
    Charles Neil on the Pfeil Scorp. View Video
    Charles Neil shows the Foredom Power Carver set. View Video
    Clamp when other clamps just won't work. This stuff is great! View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates these new feather boards. Attach easily to any metal surface. Work Safely! View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the Wecheer Flexible Shaft Power Carver. View Video
    Surgical tubing as a clamp? Check it out with Charles Neil. View Video
    Charles Neil demos the FastCap color glue kit. Works as a filler. View Video
    Diamond Carving burr sets are demonstrated by Charles Neil View Video
    Great for power carving, Charles Neil demos the Kutzall Tungsten Carbide Burrs for wood carving View Video
    Charles provides some insight into cabinet hinges that is sure to help with your cabinet doors and hanging decisions. View Video
    Continued from Cabinet Hinges with Charles Neil. Focuses on European hinge installation. View Video
    Charles Neil explains cabinet drawer slide installations. Part 1 of 2 parts. View Video
    Finish up on the continuation from Part 1 with Charles Neil on drawer slides and drawer front attachment. View Video
    Timbermate wood filler is demonstrated and explained. Holds stains beautifuilly. View Video
    Save time and extra work with this great quick-change adapter for your drill. View Video
    Kreg has a dual switch for the router table to operate the router and a dust collector or light individually. Also, a fence stop is demonstrated by Tom Phillips of Kreg. View Video
    State of the art technology that has 71% fewer wear components for 5 to 10 times longer motor life. View Video
    The handle shape and short blade length of these unique carving tools make them the perfect gap fillers between conventional palm handled and full sized carving tools. View Video
    Outstanding router lift. Most solid carriage on the market. Easy and quick adjustable height. View Video
    The first alignment tool that automatically adjusts to the width of the miter slot through the use of three precision ground steel pins. Make sure your blade alignment isn't off. The saw blade and ... View Video
    Here's help when you need an extra hand or "leg up" to move and load full sheets of plywood or material. View Video
    Great portable drum sander for your woodworking projects and it's made in the USA. View Video
    Countersinks do not get much easier! View Video
    Conveniently transform your round drill bits to work in hex collets. View Video
    Tapered plugs cut with the Snappy plug cutters should provide you with a snug professional plug fit. View Video
    Charles Neil discusses the Behlen line of Solar Lux stains and dyes. View Video
    Bring the accuracy of a panel saw to any site with a Festool saw and guide rail system. View Video
    Check out the Festool Plunge Router! Available at Woodcraft. View Video
    You don't have to ruin good tools by sawing into nails, staples, screws, or other metals. Use the Lumber Wizrad to check your wood for foreign metals before you cut. View Video
    2 lock nuts and 8 guides in a durable molded case. View Video
    Cutting tenons Woodcraft Item #144755 View Video
    This unit is not only pre-drilled for more than ten router models, it also includes a cleverly designed centering pin that centers the guide to the router collet. Complete with screws and installat... View Video
    Perfect tool for applying heat activated pre-glued edge banding to veneer ply case pieces. View Video
    Take your resawing to another level with the Kreg Band saw fence. Kreg designs ways to improve your woodworking with tools that last! Charles Neil demonstrates resawing and shows the Kreg fence sy... View Video
    Protect your tools and keep them safe from getting banged around with a Tool Roll from Woodcraft View Video
    Professional quality adhesive for use in veneering and general assembly where a rigid bond is required and a long cure time is desired. View Video
    All natural wood veneer. Pre-sanded and ready to finish. Book matched with precision matched spliced lines. 10 mil paper backing. Consistent color. Flexible and easy to apply. View Video
    Jet has added arbor locks and 24 position indexing to their basic reliable lathe. View Video
    This new improved drill press mounted mortising attachment is designed for easier set-up and accuracy to meet the needs of the serious woodworker. View Video
    Change blades safely on your table saw and always use a push stick when operating the table saw. Milescraft has an enhanced push stick with integral magnets and on-board depth gauge. View Video
    Protect and organize your router bit investment! View Video
    Organize your clamps to find and use them easily and conveniently. View Video
    Routing curved workpieces on the router table can be a difficult task given the interference with the fence while making inside cuts. A starting pin can help you gain control but does not offer pro... View Video
    Thanks to the triangular design of this miter gauge, it offers you the most accurate and stable platform when cutting miters on your tablesaw. Unlike most other miter gauges, the work piece is soli... View Video
    Clamp Guides combine a rigid guide rail with an internal clamp eliminating the need for c-clamps or hold-downs. Use any of the clamp guides with your circular saw to cut sheet goods to a manageable... View Video
    System is comprised of a dual venture vacuum generator which requires only 2.5 CFM between 55 and 65 PSI •The vacuum generator has a built in pressure regulator and vacuum gauge •The vacuum adapte... View Video
    Model JJ-6CS This 6-inch woodworking jointer features a three-knife cutterhead that allows rapid cutting and a superior finish. View Video
    60 watt halogen lamp built into the body, providing direct light on blade and workpiece while cutting •Chip blower ensures a clean, visible cut line •Extra-large, 2-piece cast iron table consists ... View Video
    From Taunton Videos - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. Through his books and magazine articles, and in seminars across the country, Mark Duginske has helped thousands of bandsaw owners tweak the... View Video
    From Taunton DVD - A "Fine woodworking" DVD Workshop. Mark Duginske offers a master's insights into machine woodworking and some honest shortcuts that will help you in your own journey toward woodworking View Video
    From Taunton DVD - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. There's no end to the splendid variety of useful objects you can turn once you see Richard Raffan at his lathe. In this woodturning video, you... View Video
    From Taunton DVD - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. Learn woodturning by looking over the shoulder of a master turner, Richard Raffan, as he demonstrates the moves that are so important to skillful... View Video
    From Taunton DVD - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. Routers can be used to cut a wide variety of joints quickly and accurately. In this woodworking video, professional woodworker Gary Rogowski de... View Video
    From Taunton DVD - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. In this woodworking DVD, finishing expert Michael Dresdner shows you what you need to know to become a proficient wood finisher, starting with ... View Video
    Create a custom travel mug using your favorite wood or mixed media to produce a one-of-a-kind dramatic effect. Finished mugs make great gifts and are guaranteed to generate conversation around the ... View Video
    Charles Neil explains the different uses of three common drilling bits. It's always best to use the right tool for the job. View Video
    Automach Power Carving Unit. Item # 09G41 from Woodcraft. Rugged and reliable. Aluminum die-cast body is light and vibration free. View Video
    Repair broken bandsaw blades or fabricate new ones! Brazing fixture accepts steel or bi-metal blade stock from 1/16" up to 1-1/4" wide. The jig is easy to use, even without a vise, with only a 180°... View Video
    From Taunton DVD - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. Del Stubbs shows you how to turn beautiful bowls and plates. You can start with dry lumber or with green wood you cut yourself. The camera zoom... View Video
    Give your next small project a spectacular finish quickly and easily with this set of three 8" diameter buffs, compounds, and a quick-change adapter. Whether you're polishing an oil finish on a box... View Video
    Make tight radius, complex curves that no traditional guide system can achieve. This patented Band Saw Blade Stabilizer™ from Carter is unique. Instead of being designed to hold the blade with immo... View Video
    Easy to control and quick cutting, our spoon plane quickly and easily makes hollow or dished-out cuts. Perfect for spoons and bowls it can also be used to smooth the surface of large carvings. •Ma... View Video
    Revolutionary compact and powerful CNC woodcarving machine measuring only 15" x 18" x 26"! The rising head and feed-through configuration accepts work pieces 14-1/2" wide, 5" high, and with proper... View Video
    Abranet® by Mirka is a revolutionary new sanding material for dust-free sanding. This unique patented material contains thousands of small holes, making it possible to effectively vacuum away dust .. View Video
    Whether you're a beginner or a professional you'll enjoy the humor and experience that Charles brings to a variety of topics. Charles' DVD's present tough woodworking information and techniques in ... View Video
    Who says that intricate woodcarving requires an artist¹s touch? Thanks to the patented 3D Router Carver System, anyone with a 1/2" collet plunge router can create any of the beautiful designs in ju... View Video
    Cole Jaw Set. These versatile jaws of sturdy 3/8" thick cast aluminum with a 10" diameter have the same basic configuration as the smaller 25mm and 50mm units and can expand into a 95-117mm (3-3/4"... View Video
    Make sanding small curves, tight spots and detailed areas easy! Just wrap sandpaper around a flexible pad and smooth rough or damaged curves quickly. Set includes contoured pads in 1/4", 1/2", 3/8"... View Video
    Cool Blocks will save your expensive blades from overheating. Made from a specially formulated graphite impregnated phenolic laminate, Cool Blocks are self-lubricating, enabling them to withstand t... View Video
    With a maximum distance between centers of 16-1/2" you can turn objects as long as a chair leg or as short as a thimble. With the bed extension attached, you can turn bed posts, stair spindles, bas... View Video
    The patented automatic self-centering action of these jigs assures accurate center drilling every time, even on round objects. Large steel clamping screw tightens the tool like a vise, with rugged ... View Video
    Among other products discussed is diamond whetstone kit, a pocket-sized (1" x 2-3/4"), these coarse, fine, and extra fine diamond stones will sharpen and hone knives, router bits, axe heads, even ... View Video
    This video demonstrates The Domino Joining System From FESTOOL which is coming soon to View Video
    The Fein vacuums / dust extractors are designed for heavy, continuous, industrial use, wet or dry. The improved, rugged anti-tipping design features a powerful two-stage motor that offers bypass co... View Video
    The very compact, remarkably light C12 offers all the power, control, torque, and features you need for demanding jobs. It's the lightest 12v on the market and the first cordless drill with a brush... View Video
    The New and improved MFT is taller and is 15% lighter than the previous model (MFT 1080). The MFT provides a strong, sturdy, portable worktable whose guide rail, dual position fence, swivel unit, ... View Video
