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Hock O1 1-1/2"x 4-1/2" Krenov-Style Plane Iron Assembly

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Product Information:

Developed in collaboration with the faculty and staff at James Krenov's Fine-Woodworking studio in Fort Bragg, California. If you have built your own Krenov-Style plane, these blades are likely to be a good fit as a replacement or upgrade. Haven't built a Krenov-Style Plane yet, but planning to? Because of Hock Tools' close association with James Krenov, this blade can be considered original equipment.

At 3/16" thick, they won't deflect or chatter under the toughest use. Designed specifically for the finely-tuned handmade wooden plane, these irons are unbeatable. Bevel is 30°. Includes chip-breaker and assembly screw. High carbon steel.

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Fits Bench Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
#3O13/32"1-3/4"7"04B21Sale! $31.88
#4, #5O13/32"2"7"04B22Sale! $33.58
#4-1/2, #5-1/2, #6, #7O13/32"2-3/8"7"04B23Sale! $36.54
#8O13/32"2-5/8"7"04B25Sale! $41.64
#3A23/32"1-3/4"7"142441Sale! $42.50
Older Stanley #5-1/2O13/32"2-1/4"7"415430Sale! $35.70
#4, #5A23/32"2"7"142442Sale! $43.35
#4-1/2, #5-1/2", #6, #7A23/32"2-3/8"7"142443Sale! $44.20

Fits Block Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
Stanley-Style Low AngleO13/32"1-3/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"04B34Sale! $32.29
9-1/2, etc.O13/32"1-5/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"04B35Sale! $33.99
Stanley-Style Low AngleO13/32"1-3/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"04B36Sale! $31.44
9-1/2, etc.O13/32"1-5/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"04B37Sale! $32.29
9-1/2, etc.A23/32"1-5/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"142446Sale! $42.50
Stanley-Style Low AngleA23/32"1-3/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"142445Sale! $40.80
Stanley-Style Low AngleA23/32"1-3/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"142447Sale! $40.80
9-1/2, etc.A23/32"1-5/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"142448Sale! $42.50

Fits Scraper Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
#80O11/16"2-3/4"3"817839Sale! $23.80
#81O11/16"2-1/2"3-7/8"415338Sale! $23.80
#12, #112O13/32"2-7/8"5"827482Sale! $28.90

Fits Shoulder Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
Hand Made WoodenO13/16"3/4"5"849411Sale! $25.50

Fits Spokeshave StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
#151O13/32"2-1/8"1-7/8"04B33Sale! $28.48
#151A23/32"2-1/8"1-7/8"142494Sale! $35.70
Hand Made WoodenO13/32"7/16"2-1/2"816919Sale! $33.15
Hand Made WoodenO11/8"5/8"4-7/16"816920Sale! $34.00
Stanley, KunzO13/32"2"2"850200Sale! $22.95
Stanley, KunzO15/64"2"2"850201Sale! $25.50

Fits Rabbet Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
#10, 10-1/2O13/32"2-1/8"7"415428Sale! $41.65

Fits Scrub Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
#40O13/32"1-1/4"7"415429Sale! $33.15

Fits Krenov-Style PlanesBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthRadius EdgeSKUPrice
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1"3-1/2"n/a816917Sale! $35.70
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"3-1/2"n/a814146Sale! $38.25
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/2"3-1/2"n/a815219Sale! $40.80
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"3-1/2"n/a813624Sale! $44.20
Handmade WoodenO13/16"2"3-1/2"n/a415431Sale! $46.75
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1"4-1/2"n/a415432Sale! $39.95
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"4-1/2"n/a415433Sale! $41.65
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/2"4-1/2"n/a415434Sale! $44.20
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"4-1/2"n/a415435Sale! $48.45
Handmade WoodenO13/16"2"4-1/2"n/a415436Sale! $50.15
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"3-1/2"4"415437Sale! $41.65
Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"3-1/2"6"415438Sale! $46.75

AccessoriesBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthFits Plane StyleSKUPrice
Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")1-3/4"4-3/4"#3144182Sale! $30.18
Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2"4.88"#4, #5144183Sale! $30.18
Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-1/4"5"Older Stanley #5-1/2415426Sale! $27.20
Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-3/8"5"#4-1/2", #5-1/2", #6, #7144184Sale! $30.18
Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-5/8"5-3/4"Stanley/Record-type #8415427Sale! $32.30

Burnishing RodBlade SeriesDiameterLengthSKUPrice
O13/8"6"813728Sale! $13.60

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