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Kreg Assorted Pocket Hole Screw Kit SK03

Item #149084
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Product Information:

Designed for pocket-hole systems, Kreg pocket-hole screws increase the strength of a pocket-hole joint. Cut-thread pattern prevents splitting. Coarse thread is for any combination of softwoods, plywood, and composites, and fine is for hardwoods. Assortment includes 150 each of #6 x 1" fine, #7 x 1" coarse, #7 x 1-1/4" fine, and #8 x 1-1/4" coarse. It also includes 75 of the Blue-Kote weather-resistant #8 x 2-1/2" coarse screws.

  • Deep square drive for optimum driver engagement
  • Large Maxi-Loc head provides incredible hold strength
  • Blue-Kote finish for amazing weather-resistant finish
  • Case-hardened steel means no bending and no breaking
  • Self-tapping tip requires no pilot holes
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    Size #6QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    6 x 3/4100Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149967$4.19
    6 x 3/4500Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149968$16.79
    6 x 3/41000Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149969$26.99
    6 x 1100Pan HeadFineHardwoods142690$4.49
    6 x 1150Pan HeadFineHardwoods158785B$4.49
    6 x 1500Pan HeadFineHardwoods840834$18.99
    6 x 11000Pan HeadFineHardwoods835040$26.99
    6 x 1-1/4100Pan HeadFineHardwoods833070$4.69
    6 x 1-1/4500Pan HeadFineHardwoods153304$18.89
    6 x 1-1/41000Pan HeadFineHardwoods153305$27.99
    6 x 1/2100Pan HeadFineHardwoods149570$5.19
    6 x 1-1/2500Pan HeadFineHardwoods834826$20.99
    6 x 1-1/21000Pan HeadFineHardwoods846663$31.49

    Size #7QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    7 x 3/4150Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket158785A$4.19
    7 x 1100Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods142689$4.49
    7 x 1150Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785C$4.49
    7 x 1500Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods833535$17.99
    7 x 11000Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods819598$26.99
    7 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadFineHardwoods142250$4.69
    7 x 1-1/4150Washer HeadFineHardwoods158785D$4.69
    7 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadFineHardwoods142251$18.89
    7 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadFineHardwoods144742$27.99
    7 x 1-1/45000Washer HeadFineHardwoods824803$84.99
    7 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840289$27.99
    7 x 1-1/2150Washer HeadFineHardwoods158785F$5.50
    7 x 1-1/2100Washer HeadFineHardwoods142252$5.19
    7 x 1-1/2500Washer HeadFineHardwoods142253$20.99
    7 x 1-1/21000Washer HeadFineHardwoods842257$31.49

    Size #8QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    8 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840287$4.69
    8 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840288$18.89
    VariousCombination of #6, #7 & #8AssortedAssortedAssorted149084$29.99
    8 x 1100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142257$4.49
    8 x 1500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods148751$17.99
    8 x 11000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods153306$26.99
    8 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142246$4.69
    8 x 1-1/4150Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785E$4.69
    8 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142247$18.89
    8 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods144741$27.99
    8 x 1-1/45000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods824804$84.99
    8 x 1-1/2100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142248$5.19
    8 x 1-1/2150Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785G$5.50
    8 x 1-1/2500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142249$20.99
    8 x 1-1/21000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods842256$31.49
    8 x 250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods834689$3.69
    8 x 2250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods834690$14.69
    8 x 2-1/250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods146593$5.19
    8 x 2-1/2250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods145752$18.89

    Size #14QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
    2-1/230Washer HeadCoarseHardwoods154348$5.49
    2-1/2125Washer HeadCoarseHardwoods154349$19.99

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