    Easily and accurately drives the 4 most popular types of fasteners for securing framed art. This unique swivel foot design drives single inserts including rigid points, flexible points, brad nails,... View Video
    Get more out your biscuit joiner with the Lamello Fixo self-clamping biscuit. •Use any biscuit joiner with excellent results •Connects and clamps with one strike •Curved ridges in Fixo biscuit pull... View Video
    Designed for perfect, chip-free cuts on melamine and plywood, the Duraline Hi-A/T virtually eliminates the need for a scoring saw. The 40° points slice through thin bottom layers with no tears or c... View Video
    Arm-R-Seal topcoats are made with only the highest quality urethane resin, making them extremely durable and long lasting. They are formulated to be "wiped on" with a cloth or applied with a foam b... View Video
    Scott Philliips talks with General Finishes about the types of wipe-on products available. View Video
    The Advanced GRR-Ripper® System This item has Shipping restrictions. Please click the product to view more information. #820434 The Advanced GRR-Ripper® System Model GR200 Price: $74.99 Qty... View Video
    Tired of tough bowl blanks that quickly dull your edges? Have you hesitated to start on a burl because you know what the dirt in it will do to your tools? The Hunter Hollowing Tools, with their uni... View Video
    Extra Torque (XT) means just that! Commonly available screws will actually break around 25-30 inch/lbs. While that may be fine for drywall or other light duty applications, woodworking demands some... View Video
    The HiPURformer™ Advanced Bonding System combines the highest quality polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives with the most effective, cost-efficient application system. For many applications, the... View Video
    Charles Neil talks about these bench top necessities. View Video
    Extend your Saw Table a full 4 feet beyond the blade with an HTC Outfeed Roller. Few operations are more difficult than wrestling a giant sheet of plywood or particleboard through a table saw. Thes... View Video
    If you own a miter gauge any miter gauge you can turn it into a performance boosting miter sled in just a few seconds by simply docking it in place on top of this unique sled. This sled is a slid... View Video
    Add a distinctive touch to any project, from boxes and turnings to antique restoration. Installation is easy, route a groove to the proper width and depth with a straight bit and glue the banding i... View Video
    From Taunton DVDs - A "Fine Woodworking" DVD Workshop. In too many houses, the trimwork - door and window casings, baseboard and crown moldings - is an afterthought, rushed along by builders ready ... View Video
    How would you like to have your shop vac start up and shut down automatically every time you turn your sander on or off without having to buy an expensive new system? With the I-Socket Vacuum Autom... View Video
    JacPac Regulator Kit is completely portable. The JacPac is the industry's first CO2-powered system that hooks onto your belt and gives you all the power you need when you need it! •No compressor is... View Video
    This sliding compound miter saw combines the cutting capacity of a 12" miter saw in a smaller 10" miter saw design. The KS 120 is the first 10" miter saw with variable speed, enabling the user to m... View Video
    Wire burning can add a touch of detail to most any woodturning. Just hold the wire against the rotating work and let friction do the rest. •Made from high quality musical instrument wire •Each too... View Video
    Charles Neil explains the use of various knockdown hardware types so you can choose the right kind. View Video
    This solidly built, rugged unit will give you the ability to take on more advanced projects that the router table demands •16 x 24, 1" thick top constructed of an MDF core sandwiched between high-p... View Video
    Each durable interlocked lazy Susan unit glides smoothly on 1/4" ball bearings and maintains maximum stability, even under heavy loads. Use them for revolving shelves in kitchen cabinets, planters,... View Video
    Avoid the hassles of creative clamping while trying to secure jigs on a work table. Magswitch gives you flexibility to mount anywhere on a steel surface, such as your table saw, jointer, shaper, ba... View Video
    Get 40% more power and greater comfort with the "new" MultiMaster. Why scrape paint with a putty knife when you can use a powered scraper blade? Instead of sanding tight spaces with paper wrapped a... View Video
    Festool's most powerful router, the OF 2200 can easily plunge through 8/4 hard maple and make 1/2" grooves in a single pass. With this much power, you might think you are working with a portable sh... View Video
    Charles explains some differences in the variety of brushes available on the market today. View Video
    Save time and effort with these nifty, plastic pyramids. Now you can easily finish an entire project (top, bottom and sides) without waiting for the finish to dry. The pyramids are made from non-... View Video
    This "precision alignment system" replaces the manufacturer supplied rear trunion bolts in your saw allowing you to micro adjust your blade's alignment. Just put away your old hammer and 2 x 4 ad... View Video
    The unique design of this vise assures the jaws clamp firmly and quickly and remain both parallel to each other and square to your drill press table. The jaw design eliminates off center holes in y... View Video
    Accurately drill shelf pin holes for adjustable shelving in cabinets, bookshelves, and entertainment centers with the Pinnacle® Shelf Pin Jig. With the size of audio/video equipment changing at a ... View Video
    If you make end-grain cuts on the router table or table saw you need to be using a coping sled. The Pinnacle® Premium Coping Sled is a thoughtfully designed tool that will make rail cuts for doors ... View Video
    New to woodworking? Charles Neil explains some basics about planes. View Video
    New And Improved! The Port-A-Mate Miter Saw WorkCenter takes the concept of multi-functionality to the next level. This new and improved model features two-wheel portability for easier maneuvering,... View Video
    Charles Neil talks about powerstrops. Put a razor-sharp honed edge on all your carving or bench tools! For use with your power drill or chucked motors and polishing heads. •These laminated leather ... View Video
    While dovetails are the perfect accent on many projects, few large projects rarely fit the confines of traditional router dovetail jigs. That's why the Prazi ChestMate™ will be your dovetail jig of... View Video
    Puts precise 45° angles on miter cuts for perfect corners without gaps. Mitering is the most important process in picture frame making, and the Precision Sander is a must-have for perfect corners! ... View Video
    Measure and cut picture frame moulding to length with accurate, consistent miters for professional quality picture frames. The Pro Saw's special modifications include a specially calibrated scale, ... View Video
    Woodcraft Magazine's Classic™ Project Plans These plans are the "best of" the projects from Editors of Woodcraft Magazine. Each plan features step by step instructions with detail photographs, expl... View Video
    •EXCLUSIVE 30" ProShop fence system with T-square design •Integrated arbor lock allows for quick, safe and easy blade changes •Heavy-duty cast iron table with T-style miter slot provides large flat... View Video
    Charles Neil talks about eye protection and the various products made to do just that. You only have two eyes, and they are not replaceable. Always put safety first when woodworking! View Video
    With our R&R Clamping System Accessories, you can clamp more doors, panels, etc. at the time in less space. View Video
    Charles Neil engages the different uses of rasps and rifflers. View Video
    Half Mask Respirators. These respirators feature soft, comfortable, great fitting facepieces for superior comfort and protection, built-in exhalation valves, low profile replaceable cartridges for ... View Video
    Unlike rollers which operate only in a straight line, these 360º universal transfer bearings excel where shop materials are pushed and turned in all directions. Make up your own outfeed tables for ... View Video
    If you're looking for a quick, economical solution to add a workbench, tool stand, or base cabinet to your shop, the Rousseau WorkBench System offers 15 different footprints that are sure to fit yo... View Video
    Never be without just the right bit in the middle of a project again! This kit allows you to vary the depth of your rabbeting bits, or convert regular bits into top-bearing pattern or lettering bit... View Video
    The Router Buddy Universal Base Plate and Guide is the most versatile and unique addition you can add to your router. One base plate functions as a centering base, template guide holder, parallel... View Video
    A little talk about sandpaper grits to help you choose wisely. View Video
    Wood veneers can beautify your project. View Video
    You have got to keep your chisels sharp. Here's some how-to help from Charles Neil! View Video
    Most turning tool gouges are sharpened on a grinder either free hand or with the aid of a "crutch" which makes it easier but not easy. You twist and turn trying to maintain the angle, "capture" the... View Video
    Shellac is a traditional wood finish that is hard, durable, easy to apply and repair, non-yellowing and non-toxic. Shellac has been a preferred finish for high quality furniture because its fast dr... View Video
    Charles Neil Hosts.... SJÖBERGS has started a revolution in workbench design! SJÖBERGS of Sweden has been manufacturing top quality workbenches for over 80 years. They have recently redesigned thei... View Video
    Microsonic oscillation for a smooth-cutting, efficient multi-function tool •Versatile tool for cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding, shaping, polishing and removing grout •Works on wood, metal, fibe... View Video
    Charles Neil gives you a tour through dado cuts, their usefulness, and some tips! View Video
    3 HP 230V TEFC Dual Capacitor Motor •Built-in Riving Knife •Cabinet Mounted Trunion System •30" Industrial Fence and Table Board View Video
    Produce perfect joined corners with this all purpose picture framing joiner designed for light duty framing. Drives single v-nail, one at a time, into hard and soft woods. Economical and extremely ... View Video
    Add a beautiful shine to any project with these new buffing pads and your random orbit sander! Thousands of independent vertical fibers penetrate and push your polish deep into wood pores. These 5-... View Video
    A totally unique, quick drying, water based grain filler and wood putty that accepts stain beautifully or can be tinted. •Never goes bad •Easy to apply and clean up •No shrinking, cracking or falli... View Video
    Tired of using a tool rest that's too short, too soft and designed by an engineer that has no idea what it's like to even use a lathe? If you'd like to spend more time turning instead of tuning, th... View Video
    In this DVD Bill Grumbine takes you from a log to a bowl you will be proud to give or sell to anyone. Topics covered are wood selection, chain sawing, band sawing, sharpening, rough turning, final ... View Video
    This video presents some of the revolutionary new features of the DVR lathe. View Video
    This video presents some of the revolutionary new features of the DVR lathe. View Video
    Tom Phillips from Kreg explains the benefits of this quality precision router table fence. View Video
    Shape chair seats, free-form furniture, sculpture, log building joints and more. Specially made for use with portable angle grinders, these 4" steel discs feature patented SSG structured carbide te... View Video
    Be ready in the event the unexpected and unthinkable happens. It is better to be prepared! View Video
