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One Time Ultimate Wood Deck Protector Presented by Woodcraf

OneTIME™ is not paint or a film coating, not oil- or water-based, doesn't cure by out gassing or evaporation, contains no solvents, and has no VOCs. It is a proprietary acrylate resin blend that penetrates wood, actually becoming part of the cellular structure, and cures by exposure to UV radiation. Curing requires two dry days with no rain (portable items may be moved inside when wet and then outside again to finish curing). OneTIME™ is a game changer in wood protection because it's guaranteed to protect new wood, old wood, pressure treated wood, or wood that has had the previous coating removed —for seven years! Imagine not having to either strip or refinish your outdoor projects —chairs, picnic tables, trellises, siding, decks, or fences— every year or two. Even birdhouses, because OneTIME™ is nontoxic when cured! You may want to refresh the color at some point, but that is easy to do. Clean the surface of the wood with a mild detergent and reapply.

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