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Hock A2 1-5/8" Block Plane Blade with 5/8" Wide Slot

Item #142448
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Product Information:

Cryogenically treated blades let you use your plane more and sharpen less! The tool steel known as A2 has a great reputation for its superior edge holding properties. Renowned blade maker Ron Hock has gone one step further to cryogenically treat A2 blades. This extreme cold treatment (-320F) increases the steel’s toughness without any decrease in hardness. You get improved wear resistance without any increase in brittleness, so a Cryogenically treated blade will hold its edge longer. What does all this mean to you? Simply, that you can keep working instead of sharpening! Fits Stanley, Bailey, Record, Footprint, and most other planes. Honing required before use.

  • Handmade and 17% thicker than standard blades
  • Finer shavings, and reduced chatter.
  • Holds a razor-sharp edge
  • Fits Stanley, Bailey, Record, Footprint, and most other planes
  • 3/32" thick
  • A2 Steel
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    Fits Bench Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    #4, #5O13/32"2"7"04B22$39.50
    #4-1/2, #5-1/2, #6, #7O13/32"2-3/8"7"04B23$42.99
    Older Stanley #5-1/2O13/32"2-1/4"7"415430$42.00
    #4, #5A23/32"2"7"142442$51.00
    #4-1/2, #5-1/2", #6, #7A23/32"2-3/8"7"142443$52.00

    Fits Block Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    Stanley-Style Low AngleO13/32"1-3/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"04B34$37.99
    9-1/2, etc.O13/32"1-5/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"04B35$39.99
    Stanley-Style Low AngleO13/32"1-3/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"04B36$36.99
    9-1/2, etc.O13/32"1-5/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"04B37$37.99
    9-1/2, etc.A23/32"1-5/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"142446$50.00
    Stanley-Style Low AngleA23/32"1-3/8", 7/16" slot4-1/4"142445$48.00
    Stanley-Style Low AngleA23/32"1-3/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"142447$48.00
    9-1/2, etc.A23/32"1-5/8", 5/8" slot4-1/4"142448$50.00

    Fits Scraper Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    #12, #112O13/32"2-7/8"5"827482$34.00

    Fits Shoulder Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    Hand Made WoodenO13/16"3/4"5"849411$30.00

    Fits Spokeshave StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    Hand Made WoodenO13/32"7/16"2-1/2"816919$39.00
    Hand Made WoodenO11/8"5/8"4-7/16"816920$40.00
    Stanley, KunzO13/32"2"2"850200$27.00
    Stanley, KunzO15/64"2"2"850201$30.00

    Fits Rabbet Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice
    #10, 10-1/2O13/32"2-1/8"7"415428$49.00

    Fits Scrub Plane StyleBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthSKUPrice

    Fits Krenov-Style PlanesBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthRadius EdgeSKUPrice
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1"3-1/2"n/a816917$42.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"3-1/2"n/a814146$45.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/2"3-1/2"n/a815219$48.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"3-1/2"n/a813624$52.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"2"3-1/2"n/a415431$55.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1"4-1/2"n/a415432$47.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"4-1/2"n/a415433$49.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/2"4-1/2"n/a415434$52.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"4-1/2"n/a415435$57.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"2"4-1/2"n/a415436$59.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-1/4"3-1/2"4"415437$49.00
    Handmade WoodenO13/16"1-3/4"3-1/2"6"415438$55.00

    AccessoriesBlade SeriesThicknessWidthLengthFits Plane StyleSKUPrice
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")1-3/4"4-3/4"#3144182$35.50
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2"4.88"#4, #5144183$35.50
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-1/4"5"Older Stanley #5-1/2415426$32.00
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-3/8"5"#4-1/2", #5-1/2", #6, #7144184$35.50
    Chip Breakern/a3mm (.118")2-5/8"5-3/4"Stanley/Record-type #8415427$38.00

    Burnishing RodBlade SeriesDiameterLengthSKUPrice

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