    Charles explains the various uses of these two types of router bits. Helpful info! View Video
    Pro Pac tool bags are renowned for their unique patented fixed-center panel design and durable construction. The layout and functionality of these bags is nothing short of brilliant. The vertically... View Video
    Internationally known turners and demonstrators Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen have been turning wood and teaching others for over 50 years. Woodturning Projects is a new series from Rex and Kip... View Video
    Charles Neil Hosts.... This simple, easy to build birdhouse kit provides a wonderful way to get any youngster involved in woodworking. It is designed for a wide range of age groups and does require... View Video
    The anti-kickback design of these industrial quality carbide router bits limits stock feed rate for safer router operation. A final 400 grit, wet grind on the K20 German carbide produces a clean, e... View Video
    Instructional DVD by Darryl Keil available at Woodcraft. Working with veneers can be a bit technical and rather involved; the process typically requires specialized knowledge for successful project... View Video
    Automatically activate your dust collection whenever you turn your tool on. View Video
    Charles Neil shows a few tips with a detail saw. View Video
    Charles Neil and guest Jeff Fleisher demonstrate the new Hock carving knife. View Video
    Thread wood with this classic woodworking tool from Woodcraft. View Video
    Charles demonstrates dovetail marking with these time-saving and accurate marking and measuring tools. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the convenience of the Wood River Collet set, a great addition to any woodturner's assortment of shop tools. View Video
    Charles Neil describes and demonstrates Whiteside Canoe Bits for making beads and flutes. Create moldings or any number of other uses with this versatile router bit set, View Video
    Scott Phillips, Host of The American Woodshop on PBS gives some tips on handheld routering. View Video
    Scott Phillips on the Dewalt Heavy Duty Tracksaw View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the Freud Fusion table saw blade on the SawStop table saw. View Video
    Charles Neil on Fret Saws. See the differences with coping saws, and how to use the fret saw in the dovetail operation. View Video
    High quality live centers feature double bearing construction and precise machining for minimum vibration and long life. View Video
    Charles Neil takes a minute to discuss this sliding bevel for any shop. View Video
    Charles Neil shows you how Bessey is taking spring clamps to the next level!! Bessey solves another problem. View Video
    Turn your lathe into a horizontal boring machine with this lathe drill chuck!!! Charles Neil demonstrates this accessory and shows how to make the most out of your lathe in this new application. Y... View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates and discusses the little miter box and saw, available from Woodcraft number 140347. View Video
    Using a sculptor's wetstone, Charles Neil demonstrates sharpening carving chisels. View Video
    Part 1. Charles Neil demonstrates how you can get professional finishes on your woodworking projects with Micromesh. View Video
    PART 2. The conclusion of Charles Neil on creating these professional finishes using Micromesh products View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the Crown dovetail saw. View Video
    Sorby Easibeaders are just what the name implies, the easiest way to produce a series of consistent and evenly spaced beads. Easibeaders work like conventional beading tools, but allow the turner t... View Video
    The Sorby Easybeader is used to create a honey dipper. View Video
    Excellent new clamp from the clamp masters at Bessey tools! This clamp has variable movement heads at both ends and more! View Video
    In a world where more and more tools are designed to be used and disposed of after one use, we've discovered a true gem Corona. This is still a small, family run business that's been making brushe... View Video
    Charles Neil discusses the various types of routers to help you decide which one is right for you! View Video
    Learn some things you might never have known or were embarrassed to ask about the right screw for the job. View Video
    Extend bar clamps from 6" to 48" capacity to a capacity of 65". Sliding clamp fixtures with integrated clutch engage along the two 36" rails. 36" rails slide parallel to each other to adjust clampi... View Video
    High strength, one part polyurethane adhesive. Requires no mixing or additives to harden. Open working time of 20 minutes. Cures in 4 - 6 hours at 70 degrees. View Video
    Lift your flat panel up from a cabinet and hide it away after your finished using this remote control lift from Wood Technologies. Available at Woodcraft for televisions or monitors up to 26 inch. View Video
    Create strong, accurate wood joints of virtually any configuration and size using this precision wood joinery system. View Video
    Darin Lawrence explains the nomenclature for Swiss Made carving tools to help with choosing the right tools to purchase and the right tool for the cut needed. View Video
    Build your own plane with a Hock Plane Kit! View Video
    Top quality range of Forstner bits. Made in Germany includes RotaStop shank locking system. View Video
    Kiln Dried Maple - Craig Jackson doing a Goblet Demo using the Ci2m Mini Rougher and the Ci3m Mini Finisher available from Easy Wood Tools. See our site at to purchase or for... View Video
    Rob Cosman, professional woodworker and instructor, presents his sharpening techniques ion DVD, This is only an exerpt. Get the DVD at #148472. View Video
    Multi-Tip Scrapers come complete with three replaceable cutters; two for hollowing, one for scraping. Of the two hollowing cutters, the one with the rounded end is designed for general roughing out... View Video
    This small shear scraper features a HSS blade that can be rotated to fit your work. Use the flat side as you would a standard scraper and the curved side for inside bowl work. Approximately 11" ove... View Video
    Part 1 of 2 on choosing a lathe that will meet your particular needs. View Video
    Part 2 of the series on choosing a lathe that will suit your needs. Be an educated shopper and know what to look for. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the ins and outs of HVLP finishing with the Earlex Spray Finishing System. This is part 1 of a multi-part program. View Video
    Charles Neil provides Part 2 of this instructional lesson on finishing with hvlp sprayers - particularly the Earlex available at Woodcraft. View Video
    Part 3 and the conclusion of the spray finishing training from Charles Neil on the Earlex hvlp sprayer. View Video
    Classic Joinery with Leigh Dovetail Joints. These templates are available at most Woodcraft locations. View Video
    Jet Wet Sharpening system. View Video
    Made for serious production, this Kreg electric pocket hole joinery unit will help speed you along in your projects. View Video
    If you're looking for the perfect accent to complete your project or want to update your cabinetry with new hardware, take a look at Lauréy Cabinet Hardware. •Lauréy offers the widest variety of fi... View Video
    Dovetail joints are a sign of high end furniture construction. Leigh makes fine quality tools worthy of your time in furniture making. Leigh makes it easy to be precise and repeatable. View Video
    Classic octagonal boxwood handles, the old favorite of discerning craftsmen. The unique "London pattern" of handle with turned finger contours, flat milled body, and graduated sizing , promotes a ... View Video
    The unique no flute design of these tools allows them to make beads and coves, plane, trim end grain and more! Easy to sharpen and easy to use, they offer an alternative to both beginners and experienced View Video
    From Robert Sorby, a complete bowl sanding system for your lathe. View Video
    If you need fast material removal plus smooth fine sanding, but only want to buy one tool, the Rotex is for you. View Video
    The Sorby Spiraling and Texturing Tool Part 1 View Video
    The Sorby Spiraling and Texturing Tool Part 2 View Video
    The Sorby Spiraling and Texturing Tool Part 3 View Video
    Protect your investment!!!! T-9 rust protection will help you do just that. You have too much at risk to not take these simple measures. View Video
    Trailer. This DVD from Kreg will help you solve some of your trim carpentry issues. Complete DVD available at most Woodcraft stores. View Video
    Preview only. Kip and Rex, professional turners, will show how to make pens from wood on the lathe. It's not only fun and rewarding, but also a great way to make gifts or make money selling your .... View Video
    Sorby quality turning tools explains the various uses and reasons for the different types of profiles. View Video
    Scott Phillips discusses and demonstrates the use of bandrollers for your bandsaw. View Video
    All about Hock Blades. Handmade and 17% thicker than standard blades, allowing closer throat opening settings, finer shavings, reduced chatter. High carbon steel hardened to Rc65. View Video
    Measure before cutting. You know the deal. Your measurements are the beginning of success or failure on a project. Get it right with precision instruments like this Incra rule. View Video
    This new tool from Pfeil Swiss Made provides a unique way to create your detail. It is a resurrection of a lost, or little known, antique carving tool. They feature dual convex and concave edges th... View Video
    Measure before cutting. You know the deal. Your measurements are the beginning of success or failure on a project. Get it right with precision instruments like this Incra T-rule. View Video
    Fine quality marking and measuring instruments from Incra are a great way to begin your quest for accurate measures. View Video
    For use on your table saw, these magnetic featherboards are easy to use and strong. (There is no audio on this demonstration.) View Video
    Magnetic vertical hold for use on the table saw. (No audio on this demo clip) View Video
    Awesome workbench for use in the field, on jobs or at home in the workshop. This high quality bench configures into a wide variety of shapes for accommodating many project applications. Available fro... View Video
    Precision setting of your table saw blade is helped with this unit. View Video
    Charles Neil on crank neck chisels. View Video
    •Exclusive SandSmart controlled conveyer belt with a feed rate from 0 to 10 feet per minute gives the ultimate sanded finish and prevents machine overload •Patented tracking system reduces need View Video
    Charles Neil gives a few tips on woodworking vises (not vices).... View Video
    0 View Video
    Charels Neil on the dual drive point driver. View Video
    If you use Empire Router Bit Lube (RBL), your router bits produce less friction and will cut all types of material cleaner and cooler. This specialty cooling lubricant penetrates and bonds to the m... View Video
    0 View Video
    Trim laminate, edge banding, or rout grooves easily View Video
    0 View Video
    0 View Video
    Quickly and easily create a wide variety of common and special purpose jigs and fixtures that you typically find hanging on the walls and rafters in just about any woodshop. View Video
    Charles investigates the Groz Duplex Rabbet Plane. View Video
    Charles on planes. View Video
    Leigh Super Dovetail Jigs And Accessories offer extraordinary joint making capability at exceptional price points. Super Jigs are available in 3 sizes (widths): 12", 18" and 24" to satisfy the need... View Video
    0 View Video
    This saw is great for cutting veneers when surfacing your plywood or other affordable materials for a fine finished look. Woodcraft Item #147415 View Video
