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Razor Sharp Edgemaking Rouge

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Product Information:

Absolutely the fastest, easiest way to put an edge on tools that we have ever seen! In fact it impressed us so much that we kept the system set up in our shop and now hone all of our tools with it before each use. Two laminated paper wheels, one for grinding and one for buffing, fit any 5/8" arbor bench grinders (includes spacer to adapt to 1/2" arbors).
  • The use of the silicon carbide grinding compound and jewelers rouge buffing compound on the two wheels allows you to produce a mirror finish while virtually eliminating the chance of "bluing" your tool (the wax on the silicon carbide wheel acts as both a lubricant and cooling agent)
  • Lightly grind your blade with the silicon carbide/conditioning grease wheel until you feel a wire edge, then polish the burr off with the jewelers rouge buffing wheel
  • System is complete with grinding and buffing wheels, extra silicon carbide (enough for about 30 recoatings), conditioning grease, jewelers rouge, and instructions for mounting, truing and recoating wheels, and sharpening with the Edgemaking System

  • The Razor Sharp system is comprised of two laminated paper wheels, for either 1/2" or 5/8" arbors, one for grinding and one for buffing. Use the silicon carbide grinding compound/ wax and jewelers rouge on the wheels for a mirror finish, while virtually eliminating any chance of bluing your tool. The system includes a grinding wheel, buffing wheel, silicon carbide for about 30 re-coatings, conditioning grease, jewelers rouge and instructions
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