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Hock Chip Breaker 1 3/4"

Item #144182
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Product Information:

Upgrading your plane with a Hock Blade? Add one of Hock's Chip Breakers for the ultimate plane blade tune-up! A plane's chip breaker (also called a back-iron or cap-iron) deflects shavings up and away from the cutting edge allowing the blade to shear the wood fibers before they lever up and tear out of the wood surface. This deflection also bends and breaks the shaving fibers so they can't lift and tear out ahead of the blade. The action of the chip breaker pressing against the blade at the thin cutting edge also strengthen the edge, reducing flex and chatter. Most standard chip breakers are only .065 to .070" thick -- too thin to add much strength. Hock Chip Breakers are .118" (3mm) thick for added mass, rigidity and support for the cutting edge.

  • .118" (3mm) thick
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    Fits Bench Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    #4, #5O13/32"2"7"04B22$39.50
    #4-1/2, #5-1/2, #6, #7O13/32"2-3/8"7"04B23$42.99
    Older Stanley #5-1/2O13/32"2-1/4"7"415430$42.00
    #4, #5A23/32"2"7"142442$51.00
    #4-1/2, #5-1/2", #6, #7A23/32"2-3/8"7"142443$52.00

    Fits Block Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    Stanley-Style Low AngleO13/32"1-3/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"04B34$37.99
    9-1/2, etc.O13/32"1-5/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"04B35$39.99
    Stanley-Style Low AngleO13/32"1-3/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"04B36$36.99
    9-1/2, etc.O13/32"1-5/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"04B37$37.99
    9-1/2, etc.A23/32"1-5/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"142446$50.00
    Stanley-Style Low AngleA23/32"1-3/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"142445$48.00
    Stanley-Style Low AngleA23/32"1-3/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"142447$48.00
    9-1/2, etc.A23/32"1-5/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"142448$50.00

    Fits Scraper Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    #12, #112O13/32"2-7/8"5"827482$34.00

    Fits Shoulder Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    Hand Made WoodenO13/16"3/4"5"849411$30.00

    Fits Spokeshave StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    Hand Made WoodenO13/32"7/16"2-1/2"816919$39.00
    Hand Made WoodenO11/8"5/8"4-7/16"816920$40.00
    Stanley, KunzO13/32"2"2"850200$27.00
    Stanley, KunzO15/64"2"2"850201$30.00

    Fits Rabbet Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    #10, 10-1/2O13/32"2-1/8"7"415428$49.00

    Fits Scrub Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice

    Fits Krenov-Style PlanesBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthRadius EdgeSKUPrice
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1"3-1/2"n/a816917$42.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"3-1/2"n/a814146$45.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/2"3-1/2"n/a815219$48.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"3-1/2"n/a813624$52.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"2"3-1/2"n/a415431$55.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1"4-1/2"n/a415432$47.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"4-1/2"n/a415433$49.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/2"4-1/2"n/a415434$52.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"4-1/2"n/a415435$57.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"2"4-1/2"n/a415436$59.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"3-1/2"4"415437$49.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"3-1/2"6"415438$55.00

    AccessoriesBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthFits Plane StyleSKUPrice
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")1-3/4"4-3/4"#3144182$35.50
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2"4.88"#4, #5144183$35.50
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-1/4"5"Older Stanley #5-1/2415426$32.00
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-3/8"5"#4-1/2", #5-1/2", #6, #7144184$35.50
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-5/8"5-3/4"Stanley/Record-type #8415427$38.00

    Burnishing RodBlade SeriesDiameterLengthSKUPrice

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