    Charles Neil introduces the Logan Oval and Circle Mat Cutter. View Video
    Charles Neil on mat cutting for picture framers. This is the Logan Mat Cutter. View Video
    Great clamp for picture framers. Charles Neil gives a brief look at this specialty clamp. View Video
    Wood veneers can beautify your project. View Video
    Charles Neil on the WoodRiver 4 Jaw Chuck. Expand the versatility of your lathe and mount your work pieces quicker and easier with the self-centering 4-Jaw chuck. Wide range of movement, quick action View Video
    Charles Neil on the Radius Slick Plane. Soften board edges with one pass. The dual iron design makes a shallow first cut and a deeper second cut for a smooth and accurate edge. View Video
    Available in two sizes, both with flat bottoms for increased stability and control during your woodturning projects. View Video
    The KREG Klamping Table does for face frame joinery what the original Kreg Jig® did for drilling cabinet face frames. View Video
    Charles Neil discusses using the Milescraft Sign Pro and your router to make professional looking signs! From address identification in your yard to interior signs for your rec room,, you can do it... View Video
    Charles Neil gives a demo on cutting unruly veneers with a Whiteside downcut router it from Woodcraft - #127468 View Video
    The Pinnacle® Premium Router Quick-Lift combines instant elevation change with micro-adjustment to dramatically reduce the time it takes to change a router bit while allowing the user to dial in bi... View Video
    Make mortises easily with this amazing tool from JessEm. View Video
    No longer do you have to fight an array of clamps. View Video
    Ideal helper for picking up and moving full sheets of plywood, dry wall, etc. View Video
    Shellac is a traditional wood finish that is hard, durable, easy to apply and repair, non-yellowing and non-toxic. Shellac has been a preferred finish for high quality furniture because its fast dr... View Video
    A little of the basics on chip carving from Charles Neil. The book - The Complete Guide to Chip Carving is #837277 at or available at stores nationwide. View Video
    Matt Grisley and Scott Phillips on the Leigh Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig. View Video
    Table saw safety just got simpler and stronger with the MJ Splitter SteelPRO. There are no more excuses for not having a splitter on your table saw. The SteelPRO is affordable, easy to install, e... View Video
    Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop talks to Reto Odermatt, Master Woodcarver from Switzerland who demonstrates the Koch Sharpening System. See #411900 at for product details. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates the new Iwasaki Carving Files. One of the most exciting new woodworking products to come down the pike for handcrafted woodworkers. Removes wood aggressively and leaves a g... View Video
    Charles on the Ron Hock plane kit. Check for his item #150545. Make your own plane exactly to your liking. View Video
    Charles Neil demonstrates installation of a threaded cylinder cam lock. It's an easy solution when a simple lock is desired. Item #27H01 from or at Woodcraft stores. View Video
    Let your imagination run wild as you design and create custom turned handles for your own one of a kind ice cream scoop! Once you have turned and finished the handle assemble with epoxy, wait 24 ho... View Video
    Universal circle cutting jig attaches to most band saws to cut perfect circles every time. Attaches quickly and easily to the Carter MAGFENCE™ Includes universal attachment bracket for use withou... View Video
    Charles Neil on these 21db NRR muffs with a built in AM/FM stereo radio and MP3 Jack. Listen to your favorite tunes or ball game while you work in the shop or the yard. They even have a bass boost ... View Video
    HOCK TOOLS' Wooden Plane Kit (#KF150) has been redesigned to do away with the separate sole plate. The entire plane is now made from jarrah to make assembly very fast and easy. This video walks th... View Video
    A must have for the coffee lover in your life! The beautifully hand turned wooden handle of this scoop will be the perfect complement to your coffee jar. Each scoop is one tablespoon. This easy to ... View Video
    The kit contains the stainless steel shaker top and plastic plug. You supply the wood. Available at and at Woodcraft stores #126725. View Video
    These tempered stainless steel mechanisms are made in the USA and are the finest we can find. Part 1 of 2. Charles Neil shows how to make your own peppermill. Most grinder kits require a precisely ... View Video
    Design and create your own one of a kind nut cracker. This nut cracker will work with walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and many more. All you need is wood blanks 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" and a little imagination... View Video
    Be the envy of your garden party with your new custom crafted, stainless steel garden shovel and fork. The only limitations to these kits are your imagination. Kits contain (1) garden fork or shove... View Video
    WoodRiver®LED Dual Power Shop Light with Magnifying Glass The WoodRiver™ Dual Power Shop Light has a 4?, 3x magnifying glass lens, with 14 evenly spaced LEDs for lighting to see finest details. Use... View Video
    This system will allow you to place a tool guide for ripping, cross-cutting or routing at an acute angle on any size panel. 56? Guide Rail component features same heavy-duty aluminum extrusion use... View Video
    Fein MultiMaster Sanding Pad Kit with Charles Neil. A must have for the owners of the MultiMaster! The new 4- 1/2" diameter sanding pad from Fein is designed to maximize the 20,000 oscillations per... View Video
    Finishing generally requires walking around your project, applying finish to each section as you go, which can open the door for opportunities to spill, drip or splatter finish. As much as we hate ... View Video
    Charles Neil gives a helpful overview of the types of joinery options and their uses for woodworking. From mortise and tenon joints to biscuits, dowels, pocket holes, and more, you will have a bett... View Video
    PART 2 in the tutorial: Charles Neil continues to give a helpful overview of the types of joinery options and their uses for woodworking. From mortise and tenon joints to biscuits, dowels, pocket h... View Video
    Tormek Water Cooled Sharpening System demonstrated by Jeff Farris, and available from Woodcraft stores, by catalog or on-line. View Video
    Charles Neil offers a demonstration on this complete Forstner bit stop kit by WoodRiver™ . A must have for every shop. View Video
    Made in the USA. Whiteside router bits from Woodcraft. View Video
    Woodcraft is offering the new Kreg Deck Jig System that will help you make professional deck installations. Get an incredibly strong wood-to-wood bond with precisely placed self-tapping screws. And get rid of those sharp splintered spots where the screws normally penetrate the wood. Item #150881 View Video
    Charles gives an informative tutorial on the uses of many different types of waxes used in woodworking. View Video
    Charles Neil teaches about shellac finishes and how to solve various finishing problems. With over 30 years of woodworking experience and a particular expertise in finishing, you will not want to miss this tutorial! View Video
    Magswitch technology is revolutionizing woodworking, giving you unmatched ability to hold your work on any steel or cast-iron table. The innovative MagJig Universal Base System is a modular design that combines new and existing components to create unique jigs for holding workpieces for safer, more precise operations. Future Magswitch products will be designed around this versatile platform. View Video
    The Hand Plane is one of the most important tools in your shop but if it is not properly sharpened, it is useless. The Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is the perfect tool to help you develop the proper method of hand sharpening your plane blade. When you feel comfortable, you will be able to hand sharpen your plane blade like a professional. View Video
    Watch as Rob cuts a "Cabinet grade" thru dovetail in 3 min 40 seconds! View Video
    Following up on the success of his 3 ½ minute thru dovetail you can now watch Rob cut a ½ blind dovetail in under 7 minutes. View Video
    Rob describes the first of his hand saw offerings, the dovetail saw. After teaching thousands of folks to cut dovetails by hand, Rob has tailored a saw to address the most common problems. With the intent to enable woodworkers to assemble their dovetails straight from the saw this may very well be the missing link! View Video
    Rob Cosman shows how to use his dovetail marker to layout dovetails. For more info, visit View Video
    Rob Cosman shows how to use his drill jig for making woodhinge boxes. For more info, visit View Video
    Rob describes his second saw offering, the crosscut saw. This saw is ready out of the box to cut the cleanest shoulders you have ever seen on a tenon! Taking advantage of the thousands of teaching hours he has logged across three countries, Rob built a crosscut saw tailored to the hand tool woodworker. Check it out! View Video
    Charles Neil shows how the Hingemate can make door installation alot easier. Primarily, this jig is for professionals, but well worth the investment to save time on the job and make perfect hinge installations. Item 06Y01 at Woodcraft. View Video
    Turn a rule, like the quality Pinnacle rule of course, into a stop for precise measuring! View Video
    An updated look at the original odd jobs tool with Charles Neil. This tool has bunches of uses for woodworkers and is a welcomed addition to any shop! Item #147780 at Woodcraft. View Video
    Cleans up quickly - great for shop spills and alot more! See for yourself! View Video
    Keep your jointer and planer knives razor sharp and knick-free without ever removing them from the cutter head! Simply unplug your machine, lock the cutter head in position, align the 4" hone on the knife edge and with a few quick strokes you're back to cutting. View Video
    This demo is provided by Triton. You can get Triton routers at Woodcraft on line, by catalog, or at stores nationwide. #150289 is the 3 1/4 HP and #150288 is the 2 1/4 HP model. Accessories are also available. View Video
    Use the Incra HingeCrafter to make 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" hinges. That's right, you can use the HingeCrafter along with your Incra Positioner to make four different diameter hinges with Incra's famous incremental accuracy. View Video
    The LS25 Fence Positioner is the perfect upgrade for INCRA Router Systems using the earlier Ultra Positioners or an ideal foundation for a custom system. The mid-sized LS25 allows extra routing capacity on a large router table. When fitted with the proper sub base, it offers enough fence travel to be used with the INCRA TS Table Saw Rail systems (sold separately) in place of the larger LS32 or Ultra 32 positioners (sold separately). View Video
    These legs directly support the rails of the TS-LS, TS-III, and TS-II Systems, adding stability to the entire saw platform. The leg set is adjustable to allow the leg set to work with a huge variety of saws - basically any saw that has a top measuring 23" - 36" deep and a 33-3/4" to 37-1/2" height from the floor. The top brackets lock into two T-slots with four bolts at each rail for a quick, sturdy installation with or without an extension table or router table. The steel cross brace adds stiffness to the structure, and T-slots on the legs allow you to bridge them with a wooden panel or pegboard for storing spare blades, arbor wrenches, etc. View Video
    The world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table, drill press, or band saw, gets even more useful in this system which includes the leading split fence design, the Wonder Fence. Designed to meet the needs of the most serious woodworker yet easy enough for even a beginner to use, the Incra 17" LS Super System is the ultimate in precision fence systems for serious joinery and woodworking fans. View Video
    Need a little support for your new router table top? Incra's new Router Table Stand provides a rock solid base to build on. Constructed of hard anodized aluminum and "armor plated" powder coat heavy gauge steel for years of durable performance in your workshop. View Video
    The Incra TS-LS offers the one thing that every table saw fence should have, but none of them do: Automatic Positioning Control. All other table saws depend on a tape measure and your eyesight to position your work. That's why all table saw users are resigned to the fact that a good cut requires long set-up times and endless trial and error. View Video
    The world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table, drill press, or band saw. Designed to meet the needs of the most serious woodworker yet easy enough for even a beginner to use. The Incra LS Positioner has all of the precision and versatility Incra's known for, plus new features and design details that set it apart from anything else. View Video
    Great for cleaning the resin and "gunk" off your blades and tools. Made by Trend Router Technologies. View Video
    The Wonder Fence by Incra is a heavy-duty, one-fence solution designed for all your routing operations, shaping, edge-forming and precision joinery. View Video
    0 View Video
    Scott Phillips, Host of The American Woodshop on PBS, talks about finishing techniques using General finishes and the Earlex HVLP Sprayer. Get some great tips for your next project! View Video
    From SafetyGate, this safety tool could save you from any number of accidents. Check this out. View Video
    Fence adjustment system for table saw from Incra. This is the standard system. Available at Woodcraft. View Video
    These tempered stainless steel mechanisms are made in the USA and are the finest we can find. Most grinder kits require a precisely bored-through hole, but the unique mounting hardware of our kit allows slight inaccuracies in your turning. Easy to assemble and install, these mechanisms can be adjusted from extra coarse to an extra fine grind by turning the knurled top knob. Kit comes complete with instructions and includes a FREE salt shaker top and bottom plug. Wood not included. View Video
    Dan interviews GREX from the Woodcraft 2010 Vendor Trade Show in Columbus Ohio about their headless pin nailer products. View Video
    Quickly sand down your projects with this lightweight, smooth operating, powerful pneumatic random orbital sander (requires a compressor). Available from or at stores nationwide - item 838667. View Video
    You will love this Mirka product which has been specifically designed for fine sanding and pre-finishing steps on metal, wood, fiberglass, and painted surface. The three dimensional structure of this abrasive is made with cut fiber strands, coated with resin and abrasives. Each abrasive pad is only 1/8 thick for greater flexibility and ease of prepping those hard to reach places. View Video
    21db NRR muffs with a built in AM/FM stereo radio and MP3 Jack. Listen to your favorite tunes or ball game while you work in the shop or the yard. They even have a bass boost switch. Includes 2 AA batteries and MP3 cord. View Video
    Great for turning or any workshop woodworking activity. View Video
    A scraper and sharpener all in one. Easy to use with pre-set positioning for a producing a sharp edge. A must-have in any hand tool woodworkign shop. View Video
    Projects YOU can make! Learning Turning videos with Kip and Rex will show you how step by step to make any numbers of projects! Kip also makes a top so fast you will be amazed! View Video
    No matter how you hold them, these sanding blocks are comfortable in your hand. Set includes: Six 5" blocks of three different densities vary in firmness with soft, rounded edges virtually eliminate gouging. Every single curve and surface on each block has been designed for a purpose. The tapered edges allow you to sand up to and underneath hard-to-access areas. The Corner-N'-Cove block with its offset handle allows for a clear view of the surface being sanded. Designed to work with any adhesive backed sandpaper, we recommend a specially formulated adhesive, cloth-backed Super-Flex sandpaper. This super flexible J-weight sandpaper is extremely pliable (it's been pre-flexed) and will not tear or crack while being applied. It doesn't load up and lasts 5 times longer than ordinary sandpaper. View Video
    Expand the possibilities of your Fein Multimaster with the Fein sanding pad kit, with 4.5 inch diameter pads. View Video
    Turn your old or antique Stanley plane into a masterpiece hand plane with the new Pinnacle Chip Breaker blade manufactured by IBC. Available exclusively at Woodcraft. View Video
    The Carter conversion kit updates your saws performance through the use of all sealed ball bearing roller guides. This provides your saw with reduced blade friction, improved cutting accuracy, and is for adjustable blade widths. View Video
    Available at Woodcraft. View Video
    Make perfectly aligned dowel joints with this unit. Woodcraft 412425. View Video
    Scott inteviews Craig Bentzley on the Wood River Planes at the 2010 Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show in Columbus Ohio. View Video
    Easy Wood Tools are outstanding woodturning tools that stay sharp like you won't believe! Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop on Public Broadcasting talks with Craig Jackosn, inventor and owner of Easy Wood Tools. View Video
    0 View Video
    New product from Performance Abrasvies. Wavy edge allows for a better sanding experience. View Video
    Woodcraft offers a variety of professional chairmaker Scott Morrison plans and videos on chairmaking. View Video
    Designed for the bandsaw to cutting circles. Available from Woodcraft. View Video
    Scott uses a butterfly joint and Whiteside Router Bits in his chairmaking. View Video
    Tom Turgeon shows some of the coloring techniques for dying bamboo used for making bows. Tom will be visiting a number of Woodcraft stores around the country this summer and fall. Check with your local store to see if he is coming to your area. View Video
    Wonder which sander to buy? Charles gives an overview of the most popular power hand sanders in today's market. Make the right choice when you go to get your sander at Woodcraft. View Video
    Charles Neil discusses table saw blades. View Video
    Charles Neil talks about Spring Tools. Woodcraft #149492 Contains five of the most requested tools in one set: Center Punch 2/32" Nail Set; 2/32" Nail Starter Set; SC Brad Setter; SC Center Punch; and 5/16" Square Wood Chisel. View Video
    Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System allows for fast and easy speed changes while maximizing transmission efficiency with consistent belt tension and motor alignment. View Video
    Accurate, Repeatable pocket holes have never been easier than with Porter-Cable's Quik Jig Kit. Simply place the material in the jig, slide the guide mechanism into place, tighten down and drill! View Video
    Promo video for the DCS200 & DCS300 Video Borescope Systems from General Tools & Instruments. View Video
    Informational video on The DCS200 & DCS300 Video Borescope Systems from General Tools & Instruments. View Video
    The Seeker 400 Video Borescope System is ideal for use in Plumbing, Construction and Restoration, HVAC/R and any other application requiring the inspection of hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas. View Video
    Here is a product from down-under, sold by Woodcraft. Check out our blog story, where Barry Gork "fills us in" on this fine product at View Video
    Rob Patterson from our Woodcraft Distribution Center gives us the engraving capabilities for laser engraving products for our customers. For the complete story, please go to or Google for Woodworking Adventures Blog View Video
    Mark from Kreg demonstrates how to create a face-frame using the Kreg router table, beaded face-frame system and router table setup bars. View Video
    Jim Luley from Adjust-A-Bench out of Trenton, NJ demos the Jorgensen Clamp system sold by Woodcraft View Video
    Here is a great tool for lining up those difficult hole placements at angled positions with Scott Phillips at the IWF in Atlanta using the Porter Cable Quick Jig. View Video
    Here is the new pin nailer product release at the IWF 2010 trade show in Atlanta from Porter Cable in the very capable hands of Scott Phillips from The American Woodshop. View Video
    From Woodcraft 151241, 151242, 150996 - Woodpeckers SideWinder Router Quick-Lift combines instant elevation change with remotely operated, micro-adjustments to dramatically reduce the time it takes to change a router bit while providing a tool-free method of bit height adjustment. With a simple twist of the spring-assisted lift wrench, the router motor is free to be moved to any vertical location without requiring any other action. Fine, precise bit height changes are equally as effortless by "cranking" the handle located where you want it most. View Video
    Charles continues the demo on making peppermills. These tempered stainless steel mechanisms are made in the USA and are the finest we can find. Most grinder kits require a precisely bored through hole, but the unique mounting hardware of our kit allows slight inaccuracies in your turning. Easy to assemble and install, these mechanisms can be adjusted from extra coarse to an extra fine grind by turning the knurled top knob. Kit comes complete with instructions and includes a FREE Salt Shaker Top and Bottom Plug. Wood not included. #126637-126640 at or at Woodcraft stores. View Video
    Woodcraft has five sizes of these clamps from 6" to 36". ISD3 clamps feature a unique expandable design; which allows two clamps to be combined into one single clamp. This provides the user to add an additional 6" of clamping length to their bar clamps when combined by using a quick release knob for easy changes to the expanded or reversible position. These clamps also offer a 76% increase in clamping pressure over the 500QC QuickGrip series clamps. The ISD3 still feature the "Dual Durometer" handles and are truly a "Woodworking Capable" clamp. View Video
    Sand-Flee portable drum sander demonstration. View Video
    Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas. 2 speed transmission for optimal soeed and torque control. LED lighted for improved visibility in dark areas. Belt hook for portability. 2 speed settins. 1500 max RPM. 15 Clutch settings. Power that lasts in a lithium ion battery unit. Woodcraft #848050 View Video
    12V Max 1/4" Screwdriver kit. Woodcraft #848047. Compact, lightweight, fits in tight corners. LED Lights for dark areas. One hand loading 1/4" hex chuck accepts 1" bit tips. Belt hook for portability. View Video
    Great worklight. Lots of flexability in the features for lighting your work area. Woodcraft #848053 Lithium Ion Battery. View Video
    Brought to you by DeWalt. 12V Max Lithium Ion powered. Lightweight and hard working portable power tools View Video
    Spare 12V Mav lithium Ion battery. (Charger not included as this is the replacement battery only) Woodcraft #848054 View Video
    Compact, lightweight, fits into tight areas. View Video
    The Galbert Caliper provides a constant, accurate reading of the diameter of the work piece while you turn the work piece. View Video
    A short demonstration by Alan Holtham showing the set up and use of the Tormek DBS-22 Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment View Video
    The Spiral Support is a patented, fine tunable shelf support. Is is used exactly like any ordinary shelf support, however, whenever needed, it can esaly be fine tuned in order to achieve perfect shelving View Video
    Briwax in an aerosol spray. How cool is that? Silicone free, beeswax based product with an incredibly pleasant aroma. This might be the perfect wax for those quick touch ups before guests arrive or in between regular applications of paste wax! Plus, we found it ideal for a brief spritz on the bottom of a plane prior to use and great at removing fingerprints afterwards. View Video
    The new Dust Router is the first dust collection accessory that works with router tables of open stand design. View Video
    Preventing kickback on a table saw is safer and more efficient than ever. Cut with more precision and more accuracy in your woodshop and take woodworking to the next level. View Video
    Larry Nealy, volunteer instructor for Woodcraft in Parkersburg, WV teaches the art of pen turning to Pastor Brian and his son Joshua. For the entire blog, see View Video
    Here is blogger Frank from Woodcraft on turning acrylic pens for the Turning for Troops initiative. See all information about this important event at View Video
    Lumber Wizard 3.2 Tuning Instructions. How to tune a metal detector. The New LUMBER WIZARD 3.2 View Video
    Andrew Bondi, Product Manager for Woodcraft reviews the Rikon 70-100 Mini Lathe, Woodcraft Item #832637, and the Rikon 70-050 Variable View Video
    Two workmen compete to prove their moisture meter is faster. In a race of pin vs. pinless wood moisture meters, it's the ultimate showdown: there is pride and pizza at stake. View Video Wagner moisture meters, featuring advanced IntelliSense™ Technology, go beyond surface conditions ON the wood to deliver accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood. See why each Wagner Moisture Meter is known for its ease of use and accuracy. View Video
    General International's i-Carver demo, remastered. Joe Brakhage explains the easy interface use, programming, and set up of the i-carver. General is also known for their great education input in the CNC world for high school woodshop programs in Canada and the US. View Video
    This video explains Argentine based lignum vitae and a couple of projects made with it, featuring Woodcraft's Product Development Manager, George Snyder. Full story at View Video
    Aprx. 50.000 year old wood is now available at Woodcraft Stores and on-line. View Video
    The all new Mirka Sanders from Ceros are now available at Woodcraft! View Video
    These dual blade tenon cutters cut twice as fast as ordinary tenon cutter. The self centering design produces perfectly shaped tenons with a 60 degree tapered shoulder. View Video
    Visit our website to order. View Video
    Sjobergs of Sweden has been manufacturing top quality workbenches for over 80 years. Their entire product line of workbenches was designed to meet the needs of a modern day woodworker and to take advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques. The range of features is truly amazing and cannot be matched by any other manufacturer. Based upon the latest Sjobergs design, the Nordic Plus series gives you the size you need at a price you can afford. Several models are available at Woodcraft stores and on line. View Video
    Just in time for summer weather, get your Adirondack chair plans from Woodcraft and be ready to enjoy the season outdoors! View Video
    Great for that summer deck building project, the hidden fastener system using the Kreg Deck Jig is awesome and available at Woodcraft. View Video
    Sharpen like a pro with his fantastic shop tool. Sharp tools are a necessity and you will come to truly value having one of these in your shop! Available at Woodcraft. View Video
    0 View Video
    Ron Collier from Forrest Saw Blade Manufacturing educates us on the Woodworker II 10" 48 Tooth, Thin and Standard Kerf Saw Blades. View Video
    Rob Cosman, professional woodworker and woodworking educator, discusses the unique and exceptional qualities of the WoodRiver V3 planes available only at Woodcraft. These are extraordinarily fine quality tools and offered at an affordable price, while displaying characteristics of the finest, most expensive planes. A winning combination. View Video
    Woodcraft's Power Tool Manager, Andrew Bondi demonstrates the NEW Porter Cable Oscillating Variable Speed Multi-Tool & Kit, that cuts, sands, scrapes, and grinds, with a patented pending tool change system. View Video
    Homefront with Danny Lipford features the Woodpeckers Combo Shelf Pin Template available at Woodcraft. #151136. View Video
    Homefront with Danny Lipford on the Microjig GRR-Ripper System available at Woodcraft #820434. View Video
    Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford demonstrates the Oneida Dust Deputy, available at Woodcraft #149951. View Video
    Milescraft Turn Lock 3-in-1 Router Guide Kit vignette on Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford is available at Woodcraft #152668. View Video
    Reto Odermatt, Swiss Master Woodcarver and graduate from the Brienz School of Woodcarving uses Pfeil tools exclusively. Believed to be the world's best carving tools, Pfeil has put together this 12 tool set #13D15 to take you from start to finish on a project. Also includes a mallet, tool roll, and two Arkansas multiform slipstones. Available in the US exclusively from Woodcraft. Tools may be available as different set combinations and also sold individually. View Video
    Part 5: Discover the meaning behind the numbering system on woodcarving tools from Swiss Master Woodcarver, Reto Odermatt. Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop interviews Reto so you can understand tool types much better, and make wise decisions about your next tool . One in a series of informational carving clips. View Video
    First in a series of interviews and demonstrations with Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop and Reto Odermatt, Swiss Master Woodcarver who studied at the Brienz School of Woodcarving in Brienz Switzerland. View Video
    Hosted by Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop, Reto Odermatt, Master Woodcarver from Switzerland demonstrates some essential woodcarving tool profiles in use on a modern style Swiss Alps carving example. Reto uses Pfeil SwissMade Carving tools. Woodcraft Supply is the exclusive USA retail distributor of Pfeil tools View Video
    Rebecca Shay shows us her picture framing department capabilities at the new Cincinnati Woodcraft Store. See the entire article at View Video
    Note: This is the condensed version of the acrylic pen video. Please tell us which you prefer and perhaps why. Do you prefer a straight to the point video and less time, or more detail as the longer video provides? Thank you. View Video
    Turning a piece of wood into a hollow form or vessel can be difficult, but Woodcraft has added a new tool to its lineup that masters the challenge—Carter' s innovative new Hollow Roller. Carter designed the Hollow Roller, a captive bar system, for both beginner and accomplished woodturners who craft hollow forms and vessels. One side of the cutter shaft is flat to hold the turning tool completely captive within the integrated roller system, allowing the turner to focus on turning rather than worrying about the tool catching and/or twisting while in use. Roller bars reduce the drag on the tool for better control, and feel, while making a hollowing cut. Other features include a 17-1/2" handle, 21-1/4" blade with a high-speed steel cutter and a steady rest. More at View Video
    The Erecta-Rack is a simple, patent pending, innovative solution for all of your trim and door drying needs! It is completely modular and portable. Visit our website at View Video
    How to use the Forearm Forklift Straps for moving a variety of large and heavy items. View Video
    Check out Woodcraft's new pen designer that allows you access to thousands of different configurations for just the perfect pen that says "you". On-line and at stores, the pen designer allows you to switch out hardware, barrel materials and colors, and more! See what your pen will look like before you buy and begin turning. A great tool for anyone who loves to turn! Only at Woodcraft. Just add "createit" to the Woodcraft Website URL (, or search for "createit" in the search bar of the website. View Video
    Scott Phillips, Host of The American Woodshop on PBS, interviews Bessey representative Tasos on the Junior line of Revo Clamps. K Body Revo Jr. is a mid-sized version of what made the full-sized Revo parallel clamp so great. These powerful jaws exert up to 900 lbs. of force with precision. Despite the enormous clamping force, these clamps are up to 30-40% lighter than all other parallel clamps claiming the 900-lb. rating. Bessey is known for its German engineering, German Steel and assembly in the USA. View Video
    Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop on PBS, interviews Tasos from Bessey. The BESSEY® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp automatically adjusts to variations in workpiece dimensions while maintaining constant clamping force with a max vertical opening distance of 2". No more time-consuming manual adjustment of the spindle height to maintain a safe and correct clamping force. The removable non-marring plastic cap is included on the 7/8"-diameter pads. The integrated clamping force adjustment screw can be used to create an actually applied clamping force from 25 to 550 lbs. (max holding capacity 700 lbs.). One BESSEY Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp can replace a range of competitive clamps. The large flanged baseplate is designed for use with 1/4" or M6 fasteners. View Video
    Scott Phillips talks with Fabs from Cormark International, who responsibly harvests sustainable hardwoods for furntiure and woodworking projects. View Video
    Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop talks with the Iwaski Files delegation from Japan. View Video
    Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop interviews Peter Gill from Sorby. View Video
    The Hollow Roller easily attaches to almost any size lathe by purchasing the appropriate size adapter stud (sold separately). The system goes one step further by allowing the operator to remove the handle and use it with other 5/8"-diameter blades. Unit comes with 17-1/2" handle, 21-1/4" blade with high-speed steel cutter, captive roller system, and steady rest. View Video
    Scott Phillips, Host of The American Woodshop on PBS interviews Ian from Earlex. Earlex manufactures sprayers for fine woodworking finishes and several models are availabel at Woodcraft to fit a range of budgets. View Video
    Scott Phillips, Host of The American Woodshop on PBS interviews Mike, owner of Forearm Forklifts. View Video
    The PC250MTK 36-Piece Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit utilizes a groundbreaking Tool Free System - just squeeze a lever to release or secure an accessory. This kit is loaded with 35 assorted accessories to allow you to cut, sand, grind, and scrape. The PC250MTK is variable speed and delivers 10,000--20,000 oscillations per minute (OPM) by way of a high-torque 2.5 amp motor that can handle almost any application. The variable-speed unit has an oscillation angle of 2.8° and comes equipped with a 10' cord for easy jobsite maneuverability. The PC250MTK features a durable injection-molded kit box to help keep the tool and accessories organized and protected on and around the jobsite. Includes: VS Multi-Tool, 35 assorted accessories, sturdy storage case and three-year warranty. View Video
    Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop on PBS, interviews Pontus from Tormek. This video applies to products #143921 and #147490. View Video
    Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop on PBS, interviews Pontus Gyllby from Tormek. View Video
    Fabu-Lites are the newest trend in LED lighting, offering a wide range of wireless lighting that will take the hassle out of illuminating cabinet and closet interiors. Ease of installation and breadth of applications make these an easy upgrade to any cabinet or closet project. This silver model is a four LED light for drawers and wire baskets. It automatically turns on and off with vibration as drawer is opened or closed. Batteries and mounting hardware included. View Video
    Fabu-Lites are the newest trend in LED lighting, offering a wide range of wireless lighting that will take the hassle out of illuminating cabinet and closet interiors. Ease of installation and breadth of applications make these an easy upgrade to any cabinet or closet project. This silver model is a four LED light for cabinets. It comes with an integral magnetic catch, on/off switch with five-minute delay and low battery indicator. Batteries and mounting hardware included. View Video
    Fabu-Lites are the newest trend in LED lighting, offering a wide range of wireless lighting that will take the hassle out of illuminating cabinet and closet interiors. Ease of installation and breadth of applications make these an easy upgrade to any cabinet or closet project. This black model is a four LED light for cabinets. Light is on when door is open and off when door is closed. Will mount on face frame or Euro style cabinets. Batteries and mounting hardware included. View Video
    Fabu-Lites are the newest trend in LED lighting, offering a wide range of wireless lighting that will take the hassle out of illuminating cabinet and closet interiors. Ease of installation and breadth of applications make these an easy upgrade to any cabinet or closet project. This black model is a single LED light for small cabinets. Light is on when door is open and off when door is closed. Will mount on face frame or Euro style cabinets. Batteries and mounting hardware included. View Video
    KREG Square-Cut is the fastest and easiest way for anyone to achieve perfect square cuts and consistent lengths. Guide arm adjusts to exact distance from edge of saw base to inside edge of saw blade Works with material up to 12" wide such as siding and decking Roof pitch layout feature is handy for siding, fascia and rafter work on the jobsite. No-slip rubber feet and a little gentle pressure hold the Square-Cut firmly in place. Made of durable, impact resistant plastic Perfect for any brand of circular saw or jig saw. View Video
    Danny Lipford of Today's Homeowner talks about the use of countersinks and the advantages of squaredrive screws like the Highpoint brand from Woodcraft. View Video
    Kreg Crown-Pro gives trim carpenters and DIY enthusiasts alike a fast and easy way to add beautiful looking crown molding to any room in the house. Adjusts for any spring angle between 30 and 60 degrees Easy to use for inside and outside corners Works with crown molding up to 5-1/2" wide Includes Angle Finder to ensures accurate results View Video
    The Bench Solution Fold Away Workbench converts in seconds from the down position, that is 4 inches off the wall, into a large 60"W x 24"D x 1-1/2" workbench, counter or desk. This is not only the largest "On Demand" work surface but the only one where a person can place large objects on it and still have room to work. Choose the perfect height for your project during installation. The 400# load rating makes Bench Solution the perfect multi-purpose surface for residential and commerical applications. View Video
    IdealWall Solution is a one of a kind "Organizational Wall Panel System". The unique one inch groove spacing of IdealWall allows for exact placement of any item. Most accessory product lines, peg board hooks and most "L" style brackets are among the many styles of hooks, baskets and shelves that will fit onto IdealWall. Includes 3 pieces of 12" H x 96" W Gray or white IdealWall Panels. Order from Woodcraft 413565 white, 413566 gray View Video
    Delta, just recently moved to Anderson, SC, and is still 100% American made, releases this new video. We'll have more for you with a personal Woodcraft Woodworking Adventures visit to their facility next week, stay linked! View Video
    Introducing the all new Kreg Toolboxx™ - an ultra-durable organizer for your entire Kreg collection. This rugged Toolboxx™ features a 15 bin organizer in the top compartment and a large cavity on the bottom for the Kreg Jig® and other large components. The Toolboxx™ also features a push-to-open design which provides access to both compartments at once, a see-through clear window keeping components visible even when the Toolboxx™ is closed, and a heavy duty handle for transportation to the jobsite. The Kreg Toolboxx™ is available in two unique models: View Video
    A versatile vise accessory that holds tapered rounds and angled objects securely. Built from glass-reinforced nylon and a round steel head provide friction to the vise surface for unparalleled clamping force without slippage. View Video
    SawStop table saws exclusively feature the SawStop Safety System which stops the blade within 5 milliseconds of contact with skin. SawStop saws prevent serious injury and give operators peace of mind. View Video
    See a slow motion demo of the SawStop amazing technology in action. View Video
    During a recent road trip to the southern states, I was fortunate to get a behind the scenes tour of the New DELTA Power Equipment Corporation with COO, Norm MacDonald, and DELTA President, Bryan Whiffen. During the tour I met just about the entire facility of employees, all proud to be bringing back the American Manufacturing abilities and know-how to DELTA, the American way. Two guys I really enjoyed learning from was shop foreman & UNISAW welder, Jody Quarles and Tom Starks, maintenance and facility manager. Check out our video tour, and also our Woodcraft Woodworking Adventures Blog for much more information on the new DELTA and some of their woodworking employees. More to come from DELTA! View Video
    Best Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas for the woodworker in your life from Woodcraft. Scott Phillips offers his great suggestions for "helping you make wood work" for your woodworker this Christmas. A wonderful array of ideas to fit any budget are provided to help you find that special gift. View Video
    One of our product development managers, George Snyder, brought in these new products just in time for the holidays. Check out this how-to video using your woodshop tools to make these cutting boards. View Video
    Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac PBS Host introduces viewers to the table saw. Check out the SawStop at Woodcraft stores nationwide or online. View Video
    Tommy Mac video cast from Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac. Pick up some info on sweeps and gouges and watch the new 2012 season on your local PBS station. Pfeil Swiss Made carving tools available at Woodcraft stores nationwide and online. View Video
    Rough Cut with Tommy Mac Host Tommy MacDonald gives some pointers about planers. Planers are available at Woodcraft stores nationwide and at Woodcraft online. View Video
    Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac Most Tommy MacDonald shows you the basics of operating a jointer. Jointers are available at Woodcraft stores nationwide and at Woodcraft on-line. View Video
    Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac Host Tommy MacDonald gives a brief lowdown on glues and clamp types for new woodworkers. A wide variety of both can be found at Woodcraft stores nationwide and at Woodcraft online. View Video
    Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac host Tommy MacDonald explains some differences in saw types for the woodshop. Saws available from Woodcraft stores nationwide and at Woodcraft online, including the mentioned Rob Cosman fine dovetail saw and Japanese dozuki saws. View Video
    Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac host Tommy MacDonald introduces several marking and measuring tools that are generally essential around the shop. All and more are available at Woodcraft stores nationwide and online at Woodcraft. View Video
    Having good chisels is great, but having sharp chisels is a must for your shop. Tommy Mac of Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac shows his technique. Marples, WoodRiver and Pfeil Swiss Made chisels are all aaiable at Woodcraft stores nationwide and online at Woodcraft. View Video
    Tommy Mac of Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac shows his preferred method for sharpening plane blades. The Tormek wet sharpening system and other grinders are available at Woodcraft stores nationwide and online at Woodcraft. View Video
    This truly unique clamping block system helps woodworkers clamp in a variety of situations, including miter, rabbet, splices, wide angle, and acute angle. Blocks can also be used as a hold-down with the addition of T-bolts and knobs (sold separately). Available at Woodcraft. View Video
    The Super FMT's design is based on the original and incomparable FMT. The same great features produce the same great joints. View Video
    Ripping down large panels into smaller more manageable workpieces is one of the trickiest, intimidating, and expensive steps of any wood project. View Video
    Domino XL DF 700 Joiner includes: Domino XL DF 700, 12mm Cutter, Support Bracket, Plug-It Power Cord, an assortment of 12mm Domino Tenons, Wrench and T-LOC Systainer #5 storage container. View Video
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    Woodcraft Item #839294. The Pro Edge Plus from Robert Sorby represents the ultimate in sharpening for all of your woodworking, carving, and woodturning tools. The system eliminates all of the guess work by providing a consistent grind time after time. The patented angle setter ensures that the same angle is achieved every time. It incorporates a pre-set location of all of the most popular bevel angles 90°, 80°, 60°, 45°, 35°, 30°, 25°, 20° and 15°. Sharpening is carried out by means of a series of abrasive belts which are available in various grits depending on your sharpening needs. The Pro Edge Plus Sharpening System comes with three abrasive belts (60g zirconium, 120g and 240g aluminum oxide), skew jig, standard gouge jig, and a fingernail profiling jig. View Video
    The Earlex Spray Station HV5500 provides the same great lightweight portability, onboard gun, hose storage, spray gun of the HV5000 and a new 650W motor. This along with it's taper fan design, new direct path of air from the turbine hose and larger 22mm-diameter hose, dramatically improves airflow from 24 to 42 CFM and PSI from 2 to 2.2! In the end, this means better atomization across a wide range of finishes and less heat buildup for a professional finish. Comes with a 2.0mm needle standard and as well as a 1.5mm fine finish needle. Woodcraft order number 152797. View Video
    These vertical panel saws utilize heavy-duty worm gear driven saw motors for production applications. The additional steel supports in the frame, worm driven motor, double guide tube bearings and machined aluminum material rollers result in heavier duty machines with a guaranteed cutting accuracy of 1/64" straight and square. The 6400 cuts panels up to 64" wide, while the 6800 can handle extra wide sheets up to 73". View Video
    Take this panel saw to the job site or put it in your shop, even if you have limited floor space. It's ideal for cutting 4' × 8' sheets of material. The Safety Speed Cut C4 Panel Saw packs all of the features of the full-size saws into a portable 5' frame. Item #410000 from View Video
    Have a two man job and only one man on deck? The Panel Pro 2 is your answer! This economical saw makes it easy to handle those big sheets of wood or plastic and cut them accurately - horizontally or vertically. One operator can cut large sheets of material into finished sizes or into sizes that are easy to handle for further processing with the Panel Pro. Then store it away with ease when not in use. The functionality and portability of the Panel Pro means you can use it in your shop or take it right to the job site. Woodcraft order #413556 View Video
    The Safety Speed 3400 dedicated vertical panel router offers production routing capacity on a vertical steel frame. Through the use of a self-adjusting router carriage the router provides a uniform depth of cut across the full width and length of the panel. This machine has the capacity to do standard dados, cut blind dados and rabbet dados, as well as the ability to V-groove various composite materials. Woodcraft #415882 View Video
    Professional shops. The 72GP Glue Pot Edgebander boasts features available in larger, more expensive machines but in a compact and affordable package. This easy to operate and maintain machine takes up a small footprint making it a great choice for the small to medium sized woodworking shop. Made in USA. View Video
    The Safety Speed 3760 is a serious wide belt sander for the small woodworking shop. View Video
    The SR5 is able to saw and rout on one vertical steel welded frame, which is ideal for shops with limited space where both panel sizing and panel routing are performed. This model can be changed from saw to router in less than one minute and has accuracy of 1/64" straight and square. View Video
    For a cleaner home, cleaner air and a cleaner shop. Table Saw Dust Collector Cuts Dust by over 90%.* Fits many different table saws* Optional and easy vacuum connection. View Video
    Woodpeckers new Fibonacci gauges make it easy to apply the Golden Ratio to any project, thanks to Fibonaccies ingenious triple-point caliper design. It will always reflect the ratio of 1:1.618 and is the secret ingredient to having your woodworking project look great. View Video
    Model R4-01. Origami is an amazing shelving system that can fold flat in less than 20 seconds. A 250-lb. distributed weight per shelf makes this system great for storage, as a drying rack, or a quick space to put piece parts during a project. It also makes a great addition to an office, dorm room, or laundry room. View Video
    Create perfectly square cross cut jigs WITHOUT any trial and error set-screw adjustment along the miter bar - use our One-Touch Calibration. View Video
    Upgrade your old tape measure with the Universal Tape Gauge (U.T.G.) by Dowelmax that fixes the age-old problem all tape measures have: inside measurements. Bend the tape around a corner and guess what the measurement is no more. The U.T.G. makes your tape more accurate with precise measurements for crown molding, baseboards, shelf units, area calculations, window frames, etc. Compatible with 99% of all existing tape measures, the U.T.G. can easily be calibrated to within thousandths of an inch. View Video
    OneTIME™ is not paint or a film coating, not oil- or water-based, doesn't cure by out gassing or evaporation, contains no solvents, and has no VOCs. It is a proprietary acrylate resin blend that penetrates wood, actually becoming part of the cellular structure, and cures by exposure to UV radiation. Curing requires two dry days with no rain (portable items may be moved inside when wet and then outside again to finish curing). OneTIME™ is a game changer in wood protection because it's guaranteed to protect new wood, old wood, pressure treated wood, or wood that has had the previous coating removed —for seven years! Imagine not having to either strip or refinish your outdoor projects —chairs, picnic tables, trellises, siding, decks, or fences— every year or two. Even birdhouses, because OneTIME™ is nontoxic when cured! You may want to refresh the color at some point, but that is easy to do. Clean the surface of the wood with a mild detergent and reapply. View Video
    A totally unique, quick drying, water based grain filler and wood putty accepts stain beautifully or can be tinted. Never goes bad Easy to apply and clean up No shrinking, cracking or falling out. Does not become permanent until you apply a finish. If you're ever unhappy with the way it looks, the color, etc. -- just water it down and remove it. If it freezes, simply put it in the microwave to warm it up or if it dries out, just stir in water. This allows for zero waste! This might just be the perfect wood filler. Manufacturer recommends using only stainless steel or plastic tools to apply because Timbermate may react with low grade steels and turn black. If this happens, simply add water and remove it, or wait for it to dry and sand it off. Available at Woodcraft. View Video
    Pégas Scrollsaw Blades are manufactured in Switzerland from high quality carbon steel. These blades contain the highest possible carbon content for saw blade applications. Pégas uses a proven fabricating process that produces crisp, sharp, precisely formed teeth. Each pack contains one dozen blades. View Video
    Bigger bit, bigger holes, bigger screws, and of course... bigger projects. Introducing the all-new Kreg Jig® HD -- optimized for large heavy-duty projects - delivering the strength and confidence you need to BUILD BIG! View Video
    The Elevation Station is a light duty elevating work station with a reversible platform top. Lift load up to 300 lb. Connects to a 115V power source for precise control. The dual footswitches are prewired at opposite corners of the base frame and are adjustable. View Video
    The Milescraft TurnersPress features a one piece solid steel handle, improved cam linkage for total control and smooth pressing action, flip-over aluminum coarse stops and a micro-adjustable press pad that allows for fine tuning of pens up to 5-3/4" in length. With up to 300 lbs. of pressing force (not that you will ever need it), this will be the best press that you have ever owned. View Video
    Create a smooth and velvety finish on wood as well as metals, plastic, bone and horn with the Guinevere Sanding System. The system of inflatable sanders adapt to the shape of your work, from concave to convex, angled or flat. The long life sanding cloth sleeves allow you to quickly change between different combinations of sanders and grits. View Video
    Take the work out of bringing your CA finished products to a high gloss. Formulated for CA Finishes, Stick Fast™ CA Polishes are unique non-wax and non-silicone cutting compounds without grit. Available as a Satin Polish and Gloss Polish but intended to be used together, these polishes take you from 400-600 grit sand paper to a perfectly glossy finish in no time. First, the fast cutting Satin buffs out to approximately a 1,500 grit finish followed by the Gloss polish that buffs out to a smooth glass like surface. Can also be used polish all acrylics. View Video
    Box Joints made easy with your table saw or router table View Video
    Flexcut offers these tips on carving tools aand safe carving practices. View Video
    Suzy Phillips, Co-Host of the PBS TV show The American Woodshop interviews Greta from Lignomat on the moisture meters available from them. View Video
    Stuart Batty's Angle Gauges are the only angle gauges in the world that set precise angles on both curved and flat surfaces with 40 different angles across three gauges, are100% accurate on 8" grinding wheels and all flat surfaces, and are accurate to within ± 1° on 6" and 10" wheels. They actually work on grinding wheels by accounting for the tool thickness and using the tangent of the wheel to set the true cutting edge angle. Primary angles: 20°, 25°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 65°, 70° and 90°. Complementary angles: 160°, 155°, 150°, 140°, 130°, 120°, 115° and 110°. View Video
    Tormek now offers a rotating base for the Tormek sharpening system units for easy and convenient rotation to the work positions. Available from Woodcraft. Item #154297. View Video
    Build precision jigs with this one-touch calibration ZeroPlay Guide Bar that has no side-to-side play and is easy to adjust to the exact width of your miter slot. The ZeroPlay Guide Bar System Kit includes two guide bars and two guide stops. View Video
    Rob explains the features found in his dovetail saw and demonstrates how to add them to an inexpensive saw to make it work a lot better. View Video
    The Carter MultiRest is compatible with lathe swing sizes from mini up to 20" with no additional hardware required. The base of the MultiRest has independently adjustable spacer blocks providing a secure fit on lathe beds with way sizes from 1" to 4-1/2" in width. The unique two-piece design allows the MultiRest to be quickly opened while leaving the base firmly attached to the lathe bed, providing easy access for mounting, sanding, and demounting turnings. Another benefit of the MultiRest is the ability to remove the larger section which allows the smaller section to be used as a bowl rest. The MultiRest is equipped with bearing mounted, non-marring urethane wheels which have a rigid internal ring to prevent sidewall flex, thus providing excellent support. View Video
    The Arbortech TURBOPlane tm is a universal wood carving blade that can be used in a number of ways to create different profiles and finishes. From being used flat, to create large flat surfaces and edging to trays etc. or used at an angle to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping and wood workmanship. View Video
    Try one of the most innovative clamps on the market today, the American made JackClamp. The JackClamp can jack, clamp, spread, and hoist all in one tool! The patented design features an upper bar that is adjustable and removable, allowing the JackClamp to be assembled depending upon your project's specific needs.Add any of the available accessories and the JackClamp becomes an indispensable tool for either the master craftsman or the weekend Do It Yourselfer. The attachments can be installed wherever any of the black square pads are located. View Video
    Jorgensen® designed this clamp exclusively for the Frameless Kitchen and Bath Cabinets, Commercial Casework, Closet Systems, Garage Storage Systems, Storage Shelving, Bookcases and More. Die Cast magnesium which is stronger and lighter than Die Cast Aluminum along with the Rapid Acting Acme Screw allows for easy application and versatility. The clamp aligns in Two Directions as 90º with openings in the clamp to provide access to your work piece. 2 Clamps per Set; Overall Size: 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 3-1/4" View Video
    The tool bar attachment for the Work Sharp 3000 increases precision and repeatability for lathe tool sharpening. View Video
    The SprayStation Gemini® HVLP Spray System's powerful 600-watt, two-stage turbine can be used in the traditional manner with its cup fed gun to spray a wide variety of fine finishes and paints, but the "pump" sets the Gemini apart. This innovative technology allows the Gemini's user to spray large areas quickly, with the pump pushing water-based paint/stain directly from the can through a 13' feeder hose to the gun. Now you can paint or stain walls, fences or any large project without frequent cup refills. View Video
    Easy Chuck View Video
    Owner's Manual View Video
    Revolutionize your shop's functionality with the Benchmark Portable Work Table. This work table has been designed to be a sturdy and supremely versatile replacement for sawhorses and other inferior portable work surfaces. It is manufactured from extruded aluminum, high-grade steel, and lightweight ABS. View Video
    Miter Aid was developed by a contractor with over 25 years of experience and 25 years of frustration caused by the lack of a reliable method to accurately measure trim for windows and doors. He took it upon himself to design this tool that allows anyone to precisely measure even the longest pieces of trim the first time and every time, thus eliminating the need for multiple cuts and wasted trim. View Video